Advertise anti-aging anti-aging need to be wary of side effects NMN may accelerate tumor growth

Advertise anti-aging anti-aging need to be wary of side effects NMN may accelerate tumor growth


(Hong Kong News) Experts pointed out that NMN can be converted into NAD+. NAD+ is involved in many biochemical processes in the body, including boosting metabolic rate, enhancing physical performance, and repairing damaged DNA. However, too high levels of NAD+ may increase the rate of tumor growth.

NMN (β-nicotinamide mononucleotide) products have been highly sought after in recent years, claiming to be reversible and anti-aging. In addition to oral products, NMN is also added to skin care products such as masks and creams, claiming to improve skin elasticity and fight against fine lines.

Balanced diet – five grains contain vitamin B complex, which helps the body’s metabolism and biochemical functions, and is beneficial to the health of skin and hair.

Increase NAD+ to repair body functions

If you want to know the efficacy of NMN, you must first understand the NAD+ transformation mechanism.

NAD+ is involved in many biochemical functions in the human body, including boosting metabolic rate, enhancing physical performance, lifting spirits, improving sports performance, repairing damaged DNA, and more.

Dermatology and Venereology Dr. Lin Jiawen

The body manufactures NAD+ in different ways, such as converting it from food. Huang Yunzhi, program director and nutritionist of the Li Ka Shing Institute of Professional and Continuing Education of Hong Kong Metropolitan University, pointed out that natural foods such as meat, fish, and seeds can supplement vitamin B3, help the body produce coenzymes and assist in the release of energy; after vitamin B3 enters the human body, it synthesizes NAD+ through different channels.

Simply put, vitamin B3 is first converted into nicotinamide riboside (NR), then converted into NMN, and finally produces NAD+.

NMN is the precursor of NAD+, which has emerged in the health care product market in recent years. However, NMN is not an active ingredient, and what really works for the human body is NAD+. Su Ziqian, an honorary clinical assistant professor of the Department of Clinical Oncology of the University of Hong Kong and a registered Chinese medicine doctor, further explained that NAD+ is like “money in the body”. Various biochemical reactions need NAD+, and without “money”, it cannot be done. If NAD+ is insufficient, the body cannot break down sugar to produce enough energy, and cell metabolism will also slow down. In addition, NAD+ has anti-oxidant effect and helps to scavenge free radicals that cause aging. When NAD+ increases, it helps to restore body functions.

Chinese and Western Medicine Su Ziqian

NAD+ levels decline with age

Dr. Lin Jiawen, Department of Dermatology and Venereology, added that NAD+ is a coenzyme contained in body cells, which can be used to repair cells and promote metabolism. The level of NAD+ in the body will decrease with age. Some studies have pointed out that if the level of NAD+ in the body is increased, it is possible to reduce degenerative diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cognitive impairment, and even have anti-aging effects.

However, current research has not sufficiently confirmed this relationship, and there is no evidence that NMN can treat hair loss or gray hair. The efficacy of topical NMN skin care products has yet to be confirmed.

NMN products not only claim to be anti-aging and anti-aging, but also claim to be able to fight against COVID-19, prevent or improve the sequelae of COVID-19.

Su Ziqian mentioned that some studies have found that patients with severe coronary disease have insufficient NAD+ in their bodies.

“Severely ill patients with COVID-19 are usually the elderly, and their own NAD+ levels are insufficient,

In addition, the body needs to use a lot of NAD+ to fight any viral infection,

Therefore, NAD+ levels in the body will decrease after severe illness. “

In theory, supplementing NAD+ can accelerate body recovery,

reactivates the immune system,

However, there is no sufficient scientific evidence to prove that taking NMN products can treat COVID-19. “

Dietitian Huang Yunzhi

Huang Yunzhi also pointed out that the level of NAD+ will decrease with age, and after the age of 30, the metabolism will slow down, making the body function not as good as when it was young.

“However, it is doubtful whether NMN products can really increase the level of NAD+ in the body, how much NAD+ can be increased, and whether it can be used by the human body.”

At present, many NMN product studies come from animal experiments, and human trials are still in the early stages. There are no large-scale clinical studies to support the efficacy of NMN products.

Do not take multiple NMNs at the same time

Taking too much NMN may cause side effects, such as gastrointestinal discomfort, headache, and affect liver and kidney functions.

Lin Jiawen reminded that since NMN can be absorbed into the body through the skin, excessive use of NMN skin care products may also lead to the above risks. In addition, people with eczema and sensitive skin should choose skin care products carefully, and it is recommended to consult a doctor first.

