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Agricultural Development Bank of China Tianjin Branch held the 2024 annual work meeting

Agricultural Development Bank of China Tianjin Branch held the 2024 annual work meeting

  On February 4, Agricultural Development Bank of China Tianjin BranchConvene the 2024 annual work meeting, fully implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the Second Plenary Session of the 20th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the Central Financial Work Conference, the Central Economic Work Conference, the Central Rural Work Conference, the Third Plenary Session of the 20th Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and other conferences, and conscientiously study and implement the important tasks of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s inspection of Tianjin In the spirit of the speech, we will thoroughly implement the spirit of the 2024 Annual Work Conference of the Head Office and the Fourth Plenary Session of the 12th Municipal Party Committee, summarize the work in 2023, analyze the current situation, and study and deploy the work in 2024. Yang Deping, Secretary of the Party Committee and President of the branch, made a work report, Li Xiaofeng, member of the Party Committee of the branch and Vice President, made a concluding speech, and members of the Party Committee Qin Xingyong, Zhou Hui, and Zhang Zhongwu attended. The audit office in Tianjin, the principal persons in charge of each bank department, and all officers and employees of the branch attended the meeting at the branch office, and other officers and employees of each bank attended the meeting at the local branch venue. Relevant municipal departments and media reporters were invited to participate.

The meeting held that in 2023, the entire bank will thoroughly study and implement Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, resolutely implement the decisions and arrangements of the Party Central Committee, conscientiously implement the work requirements of the Party Committee of the Head Office and the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, and solidly implement the “One, Two, Three, Six” party building ideas and The work policy of “excellence and excellence, catching up and surpassing the industry” and the “one, two, three, six” work ideas are implemented in thematic education, central inspections, “looking back” and rectification, serving the “ten actions”, fighting the “three tough battles”, and investigating Obvious results have been achieved in ten aspects including research, and a new answer sheet has been handed over that shows success in difficult situations and success in hard work. The cumulative loans granted throughout the year were 23.44 billion yuan; the loan balance was 80.75 billion yuan, a net increase of 8.6 billion yuan year-on-year, an increase of 11% after excluding debt factors; it continued to maintain good asset quality; the head office’s performance evaluation ranked first in the group.

The meeting emphasized that 2024 is the 75th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, a critical year for achieving the goals and tasks of the “14th Five-Year Plan”, and also the 30th anniversary of the founding of the Agricultural Development Bank. The general requirements are: guided by Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, fully implement the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the Second Plenary Session of the 20th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the Central Financial Work Conference, the Central Economic Work Conference, the Central Rural Work Conference, and the 20th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China. In line with the spirit of the three plenary sessions of the Discipline Inspection Commission, we conscientiously implemented the work arrangements of the annual work meeting of the head office and the strategic cooperation agreement signed between the head office and the municipal government, anchoring the creation of a boutique management bank and an innovative demonstration bank, reflecting the work requirements of “specialization and refinement” and “new and excellence”. Driven by the “Looking Back” rectifications of the central inspections and the regular inspections and rectifications of the head office, we have consistently implemented the “One, Two, Three, Six” party building ideas and the “One, Two, Three, Six” work policy of “Excellence and Strength, Catch Up and Go Beyond” and the “One, Two, Three, Six” work ideas. Recognize and adapt to changes, take the path of transformation and development, achieve effective improvement in quality and reasonable growth in quantity, and make new and greater contributions to the comprehensive promotion of actions to serve Tianjin’s rural revitalization and the advancement of Tianjin’s practice of Chinese-style modernization.

The meeting requested that to do a good job in this year’s work, we must accurately grasp the principles of “seeking progress while maintaining stability, promoting stability through promotion, and establishing first before breaking”, and coordinate and grasp the relationship between development quality, structure, scale, speed, efficiency and security.

