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Adopt a cow and join hands with 2024 “Yima” to go on a healthy sports journey together

Adopt a cow and join hands with 2024 “Yima” to go on a healthy sports journey together

As spring approaches, a sports event is about to be staged passionately in Linyi Yihe New District. The much-anticipated Linyi Yihe New District Half Marathon has officially announced that it will start with a gunshot on May 4. This is not only a contest of speed and passion, but also a display of health and vitality. As a celebration of the fifth anniversary of the event, this competition has gathered the enthusiasm and expectations of many runners, and has also attracted the attention of many well-known brands. It is understood that the total number of participants in this event is 10,000, including half marathon and healthy running. Among them, “Adopt a Cow”, a cutting-edge domestic dairy brand, has become the official sponsor of this event and will work with “Yima” to create the glory of the event.

Looking back on the past nine years of adopting a cow, we will find that although this new dairy company has been established for a short time, it is forward-looking in creating high-quality milk sources. Since its inception, Adopt a Cow has started from the upstream of the industry chain and is committed to creating a full industry chain layout of “integration of supply, production and marketing”. In terms of its own milk sources, Adopt a Cow has successively established 9 modern ranches in Hebei, Shandong, Heilongjiang, Jilin and other places. It is estimated that by the end of March 2024, the total number of dairy cows adopted will be nearly 90,000. Its dairy farms have passed GAP and SQF certifications, and their milking efficiency ranks first in Asia. Large-scale and modern pasture management has also brought about improvements in yield efficiency. In 2023, the average yield of an adult cow will exceed 13.2 tons.

Starting from raising good cattle, adopting a cow forms a link to create high-quality products and respond to consumer needs with products. In 2020, Adopt a Cow launched its first A2 beta-casein milk. Adopt a Cow From the approximately 10,000 cows on our own pasture, we genetically screened out approximately 2,000 purebred A2 type cows. The milk produced contains A2β-casein, which is more friendly to the intestines and stomach, and nutrients can be better absorbed. Such pursuit of quality has naturally yielded gratifying results. In 2022, Adopt a Cow’s A2 beta-casein milk has ranked first in national sales in the A2 category. Ye Wei, vice president of Jingdong Group, also shared an interesting figure. For every 10 pieces of A2 milk sold in Jingdong supermarkets, 4 of them come from an adopted cow.

As an official sponsor this time, “Adopt a Cow” will provide contestants with 200ml of pure milk to help them perform at their best on the track. This classic pure milk has a sweet taste that reminds people of their childhood. Glass bottle milk is not just a bottle of milk, but a beautiful memory and an emotional resonance. At the same time, it also allows the contestants to feel the health and vitality brought by “adopting a cow” in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

By combining it with sports events, adopting a cow not only effectively increases the brand’s popularity and influence, but also deeply demonstrates its firm commitment to and active promotion of the concept of healthy living.

2024 is Yima’s fifth anniversary celebration, and it is also the tenth year of adopting a cow and raising cattle. As the event approaches, “Adopt a Cow” is fully prepared and looks forward to witnessing the wonderful moments of this event with the majority of marathon enthusiasts. I believe that with the joint efforts of both parties, this Linyi Yihe New District Half Marathon will be a complete success and leave unforgettable memories for the runners.

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