AIA Tianjin actively carried out the financial knowledge publicity and education activity of “Building an Honest Consumption Environment and Boosting Confidence in Financial Consumption”

AIA Tianjin actively carried out the financial knowledge publicity and education activity of “Building an Honest Consumption Environment and Boosting Confidence in Financial Consumption”

  In order to bring consumer publicity and education into normal work, deepen the connotation of consumer rights protection work, and increase public awareness of “consumer rights protection work”, AIA Life has established a consumer rights protection brand “You+Peer” and The consumer protection slogan of “compatibility and progress, consumer protection and peer protection” implies that the employees of AIA Life Insurance adhere to the corporate culture of pursuing excellence, being honest and trustworthy, putting customers first, people-oriented, and being brave in innovation.At the same time of rapid business development, we do not forget to protect the rights and interests of consumers, put forward corporate responsibilities, and always combine the responsibility of protecting customers with business development. A customer’s rights.

  During the publicity week, AIA Tianjin closely focused on the theme of “building an honest consumption environment and boosting financial consumer confidence”, paying attention to the financial knowledge education and financial service improvement of key groups such as “one old, one young, one new”. AIA Tianjin joined hands with Binxi Community and International Apartment Second Community to publicize the rights of financial consumers, the knowledge of preventing illegal fund-raising fraud, and the knowledge of anti-telecom network fraud to the elderly group in the form of skits, three and a half sentences, prize-winning contests, and interactive sharing. And carry out risk warning. While teaching and entertaining, it brings laughter to the elderly, and at the same time strengthens residents’ ability to identify common fraudulent routines and enhances their awareness of rights protection. AIA Tianjin is also actively improving the elderly-friendly facilities in its outlets, setting up a “service package for the elderly” to provide comprehensive and warm convenience facilities for the elderly. Aiming at the youth group, AIA Tianjin has specially customized a promotional leaflet for youth to popularize financial knowledge for young people, cultivate good consumption habits, and promote a culture of integrity. Aiming at the “new citizens” group, AIA Tianjin set up a booth in the area where the new citizens live, distributed leaflets to passers-by and surrounding merchants, and explained financial knowledge such as consumer rights protection, anti-fraud, and anti-money laundering, thereby enhancing the public’s awareness of rights protection and risk awareness.

During the publicity week, in order to increase the coverage of publicity and education activities, AIA Tianjin actively implemented the requirements of the head office, built a diversified and three-dimensional publicity and education model, continued to increase online publicity, and based on thematic, vivid, interesting and digital education Promote the concept, through a series of activities such as “financial rights and interests ‘friend’ protection, financial knowledge quiz, “consumer insurance daily sign”, “discussing risks with cases”, combined with comics, long pictures and other forms, entertaining and entertaining, and promoting financial development. Knowledge dissemination helps improve public financial literacy.

In the future, AIA Tianjin will continue to actively fulfill its social responsibilities and strictly implement the work requirements of regulatory agencies. Take the popularization of financial knowledge as a long-term and systematic work, innovate the form of activities, expand the channels of publicity and education, and improve the long-term mechanism of public education. Improve consumers’ financial literacy, protect consumers’ legitimate rights and interests, and contribute to building a harmonious and orderly financial consumption environment.

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