Adhere to the original intention of serving the people? Record the “National May 1st Labor Award” as the unit China Life Insurance Yuhuan Branch, Zhejiang Province

Adhere to the original intention of serving the people? Record the “National May 1st Labor Award” as the unit China Life Insurance Yuhuan Branch, Zhejiang Province

“Life is hard work, what can you get if you don’t ask for it?” Labor is the source of wealth and the source of happiness.

We are always moved by the presence of laborers in the fields, in the streets and alleys, in the front line of financial work and insurance benefiting the people.

In the system of China Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “China Life Insurance Company”), there are many teams. Based on the local life insurance market, they actively give play to the advantages of their main responsibilities and main businesses. By sending insurance guarantees to thousands of households, Carefully protect the people’s good life. China Life Insurance Taizhou Yuhuan Branch Company in Zhejiang Province is one of the excellent teams.

Since 1996 when property insurance and personal insurance were operated separately, all employees of China Life Insurance Yuhuan Branch have always adhered to the “customer-centric” approach, forged ahead in unity, and actively explored the life insurance market. The company’s annual operating performance has led the city’s system and comprehensive management level year after year. Leading the province’s system, it has been awarded the “Top 100 Strength” and “Top 100 Growth” county branch companies of the whole system for many times, and won the “National Financial May 1st Labor Award” for the first time in November 2021, and this year it was listed as the “National Five A certificate of labor award”.

As a grassroots business unit of China Life Insurance Company in the county area, Yuhuan Branch of China Life Insurance is hardworking and pragmatic, constantly accumulating business foundation and service experience, and escorting the happy and beautiful life of the local people in the process of forging ahead.

  “Must not let the problem stay overnight”

“Very reassuring and trustworthy” is the most popular evaluation of the Yuhuan Branch of China Life Insurance by the local competent authority.

The essence of insurance is to compensate and resolve the economic losses of the people in various risk events through the function of insurance protection, so as to protect the hard-won achievements of social and economic development. As a branch of a state-owned financial and insurance company in Zhejiang, China Life Insurance Yuhuan Branch always keeps in mind the development idea of ​​”people-centered”, actively plays the role of “stabilizer” of the insurance society, and focuses on enabling more people to effectively obtain insurance We will vigorously promote the policy-based inclusive insurance business.

Picture: Propagating the benefits of inclusive insurance business policies to the public

In recent years, the Yuhuan branch of China Life Insurance has taken the initiative to cooperate with the pilot publicity and agency services of agricultural and medical insurance launched by the government. Jointly underwrite the “Taizhou Limin Insurance” project, actively invest in publicity, extensive expansion, and increase the number of insurance participants. Pay close attention to vulnerable groups, and actively promote 15 special insurance products covering low-income groups and special groups. In 2022, the number of insured persons will be 384,200, providing risk protection of 57.6 billion yuan.

In order to improve work efficiency, Yuhuan Branch of China Life Insurance set up a leading group for agricultural and medical insurance agency work, discussed and formulated a special work plan, selected project leaders and staff, and formed a highly operable working mechanism. “During the several years of the agency, the leaders in charge and the handling personnel actively communicated with the competent department. When encountering difficulties and problems, everyone participated in the solution and would not let the problem stay overnight. Sometimes, everyone discussed while eating box lunch. It is necessary to solve and optimize the method.” Chen Min, manager of Yuhuan Branch of China Life Insurance, introduced.

In addition to ordinary citizens who can normally insure, China Life Insurance Yuhuan Branch also actively responds to the insurance needs of non-standard people. Many patients with high blood pressure and diabetes have a stronger awareness and demand for insurance, but because of higher requirements for insurance and underwriting, they face the embarrassing situation of “difficulty in purchasing insurance” for a long time. In order to solve this problem, China Life Insurance Yuhuan Branch cooperated deeply with the local People’s Hospital Jiantong, and initiated the “Tanganbao” health + insurance project in the province, which succeeded in “protecting the health of customers” and “protecting the health of customers”. Transformation to provide risk protection for more and more non-standard citizens.

  Make the customer experience good or not?

Yuhuan is named for the beautiful natural scene of “morning fog surrounds the island, its shape is like a ring; there is flowing water on it, and it is as white as jade”. In this small seaside town located in the middle section of the southeast golden coastline of Zhejiang Province, China Life Insurance Yuhuan Branch Company has established 7 marketing service departments. Except for Haishan and Jishan, which are surrounded by sea towns, the service outlets of China Life Insurance have basically realized Effective coverage of Yuhuan.

Not only the pursuit of service load, the development of China Life Insurance Yuhuan Branch pays more attention to the quality of service. Since 2019, the company has continuously upgraded two outlets. In addition to hardware configuration and outlet specifications, it has also increased the configuration of comprehensive financial services, established a comprehensive financial management committee, and formed a professional comprehensive financial team to provide services.

