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After confirming their eyes, the “Porcelain Doll” recognized the long-term assistance volunteers in the crowd at a glance?? 2023 “Little Dolphin Project” “Big Hands Holding Little Hands” series of reports (7)

After confirming their eyes, the “Porcelain Doll” recognized the long-term assistance volunteers in the crowd at a glance?? 2023 “Little Dolphin Project” “Big Hands Holding Little Hands” series of reports (7)

  11Xiaoyue (pseudonym), a 20-year-old girl from Shiyan, Hubei Province, is a“Porcelain Doll” is born with brittle bones and is prone to fractures if she is not careful. Each treatment not only costs her family a lot of money, but she also has to endure pain at a young age. However, these hardships have not made Xiaoyue depressed, and she is strong and optimistic. She loves painting and has excellent academic performance. Three years ago, her encounter with the volunteers of the “Little Dolphin Project” gave her “fragile” life more warmth and care.

  A smile blooms where there is love

  2020In 2008, Tong Jian, who was still working at the Xiaogan Central Branch of Fude Life Insurance?through the companyThe little dolphin inside provides one-on-one supportThe system, after learning about Xiaoyue’s situation, immediately formed a support pair with Xiaoyue.

  “Little Dolphin Project” was launched by Fude Life Insurance in 2013A long-term public welfare activity launched in 2016, it provides warmth and care to the children being assisted every year with the focus on material assistance, insurance protection and psychological assistance.“One-on-one assistance” is a sub-project of the “Little Dolphin Project”, which provides precise assistance to recipient children and their families by organizing volunteers to form assistance pairs with children in need.

  In view of multiple reasons such as the epidemic lockdown and busy work, Tong Jian?It is temporarily impossible to visit Xiaoyue in person. After deliberation for a long time, he carefully prepared a batch of charity supplies and a greeting card, and entrusted the staff of the Shiyan Central Branch to forward them to Xiaoyue.

  At that time, Xiaoyue was still in the hospital for treatment. She picked up the greeting card and read it carefully word for word, with a flower-like smile always blooming on her young face. Xiaoyue happily said to the staff who came to visit her:“I’m very happy to have made this new friend. I like the gift Uncle Tong gave me very much. I will definitely be optimistic, strong, and move forward bravely.” The staff also encouraged Xiaoyue to have confidence, actively cooperate with treatment, and strive for a speedy recovery.The staff also thoughtfully sent photos of this visit to Tongjian?.

  After confirming my eyes, you are my friend

  Time passes slowly, and the face of the little girl lying on the hospital bed in the photo often appears in the children’s book.?In his mind, is she getting better? He should be taller now, right?

  In the blink of an eye, this concern has lasted for three years. This yearAugust, Tongjian?Adjust toFude Life Insurance works at the Shiyan branch, and Shiyan happens to be the city where Xiaoyue lives. This is also a good opportunity for two people who have known each other for a long time.“Friends” provide opportunities to meet.

  Arrange work and life, Tongjian?first timingI just wanted to visit Xiaoyue.Early in the morning on August 22, Tong Jian?When I arrived at Xiaoyue’s house with the staff from the Shiyan Central Branch, I saw a chubby and smart little girl looking at the door from afar.

  Although Tong Jian?There were many people in the group, but after scanning her eyes, the little girl recognized Tong Jian at a glance.?she stepped forward happily and said:“Hello Uncle Tong, I am your good friend Xiaoyue, welcome to my home!” “Little girl, how are you sure that he is Uncle Tong and I am not?” Looking at the lively and cute Xiaoyue, a fellow volunteer The reporter took the opportunity to joke. Xiaoyue replied confidently: “I checked my eyes and felt that I have known this uncle for a long time. He must be Uncle Tong.”

  Xiaoyue happily greeted the volunteers to take their seats together with her mother, and then continued to teach children?Pass me a cup of tea: “Thank you Uncle Tong for your concern and encouragement. I am so happy to see you today!”

  Looking at the strong and optimistic girl in front of him, Tong Jian?Also deeply infected:“Uncle is also very happy to see Xiaoyue. We are good friends and will see each other in the future.”

  Give“Fragile” life weaves a “strong” future

  Due to the disease, Xiaoyue cannot move around freely, let alone exercise. Compared with her peers, she is short and slightly chubby. In addition, she suffers frequent fractures, which each require a long period of treatment and recovery. Over the years, Xiaoyue’s legs have become asymmetrical. Every time Xiaoyue’s mother talks about her daughter, her eyes are full of love and sadness. But what gives her some comfort is that with active treatment and everyone’s care, Xiaoyue’s health has improved, and she has not fallen behind in her studies. The certificates all over the wall in the room are a reflection of Xiaoyue’s academic achievements, and they are also a symbol of Xiaoyue’s academic achievements. Traces of her working hard and bravely pursuing her dreams.

  When parting, Xiaoyue was very reluctant to leave. Tongjian?Comfort her softly:“Xiaoyue is a brave child. Uncle believes that you will get better and better in the future. If you have any difficulties, you can tell uncle. Uncle will come to see you again when he has time!” Xiaoyue nodded vigorously. When the volunteers left, through the car window, you could still see Xiaoyue’s reluctant and expectant eyes still following them.

  “I hope to use the dust and mist to nourish the mountains and seas, and the fireflies and candles to brighten the sun and the moon.” So far, nearly 2 people from all over the country have000 children in need like Xiaoyue have received precise assistance from more than 3,000 volunteers from the Fude system. The “Little Dolphin Project” will also continue to use warmth and kindness to light up the hearts of children in need and contribute to the healthy growth of children.

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