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AIA Tianjin actively carried out financial knowledge education activities with the theme of “3.15” “Financial Consumer Protection is Around to Protect Rights and Prevent Risks”

AIA Tianjin actively carried out financial knowledge education activities with the theme of “3.15” “Financial Consumer Protection is Around to Protect Rights and Prevent Risks”

In order to continue to promote the protection of consumer rights in the insurance industry and effectively enhance the financial literacy and risk prevention awareness of the public, AIA Tianjin Branch focused on the innovative form of “one old, one small, one new” and organized a series of financial consumer protection programs from top to bottom. Rights protection education and publicity activities.

During the event, Cui Xiuhui, general manager of AIA Tianjin, took the lead in directing and actively participated in consumer protection education activities. She took the lead in preaching the value of compliance and conveying the concept of consumer protection through conversations between employees and new marketers and daily business morning meetings. At the same time, AIA Tianjin actively practices its corporate responsibilities and sets off an upsurge in financial knowledge promotion activities internally, forming a financial consumer protection education and promotion atmosphere in which everyone in the industry participates and fulfills their responsibilities. In order to effectively prevent and resolve financial risks, we strive to Contribute to creating a harmonious and healthy financial environment.

In addition, the company also makes full use of the resource advantages of online communication to expand the scope of publicity. General Manager Cui Xiuhui took the lead in participating in the “Consumer Protection Executives Talk” short video recording activity organized by the Tianjin Insurance Industry Association. She used her own experience to advocate the importance of consumer protection management to the company’s development and reminded consumers to protect their legitimate rights and interests. All employees and marketers of the company participated in a financial knowledge promotion short video competition and produced content such as “AI Anti-Fraud” and “AI Anti-Fraud Tips” and submitted them to the Bankers Association. The company also publishes pictures, texts, comics and short videos through its own platform to popularize anti-fraud knowledge and the eight rights and interests of financial consumers.

  In terms of offline activities, the company organized and carried out various themed activities.First, adhere to party building as the guide to implement the theme of consumer protection propaganda,Integrating party building activities with consumer protection work, we carried out the “10th Anniversary of the Implementation of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Coordinated Development Strategy” theme party day activities and the “3.5 Learning from Lei Feng Day” financial consumer protection voluntary service activities, actively playing the leading role of party building, and Combine the concept of consumer rights protection with practical work for the people.The second is to persist in popularizing financial knowledge in an all-round way with the “five entry points” as the focus.Advocate and support outstanding marketers to enter enterprises, universities, etc. to conduct “Personal Pension Public Welfare Lectures” to popularize the national personal pension policy for people from the pharmaceutical industry, manufacturing, education, catering and other industries, and promote the eight issues of consumers Basic rights and interests, reminding you of the importance of personal information protection and financial knowledge such as anti-fraud and anti-money laundering.The third is to insist on focusing on key groups to further improve consumer protection awareness,Targeting key groups such as “one old, one young and one young”, a series of special promotional materials were produced, such as children’s version of “Little Apple” folding pages, consumer protection analysis Tianjin dialect sticky notes, folding fans, and canvas bags themed on the eight rights of financial consumers etc., in a way that is close to urban culture and daily life, so that consumers are willing to read, understand, and remember, and calmly deal with consumer protection issues in financial life.The fourth is to strengthen internal propaganda,The “March 15” special morning meeting was held to interpret the key contents of the “Measures for the Administration of Insurance Sales Behavior” and the “Management Measures for the Protection of Consumer Rights and Interests of Banking and Insurance Institutions”, enhance the compliance awareness of employees and marketers, and call on everyone to actively Participate in the “Q&A on Integrity Management Knowledge for Employees of Financial Institutions” conducted by regulatory authorities to promote a culture of integrity.

In the future, AIA Tianjin Branch will continue to actively practice the social responsibilities of financial enterprises, adhere to the consumer protection concept of “being inclusive and enterprising, and go hand in hand with consumer protection”, strictly implement the work requirements of regulatory agencies, and strive to improve the availability and convenience of financial services. Enhance the people’s sense of gain, happiness and security, effectively improve consumers’ financial literacy, and contribute to the high-quality development of the financial industry.

Cui Xiuhui, general manager of AIA Tianjin, said: “AIA Tianjin has always adhered to the ‘customer-driven’ development strategy, starting from customer needs, incorporating consumer rights protection into the entire insurance sales process, and helping families and businesses stay healthy and healthy for a long time with professionalism, integrity and love. Life.”

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