Do not take multiple NMN products at the same time as there is no clinical research to recommend the dosage.

Huang Yunzhi suggested that pregnant and breastfeeding women should consult their doctors, pharmacists or nutritionists before taking NMN products, and choose reputable brands and pay attention to product ingredients.

Su Ziqian added that too high NAD+ levels may accelerate tumor growth, because tumor growth requires a lot of NAD+. Cancer patients may be at risk from taking NMN products, and should consult their attending physician before taking them.

Follow the circadian rhythm to naturally increase NAD+

Since vitamin B3 can synthesize NAD+, why not just take vitamin B3 or NAD+ instead of NMN?

Su Ziqian, who is also a specialist in clinical oncology, said that although vitamin B3 can also be converted into NAD+ in the body, taking a large amount of vitamin B3 will cause blood vessels to dilate, causing allergic reactions such as flushing and “fever”, hypotension, and liver damage.

Do more exercise and eat healthy

As for NAD+, due to the short half-life, it will be digested quickly when taken directly, and the NAD+ molecule is too large to pass through the cells, so it will not directly supplement NAD+. However, clinical trials for NMN products have not been completed, and there is currently insufficient data on supplementary dosage and whether it needs to be taken for a long time.

Compared with NMN products, the following methods have more scientific evidence to support the improvement of NAD+ levels; rely on the body to naturally produce NAD+, so there is no need to worry about excessive NAD+.

NAD+ levels are supervised by circadian rhythms and participate in the regulation of biological clocks. Sufficient sleep and follow the “work at sunrise, rest at sunset” will naturally increase NAD+

Doing more exercise can reverse the decline of NAD+ due to age

Overeating and excessive intake of fat and sugar should not be avoided.A high-fat or high-sugar diet requires a lot of NAD+ to digest, reducing NAD+ in the body

Through a balanced diet, adequate daily intake of vitamin B3 (recommended 16 mg per day for adults), protein (10% to 15% of the body’s daily energy needs), etc. can help increase NAD+ levels, thereby promoting metabolism and energy release

On the premise of adequate intake of iron, vitamin B6, and vitamin B2, tryptophan (a type of amino acid) ingested from food can also be converted into vitamin B3 in the body. Tryptophan can be ingested from chicken, milk, cheese, nuts and other foods.

Information provided by Su Ziqian, a specialist in clinical oncology, and Huang Yunzhi, a registered dietitian

Retain collagen, beautify and anti-aging, pay attention to sun protection

If you want to beautify and anti-aging, the most important thing is to prevent the loss of collagen.

Dr. Lin Jiawen, Department of Dermatology and Venereology, believes that skin collagen begins to decline after the age of 20. The most important thing is to apply effective sunscreen products every day, because ultraviolet rays are the main cause of damage.

In addition, maintaining a cheerful mood, eating a balanced diet, and exercising in moderation are all scientific “secrets to freezing age”.

As for preventing hair loss, we must work hard to improve the health of the scalp:

The temperature of the shampoo water should be below 37°C, and it should not be overheated, otherwise it will dry the scalp and even burn the hair and scalp

Use a low-temperature hair dryer

Protect your scalp by wearing a sun hat when you are outdoors

Minimize hair coloring

eat less junk food

From a nutritional point of view, nutritionist Huang Yunzhi recommends a balanced diet, which contains vitamins C and E, polyphenols, selenium and other foods with antioxidant functions, which can protect cells from free radical damage and help anti-aging.

In addition, the daily intake of vitamin B group is sufficient, such as grains, meat, milk, eggs.

Vitamin B complex is a coenzyme that helps the body to promote metabolism and biochemical functions, and helps to maintain healthy skin and hair. On the other hand, eat less fried or “junk food,” which increases free radicals.

get enough sleep

Su Ziqian, who has both registered Chinese and Western medicine qualifications, reminds that adequate sleep is especially important for skin health, because the body repairs genetic damage during sleep. However, this important function is based on the “circadian rhythm”, and the life cycle that reverses day and night will affect this mechanism.

“Chinese medicine also has methods of external application and internal administration. For example, grinding Angelica dahurica into powder and applying it on the face can help whiten and remove spots; oral administration of Dendrobium has the effect of nourishing yin. Modern research has found that certain components of Dendrobium have whitening and antioxidant effects. In addition, Radix Ginseng, Ophiopogon japonicus, angelica, and rehmannia glutinosa are good for hair and skin health. Due to the different constitutions of individuals, it is recommended to consult Chinese medicine before applying externally or taking internally.”

Article Li Chuer “Ming Pao”


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