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After a century of searching for its origins, it is reborn. The official celebration of the centenary of Windsor Forest was held grandly.

After a century of searching for its origins, it is reborn. The official celebration of the centenary of Windsor Forest was held grandly.

At 18:30 on February 27th, Paris time, FORVIL, a century-old French SPA luxury hair care brand, held a launch ceremony party for the brand’s centenary official announcement at the Bauman Hotel, the brand’s flagship store in Paris, France. The event started from Paris, the birthplace, on February 28 The Japanese relay went to China, and at the same time, France, Southeast Asia, and China celebrated this centenary celebration that spans the past, present, and future.

The French president announced at the press conference that this year he will focus on expanding the sales network in the Asia-Pacific region and gradually introduce classic products imported from France to the Asia-Pacific market, especially the Chinese market. In addition, it was announced that a series of brand traceability activities will be specially planned for the brand’s centenary celebration in May this year.

  A century of luxury care, leading the fashion trend in care and beauty

2024 marks the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and France, and the 100th anniversary of the founding of FORVIL Windsor Forest. Over the past 100 years, all walks of life and social life around the world have undergone earth-shaking changes, but FORVIL Windsor Forest has always adhered to the inheritance of ingenuity, focused on the field of hair care, and continued the brand’s French luxury care concept!

In 1924, FORVIL Windsor Forest was founded by legendary business leader Léo Fink in the Nanterre region of Seine, France. In the same year, inspired by the “black super female star” Joseph Baker, FORVIL Windsor Forest launched the classic work: “PERLE NOIRE Black Pearl” perfume, which caused a sensation in the fashion world as soon as it was released. Subsequently, the brand creatively integrated its unique perfume formula into other products, launching perfumes, powders, shampoos, hair oils, soaps and other personal care products, which were well-known in Europe in the 1930s and always featured exquisite elegance and creativity. Aesthetics leads the fashion trend of care and beauty products.

Since entering the Chinese market in 2020, FORVIL Windsor Forest has relied on its technological accumulation and ingenuity inheritance in the field of hair care, and has quickly expanded its products to offline counters in high-end shopping malls, boutique imported supermarkets, China Duty Free Sunshine Duty Free Shops, etc., as well as Tmall ,, Xiaohongshu, Douyin e-commerce and other e-commerce channels, and has reached in-depth cooperation with top bloggers Luo Wangyu, Zhang Kaiyi, Zhang Mofan, etc. The products are deeply recognized and loved by Chinese consumers.

In this centenary celebration, FORVIL Windsor Forest brand centenary official event materials are simultaneously released in celebrity salons, high-end beauty and hair transplant medical institutions, five-star hotel SPA clubs, high-end resort hotel SPA clubs, high-end private clubs, and Paris golf in overseas channels. The club brings global users into the century-old history of FORVIL Windsor Forest and experiences the brand story together.

Of course, a century-old inheritance cannot be separated from the trust and companionship of customers. At the official celebration of the centenary of FORVIL Windsor Forest, hundreds of brand friends from all over the world sent their heartfelt blessings to the brand and hoped that FORVIL Windsor Forest would have a brighter and better future. .

  Limited edition products are launched online, highlighting a century of heritage and innovation

After a century of inheritance, FORVIL Windsor Forest has been deeply cultivated and developed in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, and has gradually become an important “member” in consumers’ daily lives. The unique formula of its products and scientific hair care concept make it the first choice of fashion people and hair care experts around the world.

At the centenary official announcement ceremony, FORVIL Windsor Forest’s classic products Centenary Essential Oil, Centenary Limited Hair Mask and other products were grandly launched, bringing unique courtesy to the guests at the scene and highlighting century-old heritage and innovation. Among them, century-old essential oils inherit classic fragrances and adopt essential oil formulas that keep pace with the times to perfectly moisturize and nourish hair, and have the strength to protect every brand friend. The centenary-limited hair mask comes in a customized exclusive gift box and incorporates century-old elements to bring a luxurious hair care experience to consumers around the world.

At the same time, FORVIL Windsor Forest’s centenary-limited hair mask is now available for full online sales, and the centennial essential oil is available for pre-sale through domestic and overseas channels, aiming to bring users the same top-notch luxury hair care experience as found in SPA clubs.

In order to further convey the concept of French luxury care, FORVIL Windsor Forest took advantage of the speed of high-speed rail in China to launch high-speed rail advertising to create a matrix of brand communication, promote strong reach and high exposure of the brand, achieve trillion-level heat communication, and celebrate the brand’s centenary The event builds momentum and empowers people, and demonstrates a brand image that keeps pace with the times.

Time flies and hundreds of years pass. As a high-end French personal care brand, FORVIL Windsor Forest has always inherited its century-old professional quality in the field of washing and care, creating a series of hair care products that meet consumers’ quality life needs and satisfy people’s yearning and pursuit of a better life. Standing at a new starting point in the next hundred years, FORVIL Windsor Forest will adhere to the concept of “redefining hair care with skin care”, innovate hair care technology, master-level fragrance blending, convey the brand’s French luxury care concept, and make fashionable and beautiful life within reach. and!

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