Adhere to the fundamental purpose of serving the real economy and fully serve the comprehensive revitalization of Tianjin’s rural areas and the construction of an agricultural power. Learn and apply the experience of the “Ten Million Project” and focus on the “six major areas”, “four banks”, “five major articles” and “three major projects” to increase support for agriculture. Adhere to the people-centered development philosophy, fully serve national food security, agricultural modernization, agricultural and rural construction, urban-rural integrated development, and rural ecological civilization construction, and strengthen the performance of duties. Adhere to the customer-centered service concept, focus on strategic agreements, focus on the “five key points”, seize the characteristic highlights and business “blank spots”, and build a strong marketing reserve. We will persist in fulfilling our responsibilities and missions of supporting and benefiting agriculture, and in accordance with the “Three, Four, Six” deposit work philosophy, we will continue to mobilize the entire bank to fight the tough battle of raising funds to support agriculture.

Adhere to risk prevention and control as the eternal theme and focus on the task of preventing and resolving risks. Spend greater efforts and efforts on risk prevention and control to keep asset quality stable and controllable. Comprehensively implement regulatory requirements, adhere to the rule of law, and work hard to “internalize external regulations” to prevent and control compliance risks. We will make every effort to control the source, integrate comprehensive risk management into all aspects of the entire process of loan application, strengthen risk control and cash flow management in key areas, and prevent credit risks. Cooperate with local governments throughout the process, resolutely serve the overall situation, strictly adhere to business boundaries, and fight against government debt. We will implement the “comprehensive safety concept” in an all-round way and implement safety production responsibilities.

Adhere to the main line of deepening the structural reform of the financial supply side and empower operation and management with reform and innovation. We will continue to explore in deepening reform, strengthening management, and releasing vitality, and actively promote “specialization and refinement” and “new and excellent”. Promote the downward integration of the “eight reforms” and improve the pertinence, coordination and continuity of the reforms. Fight the tough battle of innovation and development, clarify the key points, strive for practical results, make coordinated progress, and achieve “two names on the list.” Promote intensive and flat reform, improve efficiency, coordinate and form synergy. Strengthen the management of assets, liabilities and financial operations, scientifically match scale, price, structure and term, carry out comprehensive self-examination and self-correction of key financial expenditures, and deepen the reform of intensive operations. Deepen technological support, continue to develop more application scenarios for RPA robots, strengthen data quality assessment, and prevent information technology risks.

Uphold and strengthen the party’s overall leadership and promote the improvement of the quality and efficiency of party-building work across the bank. Implement the “one, two, three, six” party building ideas to provide a strong political guarantee for high-quality development. We will do a good job in “looking back” rectifications during central inspections, strictly implement standards, specify follow-up tasks, and establish a normal and long-term mechanism. We will rectify the feedback from the head office inspections, consolidate responsibilities, implement classified policies, and address both the symptoms and root causes. Focus on political excellence, build loyalty to the party, deepen ideological and practical understanding, serve the “greatest of the country”, and consolidate, deepen and expand the results of thematic education. Focus on organizational excellence, strive to build a strong organizational system, strengthen party building work responsibilities, promote the integration of party building business, and enhance the political and organizational functions of grassroots party organizations. Focus on excellent abilities, optimize the “selection and effectiveness” of the cadre team, and continuously improve the purity, professionalism and combat effectiveness of the team. Focus on improving work style, continue to deepen the construction of work style and discipline, promote correct conduct and eliminate discipline and anti-corruption, and deeply promote the comprehensive and strict governance of the party and the party’s self-revolution.

During the meeting, the comprehensive assessment and evaluation of the branch leadership team and team members in 2023, the “one report and two reviews” for the selection and employment of personnel, the party branch secretary’s performance report on party building work and the review and assessment on integrity were carried out. Focusing on the group discussion around the annual work conference report, the Municipal Branch Business Department, Dongli Sub-branch, Xiqing Sub-branch, and Jizhou Sub-branch exchanged speeches and commended and notified the various evaluation results in 2023. (Correspondent/Jiang Ning)

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