“I have witnessed the company’s growth and changes along the way, from small to large, from weak to strong, and it is getting better and better.” Chen Min said that in the past 27 years, the number of employees and sales staff in the branch company has grown from a dozen to several hundred. The insurance premium ranges from more than 3 million yuan to 848 million yuan a year, and the company has opened up a new space for development. In 2022, China Life Insurance’s Yuhuan branch company’s comprehensive financial insurance premium income will exceed 40 million yuan, ranking first in the city’s system; the star outlets will meet the standards and create projects, and the Kanmen Street where Yuxing’s workplace is located won the “Most Beautiful” in the province’s system “Insurance Demonstration Township” title; through the practice of online claim settlement, “handy handling without running away”, such as Huinong Insurance of the Agriculture and Water Bureau, has realized direct payment of claims, and the customer’s sense of gain and experience has been effectively improved.

Figure: Volunteer service activities

  Develop “Huanxin” service business card

On August 8, 2008, the new office building project of Yuhuan Branch of China Life Insurance officially broke ground. “In the life insurance industry in Yuhuan City, only China Life has built its own office building. This is not an easy task.” Chen Min couldn’t help sighing when interviewed by the news media. In fact, as a branch company located in a remote island county, it is very difficult to be approved to own its own office building. After the division of operations, the Yuhuan Branch Office moved away from the familiar office in the past. Later, after several relocations, it also missed out on many awards due to unqualified office hardware. However, dreams are made through hard work, and the Yuhuan branch company decided to strive for the opportunity of “rejuvenation” through development.

Under the leadership of the leadership team, all the staff of Yuhuan Branch of China Life Insurance have worked hard, and the company’s various performances have also entered a bright moment. “At every stage of the great business development, you can feel the positive energy from the whole company. Many front-line business partners sometimes don’t have a good meal a day in order to give out an extra guarantee.” Chen Min said. And this kind of hard work finally forged a lot of fruit. In recent years, Yuhuan Branch of China Life Insurance has successively won the honor of “Advanced Grass-roots Party Organization” of the Group and the Head Office, and the title of “Five-Star Company” of the provincial company.

Today’s spacious and bright office building is a vivid business card, shining with the “struggle history” of the gold medal sales team of Yuhuan Branch of China Life Insurance.

  Active in the front line of public welfare

“Children who are forced to give up their studies due to family poverty are like pearls that have been buried in the ground and faded. We will pick them up with the care of the society, help them receive a good education, and make them shine pearls again.” It is the original intention of the “Picking up Pearls” project. Chen Suyun, Su Hanxiao, Xiao Mulan, Chen Henu and other sales staff of Yuhuan Branch of China Life Insurance are the “pearl pickers” who insist on picking up pearls. In particular, Chen Suyun and Su Hanxiao’s mother and daughter, they have been on the road of caring and voluntary service for more than ten years.

In sharing the deeds of “recovering pearls”, Su Hanxiao, a gold medal insurer for returnees, said: “To do a good job in insurance, you must first be a good person. Only by making yourself better can you inspire and lead more colleagues and customers to do good deeds together. “And the volunteer service of “recovering pearl students” is just a microcosm of China Life Insurance Yuhuan Branch’s enthusiasm for social welfare. In recent years, the company has regularly promoted themed practice activities such as caring companionship in special schools, caring for nursing homes, charitable donations, cooling off for sanitation workers, civilized traffic guidance, and reconstruction of paired villages after typhoons; in the early days of the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, the company organized volunteer teams to carry out epidemic prevention services , 24 hours on duty at the exit of the expressway in batches, and on duty at the isolation point for 14 consecutive days; pilot in the sales workplace to promote the workplace and professionalization of volunteer services. The Xinming sales team of China Life Insurance Yuhuan Branch is all volunteers. They have been active in various public welfare activities in Yuhuan since the founding of the Volunteer Alliance.

Photo: Provide free health consultation services for the elderly in Damaiyu Street Nursing Home

At the same time, China Life Insurance Yuhuan Branch actively helps the revitalization of the countryside. It has been paired with the local Lianfeng Village of Damaiyu Street for more than 17 years, providing voluntary services such as targeted assistance to low-end households, popularization of insurance knowledge for the benefit of the people, and new rural construction. . In the process of helping the rural revitalization, the company also exerted the strength of the sales team and successfully cultivated five rural revitalization inclusive insurance business detachments, through the voluntary publicity of “sending insurance to the countryside”, the promotion of “Taizhou Limin Insurance”, insurance agency services, and entrepreneurial alliances In the form of joint construction and other forms, insurance services are provided to designated villages and employment opportunities are provided.

“Want to do things, be able to do things, and do things well.” In the eyes of Yu Yijin, a retired veteran employee, after more than 20 years of experience, the Yuhuan Branch of China Life Insurance has grown from a “green boy” in the past to a calm and responsible company. “Pillar of talent”.

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