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“All or Nothing” will be released on August 8th in Kunming and Beijing.

“All or Nothing” will be released on August 8th in Kunming and Beijing.

Group photo of the main creators at the Beijing Premiere

  Tianjin North News:Movieput all one’s eggs in one basketFile upReleased nationwide on August 8!FilmAtOn August 5th and 6th, the national advance screening will start, and will be held in Shanghai, Kunming and BeijingAnti-fraud alliance team building“Premiere.up to now,already have1000million viewersFeel the inside story of overseas cyber fraud factories,FilmScreening and pre-sale total box officeovertake4100 millionDian Ying won the attendance rate and average number of people per game for two consecutive days, and broke the film history of Dian Ying’s single-day box officerecordtwo platforms want to see the total number of peopleovertake175Ten thousand,It ranks first in the number of people who want to watch in the summer file.

  FilmproducerNing hao,directorOlympic bid,actorZhang Yixing, Jin Chen, Yongmei, Wang Chuanjun,Wang Dalu, Zhou Ye,Sun Yang, Deng CuiwenHuang Yixin, Xin Peng, and Wang Yiwei all appeared at the premierewatched the movie with audiences from the two places and the anti-fraud police, and the anti-fraud police who came to the premiere saidThe details of “All or Nothing” are true and reflect many cases encountered in their work. The wonderful movie is also the best publicity for anti-fraud work. Many relatives and friends of the actors at the Beijing premiere came to the scene,Xie Fei, Zhou Xinxia, ​​Wang Hongwei, Chen Kexin, Liu Zhenyun, Guan Hu, Liang Jing, Qi Xi, Tian Yusheng, Xiao Yang, Zhang Hanyun, Wang Anyu and other guests all gave praise to the film. Ma, great stamina.asThe first crime to expose the inside story of the entire industry chain of overseas cyber fraudMovie,FilmBased on tens of thousands of real fraud cases,It is suitable for the whole family to watch movies and see through Internet fraud routines together.   

  The director’s bid for the Olympic Games interprets multiple groups of characters Wang Chuanjun was arrested by the police“Scared” to the point of refuting rumors that the fraud leader was acting

  At the premiere ceremony, the main creator of the film interacted with many audiences after the screening. Producer Ning Hao commented that the director’s bid for the Olympic Games is a person with high self-demand. At the same time, he said that the meaning of the film is self-evident, and he felt that the whole crew was really working hard. The director’s bid for the Olympic Games introduced the original intention of the film creation. My friends were deeply hurt by cyber fraud. I also saw that many people on the Internet have lost their families and lost their wives and children because of cyber fraud. Therefore, I chose to spread the warning meaning of cyber fraud to the audience through video. . Regarding the setting of the group portrait scene in the film, the Olympic bid said that during the writing of the script, he read a lot of materials and interviewed a large number of public security police, anti-fraud police and victims. He found that it was not enough to represent the entire industry chain through a group of characters, so he designed the group portrait. , Divide the conflict scenes equally among three or four groups of characters, so that they can have a chemical reaction with each other.The Olympic bid is especially grateful to the prototype characters in the movie for their willingness to speak out, he said“It is because of them that this movie can be more realistic and realistic, and it can wake up more people.”

  The leading actor Zhang Yixing talked about the similarity between himself and Pan Sheng in that they are both stubborn. In order to get closer to the role of Pan Sheng, he had exchanged with network security personnel to learn many real details. Jin Chen talked about the rivalry scenes with many actors. Jin Chen said that the rivalry scene with Wang Chuanjun was the most impressive, even seeing him on the set would feel scared. Yongmei, who played the anti-fraud policeman, recalled that after communicating with the prototype of the character, she discovered that Internet fraud is such a big impact, and she also deeply understood the difficulty of the anti-fraud police.Wang Chuanjun, who made his debut at the premiere in Yunnan, changed from the arrogance of the scam boss in the film and apologized throughout the whole process, and stretched out his hands in front of the policemen in the audience“Please handcuff away.” Many viewers think that Wang Chuanjun doesn’t look like an actor, and suggested to check it out. To this, Wang Chuanjun directly said, “It’s acting! The real fraudster is more ruthless than my acting!”

  Wang Dalu, who played the role of a college student gambler, said that after the film, he felt cheated on Jin Chen.PTSD, he also urged the audience not to be as obsessed as Ah Tian in the movie. Zhou, who played A Tian’s girlfriend, also said that Song Yu’s anger at Anna was not only because her boyfriend was cheated, but also represented the anger of the victim’s family in reality. Tang Cuiwen, who played Ah Tian’s mother, said that her role represented many parents, raising children should also prevent fraud, and urged parents to bring their children to watch the movie together. Playing Fraud Group HRSun Yang, who is also a thug, said that the characters designed in the movie are relatively three-dimensional, and Ah Cai felt compassion for Anna, and he did not want Anna to continue to stay in the dirty fraud factory like him, but the audience should not take chances, there is no such thing in reality. Ah Cai, only a vicious fraudster! Huang Yixin, who plays the role of dog push, said that she substituted the sense of powerlessness when watching real fraud cases into the performance process, shortening the distance with the character.   

