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Adhere to the feelings of serving the people and deliver good services to the hearts of customers

Adhere to the feelings of serving the people and deliver good services to the hearts of customers

Chongqing, a city surrounded by mountains and rivers, is a famous historical and cultural city with a long history, splendid culture, glorious revolutionary tradition and excellent humanistic spirit, attracting talents from all walks of life to write their dreams here. In ancient times, there was a wave of immigrants who “filled Sichuan from Huguang”. Nowadays, in the process of Chongqing’s rapid economic development, more and more “new Chongqing people” have integrated into Chongqing and taken root in Chongqing, continuing to inherit the “tenacity, tenacity, openness and tolerance” “Chongqing’s humanistic spirit.

The Chongqing Branch of China Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “China Life Insurance”) has such a group of “new Chongqing people”.

Liu Ling: Build a heart-to-heart bridge with heart to make the service suitable for the elderly warm

Liu Ling is from Ya’an, Sichuan, and stayed in the city after graduation. As a member of the customer service center of China Life Insurance Chongqing Yubei District Branch, she has engaged in claims, contracts, security, return visits, etc., and is the closest service position to customers. “I have lived in Chongqing for 13 years. This is a city that gives new Chongqing people a sense of belonging. Chongqing is my second hometown. I hope to bring this kind of family-like warm service to more people.” Liu Ling said .

Early in the morning, Liu Ling came to Grandma Li’s house in Yubei District to settle claims for the elderly. “The old man was knocked down by a car while crossing the road, causing him to be paralyzed and bedridden. The face was injured due to the car accident, and he couldn’t handle the business through the face recognition of the life insurance APP, so after communicating with Grandma Li’s family, we took the initiative to come to the door. Provide customers with mobile counter services,” Liu Ling said. Providing door-to-door services for elderly customers whose actions remain unchanged is also one of China Life Insurance’s initiatives to create a series of “simple, high-quality, and warm” aging-friendly services.

In the past few years, Liu Ling has participated in the implementation of elderly services in Yubei District, Chongqing. When participating in the promotion of services for the elderly, apart from eating and sleeping, Liu Ling put all her thoughts on this service. Different age groups and different cultural levels must show different communication methods. When facing elderly customers, due to their aging body, hearing loss, and memory loss, a question may be asked repeatedly. How should we guide them? Elderly customers don’t understand business processes, let alone professional terminology. How can they express it in simple language? How to help more elderly people handle business without “intelligent difficulties”? It became a question she often thought about.

With the idea of ​​”exchanging feelings with one’s heart and thinking in another place”, in the past year, Liu Ling has helped 1,191 elderly customers learn to handle business by themselves with smart ATMs, and helped 896 elderly customers learn to use the mobile phone life insurance app to respect the elderly. In the insurance business, 2,074 elderly customers were served through counter green channels. “In 2023, we hope that through our continuous optimization of the service process, the elderly customer group can truly experience the caring service of ‘good service experience, intelligent teaching’.” Liu Ling said.

Liu Ling got acquainted with Chongqing because of her customer service work, and she has a special affection for the citizens of this city. In her opinion, Chongqing people have the courage to “make roads in the mountains and build bridges in the water”, which also gives her a lot of room for creativity and development. She hopes that through the joint efforts of herself and her colleagues, she will continue to use love, sincerity, and care to make Yubei Customer Service Center a “bridge between hearts” that is convenient for the people and suitable for the elderly.

Photo: Liu Ling uses an automatic teller machine to provide services to customers

Chen Guofan: Concentrate on key small things to promote the development of inclusive insurance

Chen Guofan is a native of Mianyang, Sichuan. After graduating from Central South University with a doctorate in 2013, he entered the Chongqing branch of China Life Insurance through school recruitment. As soon as he entered the unit, he received the task of family planning insurance. In order to do a good job in family planning insurance research, he traveled all over the districts and counties in Chongqing, visiting special family planning families and communicating with support targets. Because of this, this originally strange city quickly became familiar. “I have been in Chongqing for ten years and participated in the promotion of inclusive family planning insurance in Chongqing for ten years. I feel it is very meaningful!” Chen Guofan said.

Diversified development of inclusive insurance projects and services has always been a key task of China Life Insurance Company to give full play to its main business advantages and build a safety net of financial insurance and people’s livelihood. As early as 2010, with the strong support of Chongqing Family Planning Association, the company took the lead in carrying out a pilot program of family accident insurance for family planning in Chongqing. Five years later, Chen Guofan and his team members, together with the Family Planning Association, vigorously promoted special family insurance for family planning on the basis of the original accident insurance for family planning families, providing hospital care subsidies, hospital medical insurance and accident insurance protection for special family planning families in the city. Focus on solving the problems of heavy hospitalization medical expenses and difficult care for families with special family planning needs, and further expand the scope of insurance coverage.

Picture: Chen Guofan discusses family planning insurance work with colleagues

Since 2016, China Life Insurance Chongqing Branch has continuously increased the promotion of inclusive insurance to protect more family planning families. A total of nearly 190,000 people have participated in the insurance, and more members of family planning families have enjoyed this benefit insurance. policy. As of the end of 2022, with the continuous optimization of family planning special family insurance plans, the cumulative amount of risk protection provided has exceeded 10 billion yuan. At the same time, the accumulative number of compensations was close to 120,000, and the accumulative compensation amount exceeded 122 million yuan, which effectively protected the personal risks of family planning families and eased the financial burden. “Our goal this year is to enrich the product system of family planning insurance so that it can adapt to the new population environment, family planning policies and family planning needs.” Chen Guofan said, “I want to do my best to build a multi-level social insurance system in Chongqing. This This is the mission of a ‘new Chongqing person’ in the insurance industry.”

