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Add a “new business card” for business travel!Hebei District Tianle Mall Upgrade and Renovation Project Cooperation Signing Ceremony Held Successfully

Add a “new business card” for business travel!Hebei District Tianle Mall Upgrade and Renovation Project Cooperation Signing Ceremony Held Successfully

On the afternoon of July 4th, the cooperation signing ceremony for the upgrading and renovation project of Tianle Mall in Hebei District, Tianjin was successfully held in the conference hall of Haihe Holiday Hotel. Relevant leaders of the Hebei District Government of Tianjin attended the event. Witnessed by district leaders, Zhen Yunli, chairman of Tianjin Dahutong Group, Zhang Xiaoyu, general manager of Tianjin Architectural Design and Research Institute, and Mu Zhongkun, executive vice president of Instone Group, Tianjin Dahutong Group, Tianjin Architectural Design and Research Institute, Instone The group signed a tripartite cooperation agreement, announcing that the project has officially entered the stage of landing and launching.

This signing is an important practice to implement the “ten actions” deployment of the municipal party committee and the municipal government, the “five promotions” of the district party committee and the “eight projects” of the district government. Hebei District seizes the “window period” for a new round of five-year action to build an international consumption center city, cultivates and builds a high-standard “Eye of Tianjin · Great Depression” Tianjin-style business district, and accelerates the improvement of carriers and the restructuring of business formats in the business district . Dahutong Tianle Mall, as an important carrier in the business district, took the lead in launching the upgrading and transformation of the carrier.

 “New Business Card” of Business Travel Culture in Hebei District

Dabeiyuan business district builds a young force center

Dahutong Tianle Shopping Mall is located in the Haihe historical and cultural district and within the business circle of the Ferris Wheel Dabeiyuan, close to Sancha River Estuary, Dabeiyuan, and Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts, with rich cultural resources. Adjacent to the Haihe Great Depression Wharf and the Tianjin Eye, the tourists are superimposed. Dahutong Group takes advantage of the superior location conditions and good architectural carrier space of Tianle Mall, and cooperates with Tianjin Architectural Design and Research Institute and Yingshi China to update and upgrade the youthful format of “culture + curation + experience”. It is understood that intelligent digital consumption formats including the Center Pompidou and Three Body IP Digital Art Space, as well as special catering brands such as Black Pearl Restaurant and Tianjin Time-honored Theme are all in the introduction plan. While creating a youthful and fashionable iconic architectural image, each floor will reserve sufficient curatorial space, focusing on the layout of cultural themes and creating a community economy. By promoting the integrated development of business, travel and culture, we will enrich and optimize the supply of business, travel and culture products and services, innovate and create new consumption scenarios, expand effective demand, improve the quality and efficiency of business, travel and culture consumption, and better stimulate the new vitality of consumption.

  Be brave to be the “leader” of private commercial enterprises

Practice corporate responsibility to empower more possibilities in the future

As a reinvestment and upgrading project of the property owned by private enterprises, according to Zhen Yunli, chairman of Dahutong Group, the upgrading and renovation of Tianle Mall is an independent update of the group with the strong support of the government. This is not an easy task for Dahutong Group, which has experienced nearly 30 years of traditional business operations. The Big Hutong is the birthplace of Tianjin’s commerce, and it contains the spirit of striving and enterprising of the older generation of business people. In the face of opportunities and challenges, dare to be the first, keep the integrity and embrace the transformation, and move forward firmly before setting sail. According to the person in charge of the project, after the implementation of this project, the consumption function of the Haihe block will be effectively enhanced, the layout planning of the business circle of the Ferris Wheel Dabeiyuan will be optimized, and the integrated development of business, tourism and culture will be effectively promoted, as well as the utilization of resources in the historical and cultural block. Contribute to the promotion of the renewal and upgrading of Tianjin’s downtown area, Tianjin’s promotion of the protection, inheritance and utilization of historical and cultural blocks, and further help Tianjin to accelerate the construction of an international consumption center city.

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