  Xie Fei and Chen Kexin’s hair is numb Liu Zhenyun Tian Yu’s zodiac Xiao Yang said it was thrilling

  A large number of celebrity guests were welcomed at the premiere ceremony. Director Xie Fei, the mentor of the director’s bid for the Olympic Games, commented on the film“The characters and the plot have a clear context. It is really not easy to control such a thing. I have seen the progress and maturity of the director.” Zhou Hongxia, a teacher at the Beijing Film Academy, said, “Such a complicated story is not so leaky, and the structure, narrative and language are quite beautiful.” Teacher Wang Hongwei sent a safety reminder “Don’t go abroad in the near future” to the director of the Olympic bid, and also teased Wang Chuanjun to be careful when going out. The praise and encouragement of the three made the director of the Olympic bid shed tears on the scene, choked up and said that he hoped that he did not embarrass the teacher. Director Chen Kexin shouted after watching the film, “My head is numb! I feel out of breath after watching it. The rhythm is so good, and every actor is good!” Liu Zhenyun praised that it was not easy to shoot the film. This story It is also very difficult to write. Director Guan Hu said that in addition to entertainment and business, movies also have a social reminder function, and he felt this power in “All or Nothing”. Liang Jing praised this film as the last and biggest dark horse in the summer file!

  Actor Qi Xi praised the performance of all the actors in the film and asked Teacher Yongmei to help her“Control” Wang Chuanjun. Director Tian Hanyu commented on the film as “the rhythm is bright and the plot is smooth, and everything is very good”. Xiao Yang said that “All or Nothing” is a particularly chic movie, and it is a kind of enjoyment to see thrilling movies in the cinema. Zhang Hanyun said that she was really scared during watching the movie, and would strongly recommend it to her parents and friends. Wang Anyu also said that it is very suitable to watch this movie with the elderly at home.An elementary school student audience felt a lot after watching the movie. He said that the teachers in school would also promote anti-fraud. At that time, he just listened to it. After watching the movie, he really felt the feeling of being cheated.   

  Police certification film is the best publicity for anti-fraud work Hot word of mouth is flying together to lock in the dark horse of the finale of the summer vacation

  Anti-fraud police officers from public security bureaus in Kunming, Beijing and other places also came to the premiere of the movie “All or Nothing”.An anti-fraud policewoman said“This movie is like a mirror, allowing us to see everyone’s heart clearly.” Another policeman praised the actor’s acting skills and said, “It truly shows the work and difficulties of our policemen. This is a very realistic side. The director shot Because of the multifaceted nature of the characters, I have already bought movie tickets for my parents, and I am going to do it again.” Art, a filial policeman from the Xiaogan Public Security Bureau in Hubei, commented on the water house, the driver, and G in the movie.YTSurprised by many details such as equipment,“It’s all shot, how dare you!” The main creative team and the police took a group photo with the anti-fraud ball and the “money bag” printed with anti-fraud reminders. The police said that “All or Nothing” is the best publicity for anti-fraud work , I hope that everyone can walk into the movie theater, learn the underlying logic behind the fraud, and guard their pockets.

  Through spot screenings and premieres,have1000million viewersWalk into the theater to meet “All or Nothing”, order screenings and pre-sale total box officeovertake4100 million,pairTicketing platform points9.7&9.4All-round blooming hot topics, all show that the quality of the film is quite good.“A mature and complete commercial genre film, but the anti-fraud theme has no sense of preaching”, “Don’t drink too much water, you will regret if you miss the details”, “The sense of substitution is too strong, and you don’t even look at your phone.” The real praise from the audience is endless. Netizens who have not been able to watch the movie have expressed envy and expectation. This summer must-see movie will be released nationwide on August 8 to meet the audience in advance!   

  The movie “All or Nothing” is produced by Bad Monkey (Shanghai) Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Shanghai Tao Piao Piao Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd., China Film Co., Ltd., Beijing Shangshi Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Yu Ye(Shanghai)Produced by Culture Media Co., Ltd., supervised by Ning Hao, director of the Olympic bid, starring Zhang Yixing, Jin Chen, Yongmei, Wang Chuanjun, Wang Dalu and Zhou also special starring, Sun Yang, Deng Cuiwen, August8It will be released nationwide!

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