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Actively responding to the national call, Midea accelerates the replacement of old home appliances with new ones to promote green development

Actively responding to the national call, Midea accelerates the replacement of old home appliances with new ones to promote green development

In recent years, in order to promote resource recycling, further stimulate consumer demand, and promote green and quality upgrading of society, my country has launched a series of supporting policies and measures in the field of replacing old appliances with new ones. Not long ago, the “Action Plan” on the trade-in of consumer goods was officially issued, once again demonstrating that the country attaches great importance to activities such as the trade-in of household appliances. As a pioneer in green development in the field of home appliances, Midea Development has been actively responding to national development calls for many years, unswervingly following the path of innovative green development, and promoting new upgrades in green development.

  Keeping up with development trends, Midea implements green development strategy

Under my country’s “3060” goal, all parties in society are actively using more powerful measures and methods to promote the systemic change of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, and Midea is no exception. As the first large-scale industrial enterprise in China to commit to realizing the “3060” strategy, Midea has established its own green development goals on the road to transformation and development. Based on the beautiful vision of “building a green global supply chain, providing green products and services, and building a green and beautiful home together”, Midea’s green strategy has been formally determined. It starts from six major green aspects: design, procurement, manufacturing, logistics, recycling, and service, and continues to provide Achieve high-quality and low-carbon development assistance.

Replacing old appliances with new ones is an important part of Midea’s green strategy. Through the entire recycling process of door-to-door disassembly, delivery to the factory for dismantling, recycling and user supervision, Midea has built the industry’s only full-chain digital green recycling system with professional one-stop recycling. With the integration of 100,000+ offline sales stores and 200,000+ service network engineers across the country, Midea has launched diversified recycling models such as Internet+ recycling, community recycling, and trade-in activity recycling. In addition to Midea’s own brand products, Midea’s recycling categories In addition, it also covers other brands of home appliances, allowing more consumers to experience zero-wait professional services and promote the replacement of old home appliances with new ones.

  Renovation and upgrades are being carried out, and the trade-in of old appliances for new ones continues to be promoted.

Midea is not the first to be involved in the green and low-carbon development path. As early as 2022, Midea used the Green Electricity Action to propose a solution to the problem of replacing old home appliances with new ones. Through billion-level cross-product subsidies covering thousands of cities and towns, one-stop Renewal of services and other methods have promoted the development of green economy. Not only that, participating consumers can also receive additional green behavioral carbon points by using green home appliances, which can be used to redeem green environmental protection peripherals and virtual medals, which can help people subtly develop green living concepts and cultivate a green lifestyle.

In March this year, in order to meet the renewal needs of consumers, Midea also launched the “Midea Fire March·Quality Renewal Season” event. During the event, users can enjoy door-to-door shopping through Midea’s service official account or mini program. Trade-in service, and additional trade-in subsidies are available. At the same time, in order to continue to promote new consumption such as smart homes, if you purchase designated models of Midea products during the Midea Fire event in March, you can also enjoy door-to-door modification services for 0 yuan to promote further upgrading of home appliances.

Not only that, Midea also comprehensively considers the environmentally friendly design, energy efficiency, resource management and users’ comfortable home experience of products. Using Midea’s human-sensing technology series products approved by the United Nations Human Settlements Agency not only provides smart and cutting-edge life services, but also Help reduce carbon emissions, save water, reduce pollution, promote green development, and bring a new green experience.

At present, the state continues to increase support for actions such as the replacement of old appliances with new ones and the recycling of consumer goods, aiming to further stimulate social consumption demand and use a more systematic and convenient approach to build a new trend of green and low-carbon development. Midea is professionally Methods such as station-based recycling and cross-product replacement for green consumption have actively responded to the country’s call and continue to contribute to building a green home. I believe that with the joint efforts of Midea and many parties, we can embrace a better and smarter green future.

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