Focusing on the construction of “Healthy China”, in addition to participating in the promotion of family planning insurance this year, he is also participating in inclusive financial insurance projects such as old-age insurance and civil affairs benefiting the people. “I like the customs and customs of Chongqing, and I like the character of Chongqing people.” Chen Guofan said, I feel that it is very valuable to be able to use the power of insurance to help the people of the mountain city protect their hard-won happy life.

Qiu Yanmei: Let the “fast and warm” claims service be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people

Six years ago, Qiu Yanmei, who graduated from Chongqing Medical University, did not choose to return to her hometown of Sichuan. Instead, she came to the Operations and Management Center of China Life Insurance Chongqing Branch to start her new journey. As a “new Chongqing native” born in the 1990s who is willing to challenge herself, she is full of expectations for her future work. In 2017, with the implementation and promotion of the new generation claim settlement system in Chongqing, the company established a “New Generation Claims Settlement System Promotion Working Group” focusing on the key tasks and projects of the stage to concentrate its efforts on effectively improving customer claims service experience. It was under this opportunity and through “personal self-recommendation” that Qiu Yanmei became a member of the compensation setting team. This is China Life Insurance Company’s technological innovation in claims settlement, which requires continuous exploration and experimentation. In her opinion, although the promotion process is hard, it is a very happy thing to be able to participate in and witness the speed and warmth of digital technology reshaping claims services.

In 2022, the intelligence rate of China Life Insurance Chongqing Branch reached 81.3%, which means that 378,000 customers have experienced the convenience of unmanned claims settlement services. At the same time, intelligent coverage covers remote claims and rapid claims settlement, allowing more “new citizens” to enjoy the convenience of insurance services. At the front end of claims settlement, by embedding intelligent OCR technology, functions such as image correction, clarity identification, and type identification are realized, and image data are intelligently reviewed to improve the quality of the report and significantly improve the customer experience. At the backend of case processing, China Life’s intelligent model is used to automatically identify insurance liabilities, automatically adjust insurance premiums, and automatically allocate amounts, making the claims settlement process fast and accurate. What drives the smooth operation of this smart claim settlement is the unremitting efforts of Qiu Yanmei and her team members. With the continuous improvement of 200,000 claims liability settings and 176,900 basic medical databases, the average time for customers to apply for small claims can reach 0.22 days.

Picture: Qiu Yanmei is seriously carrying out claims settlement work

“Claim service can reflect the value of insurance well, and it is an important way for the company to deepen contact with customers and enhance mutual trust.” Qiu Yanmei said that in the past three years, there have been one-day compensation for major diseases, handheld compensation anytime, anywhere, direct payment of claims, convenient compensation, Door-to-door compensation for special customers… A number of claims services with rich connotations have been launched in Chongqing and have become familiar services to customers.

This year, Qiu Yanmei has a wish, hoping to achieve new results in the intelligentization of claims settlement, especially the leap-forward development of direct claims settlement, so that the “fast and warm” claims settlement service brand will be more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

Tong Pan: a Jiangxi native who speaks fluent Chongqing dialect

“Hey! Chongqing! I came here with my local accent. Thank you for your enthusiasm and tolerance for making this my second hometown.”

Tong Pan is from Jiangxi and a daughter-in-law from Chongqing. In 2017, I joined the Customer Service Center of the Chongqing Branch of China Life Insurance. The new city and new career did not feel unfamiliar. The warmth and tolerance of Chongqing people made me feel at home quickly. “When I encountered communication problems in Chongqing dialect, it was my Chongqing customers who gave me the courage and patience. I didn’t even learn Chongqing dialect when I got married, but I learned it within a few months of communicating with customers.” She said with a smile, 95519 is more than just a phone call , and it gives customers peace of mind through a single phone line. Through his two years of front-line service work, he has provided professional and heart-warming telephone services to nearly 80,000 customers.

Picture: Tong Pan discusses customer experience optimization work with colleagues

In 2021, Tong Pan received a new task-notification service work. Different from the work of 95519 agents, Tongpan needs to improve the communication between counter staff, sales staff and customers through back-end operation and maintenance, collect customer service needs from multiple touch points, and continuously optimize the customer service experience. “Promote a green and convenient notification service model, provide multi-touch services to customers, and help achieve the dual carbon goals. I feel that I should and can contribute in this aspect.” Talking about his work, Tong Pan is very excited.

When promoting electronic notification services, the most difficult thing is to get customers to understand and accept electronic notification services. The company has produced more than 20,000 electronic notification service notes for 95519 customer service staff, counter staff, and sales staff, produced more than 30 service promotional materials such as promotional PPTs, operation videos, and operation flow charts, and organized training and transferred to more than 270 training sessions. Hard work pays off, and Tong Pan’s team will serve 14 million people through electronic notification services such as email, WeChat, and life insurance APPs in 2022; more than 550,000 customers chose the electronic letter notification method, saving 1.5 million pieces of paper, which is about 6.6 tons, which not only improves the timeliness of customer notification services, but also contributes to the comprehensive realization of the “carbon peak” and “carbon neutrality” goals.

Whenever she receives recognition, she regards her achievements as a responsibility to spur herself forward. “No matter where you are in the customer service line, I think the most attractive part of the job is to constantly create new things and serve customers with the original intention. This is the most meaningful thing.” Tong Pan said that she hopes to make full use of her position Advantages, build a bridge of notification services, and let more customers experience the company’s “simple, high-quality, warm” services.

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