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Aegean Group’s North China region has worked together to upgrade the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei business experience this summer

Aegean Group’s North China region has worked together to upgrade the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei business experience this summer

In May 2023, Aegean Group announced the establishment of ten management regions, namely: South China Region, Southwest Region, Central China Region, Northwest Region, North China Region, Shanghai Region, Shandong Region, Northeast Region, Jiangsu Region, and Zhejiang Region. Among them, the North China region is involved in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, with three projects currently in operation and several projects to be opened.

Empower North China

Sustainable Value Derivation and Urban Co-Prosperity

Whether it is civilization, geography, history or culture, North China has always been the real Central Plains in terms of space and time. The overall city level, economic level, and political policy advantages of the North China region are obvious, and the population density is very large. Among them, Aegean Sea has four stores in North China, Tianjin Hedong Aegean Sea and Tangshan Road North Aegean Sea have been in operation for many years, and are currently far ahead in the commercial echelons of their respective cities. The new project Tianjin Eco-City Aegean Sea relies on its own geographical advantages to operate stably in this region ; Hebei Zunhua Aegean Sea is also ready to go, and will soon bloom wonderfully. Under the integration and coordination of Aegean Group’s North China region, the four stores use local economic policies and government support to activate a “city” with a “field”, continuously creating consumption hotspots and injecting vitality into these cities. In the future, the North China region will make every effort to create more regional benchmark projects and business hotspots.

Sharing and co-creation

Localization exploration of re-operation mode

In terms of operation, the North China region continues to dig deep into the regional culture, and promotes the concept of regional linkage with the operating logic of “deeply rooted in the local area, each with its own characteristics” and “one store, one color, linkage and win-win”, effectively driving performance growth.

Projects during operation——Tianjin East ProjectAs the first flagship store project of Aegean Group in North China, it has been committed to creating a fashion, leisure, ecological, intelligent and interactive one-stop full-format international shopping center. With eight years of intensive operation and continuous innovation, it has become Tianjin A business benchmark in the East. Through continuous business upgrades and diversified marketing activities and scene combinations, the project fully focuses on the interests of the customer group, and has become a true urban youth vanguard social venue and a holy place for parents and families to gather in Tianjin.

  Tangshan Road North ProjectOpened for 7 years, it has been moving closer to the younger generation of consumers, and is constantly exploring a wider range of ways to connect with young customers, creating a new space for leisure and entertainment, and leading young fashion trends. In the future, Tangshan Road North Aegean Sea will continue to accelerate the upgrading of its business mix, dig deep into the first-store economy, bring consumers more diverse new consumption experiences, and create a “young and energetic market” with unlimited growth potential.

  Tianjin Eco-city ProjectLocated in Binhai New District, Tianjin, it is a brand new Aegean Sea project opened last year. The eco-city project has been working with the Hedong project to build a “scene linkage” of two stores in the same city. At the same time, taking advantage of the outdoor 20,000-square-meter large lawn, it has created a unique “prosperous gathering place in an oasis” in Tianjin. The concept of social interaction is in line with the urbanites’ pursuit of leisure and local travel, and it deepens the positioning of the project as an urban micro-resort center.

Projects in the preparatory period——upcomingHebei Zunhua Project, is an indispensable scenery in the new generation of Aegean products. As the first Shopping Mall in Zunhua, the project is positioned as a “modern lifestyle center” and is committed to meeting the needs of Zunhua citizens for high-quality culture, life, leisure and shopping. In the future, the project will make full use of the location advantages of the city’s core area and Zunhua’s unique tourism resources to build the project into a modern urban lifestyle center.

Regional coordination

2 cities and 4 stores to build organizational cohesion

As commercial real estate enters the era of stock development, regional strength and regional advantages have become the primary measurement criteria for major businesses to enhance brand value and realize brand value mining. Regional teams need to combine rational principled direction with mature operating experience. While digging deep into the commercial value of each urban project, take “integrating regional resources and realizing complementary advantages” as the entry point to organize regional development planning and team Division of labor for system optimization, continuous updates in actual combat, continuous upgrades in updates, self-strengthening, grinding tactics, product grading iterations, brand sharing combinations, private domain integration and realization, and performance growth mining to create a group soul for regional integration, in order to achieve Scientific and benign regional operation mode.

The North China region has always followed the principle of “group guidance + regional leadership + project subject”, smoothing the dialogue channels between various projects, allowing each project to rely on the group to enjoy the advantages of resource interconnection, complementary advantages, and talent sharing. While promoting the effective integration of project resources, we will achieve mutual assistance and win-win results, continuously empower the growth process of the region, build a new pattern of regional development, and contribute to the construction of a better life scene in North China.


Leading Urban Business Innovation

The first co-creation conference in the North China region of the Aegean Sea was successfully concluded in Tianjin in early July. The projects in the region were fully exchanged, and the discussion of the future development of the region was triggered through the collision of experience and wisdom. Taking this co-creation meeting as a starting point, the North China region will grasp the codes and opportunities of urban renewal, and continuously improve its core competitiveness through innovation and refined operations. Through the integration of high-quality resources in the region, accelerate the layout of new projects in North China, deeply cultivate Tianjin, coordinate Hebei, and then start the capital, leverage the commercial structure of several key cities in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, and rejuvenate the commercial vitality of the city with the Aegean brand. Create more sustainable value for consumers and partners.

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