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After long-awaited calls, the new Linglong Master series is launched!

After long-awaited calls, the new Linglong Master series is launched!

Three new products in the “New Linglong Master” series are now on the market!

In the 2023 Auto Bild summer tire test, Linglong Sport Master tire caused widespread discussion with its excellent results – its dry and wet braking performance ranked 7th among 50 tires, once leading Falken Azenis FK520, High-performance products from world-renowned tire brands such as Dunlop SportMaxx RT 2 and Bridgestone Turanza 6.

When Cheyuan Ruru released the test results of Auto Bild, many netizens were very interested in the Linglong Sport Master product and wanted to buy it, but could not find relevant channels.

On March 1, 2024, this highly anticipated product will be fully launched – the “New Linglong Master” series brings three new products to meet consumers’ various tire purchasing needs with a differentiated product matrix.

It is reported that all New Linglong Master products are equipped with RFID chips as standard to achieve effective management and information traceability throughout the tire life cycle, taking a leading position in the industry.

In addition to upgrading technology, Linglong Tire also always regards “customer satisfaction” as its direction of improvement, practices “products + services”, and launches the Linglong Core Customer Protection Plan. After users register as members, they can enjoy “1 +3+5+20” brand exclusive services, including five thoughtful and value-for-money services, including one-year peace-of-mind replacement, three-year worry-free replacement, five-year long warranty, tire replacement coupons, and one-click quick response, making the process more convenient. , better service, eliminating customers’ worries.

  Product differentiation, highlighting performance advantages



Among them, SPORT MASTER high-performance passenger car tires are suitable for high-performance models and further upgraded for road-holding performance. The tread is wide, 4%-6% wider than the previous generation product, and has the largest contact area among tires of the same specification; the tread pattern adopts hidden sipe technology, which increases the tire contact area by 1.5% and enhances tire controllability; the carcass is strengthened The structural design not only enhances the overall stability of the tire, but also increases the tire strength by 15%, bringing higher quality protection.


Master Zhijing—SPORT MASTER e high-performance new energy tires, suitable for new energy vehicles, further upgraded for energy saving and quiet performance. The highly elastic rubber formula based on the “National Technology Invention Award” can reduce the internal energy loss of tire driving by 23% and increase the cruising range by 8%; the pattern adopts the superposition of three major technologies: multiple three-dimensional silencing technology, noise sealing technology, and silent groove wall technology. , achieving ultra-low-noise tires, making the ride quieter and more comfortable, effectively reducing noise by 3.2 decibels. At the same time, equipped with Linglong LLST silent cotton technology, it can further reduce noise by 8 decibels.

GRIP MASTER C/S urban SUV tires are suitable for SUV models and are further upgraded for stability and quiet performance. The tread adopts a multi-dimensional sipe design, which increases the rigidity of the tread block by 5% and enhances the stability of the SUV model; the jointless nylon ring belt enhances the uniformity and stability of the tire; multiple three-dimensional silencer technology and pattern simulation analysis reduce noise by 3%.

In addition to Auto Bild, domestic authoritative third-party testing institutions have conducted independent and comprehensive tests on the New Linglong Master series and international first-tier and domestic leading competitive products. The results show that the New Linglong Master series products are comparable to or even surpass the international first-tier brands. The excellent performance may create a new peak in passenger car tire performance.

  Listing discounts, supporting policies and benefits

According to Che Yuan Ru Rui, in order to thank new and old users for their support, Linglong Tire has also launched a sincere feedback activity from 00:00 on March 1, 2024 to 24:00 on May 31, 2024.

Consumers who purchase 2 or more new Linglong Masters of any specification and successfully join the Linglong Core Customer Protection Plan (original tire insurance) will get one lucky draw opportunity if the number of tires in the insured order is ≥ 2.

Raffle prizes includeHuawei MatePad Pro11 worth 5,000 yuan(Random Color),Gold bars worth 800 yuan, JD shopping cards worth 200 yuan, Xiaomi speakers worth 100 yuan, Master coupons worth 10 yuan.

This lotteryThe winning rate is 100%only three products including SPORT MASTER, SPORT MASTER e, and GRIP MASTER C/S can participate.

It is understood that Linglong Tire focuses on product improvement and always takes user needs as its first research and development direction. Interpreting Made in China with master quality, Linglong continuously absorbs excellent quality, introduces new products, and uses leading technology to enhance performance to a new level, demonstrating Linglong’s unremitting pursuit of products and driving experience.

Cheyuan Rurui believes that the new Linglong Master series will deliver a satisfactory answer to every user who chooses Linglong with its excellent performance and high-quality driving experience, allowing them to drive without worries.

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