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“Accompany you as a mother” is the first domestic companionship parenting science popularization IP to help mother and baby brands win the Goddess Festival

“Accompany you as a mother” is the first domestic companionship parenting science popularization IP to help mother and baby brands win the Goddess Festival

With the aging problem becoming more and more serious, the fertility problem has also become a “national issue” that has attracted much attention. Recently, various fertility protection measures have been promulgated. However, with the rapid development of China’s economy in the past few decades, the people’s education level has become higher and higher, and the perception of parenting has begun to change. “Fertility anxiety” has become a common phenomenon among contemporary women.

  With the help of multiple parties, the annual innovative accompanying science popularization IP was born

“Scientific cognition is the only way to eliminate fear and solve problems.” In the same way, science popularization has become the real starting point to solve the problem of fertility anxiety.

Jointly launched by Tmall Mother and Child Parenting, Zhejiang Women and Children’s Foundation, and Niu Zheng, a well-known obstetrician and gynecologist with tens of millions of fans on the whole network, with the help of an authoritative expert group, the first companion parenting science popularization IP in China-“Accompany you as a mother” “It came into being.

As an innovative popular science IP, “Accompany you as a mother” aims to empower fertility with scientific knowledge, so that every novice mother will not be anxious. From 2022 to 2023, the initiator of “Accompany you as a mother” will cooperate with multiple industry experts, maternal and child brands, and Tmall’s maternal and child industry to focus on the core issues that mothers are most anxious and headache, and provide one-stop science popularization companionship.

  The expert “accompaniment group” accompanied by warmth, effectively solve the fertility problem

It is reported that the popular science IP project “Accompany you as a mother” has united dozens of “obstetricians and gynecologists” and “mothers” expert “accompanying group” to give double care to the mother group with dual identities, focusing on mothers and babies. A series of science popularization of knowledge, a full link to accompany mothers to face various problems in childbirth, in-depth analysis of misunderstandings in the current process of being a mother, as well as public anxiety about childbirth, and explain the necessity of scientific cognition.

While birth anxiety has brought about a decline in the birth rate, along with the professionalization and scientificization of the maternal and infant industry, the scientific and personalized parenting concept of the new generation of parents is leading the new consumption trend of the maternal and infant market. Nielsen released the “2022 Maternal and Infant Industry Insight Report” data showing that the scale of my country’s maternal and infant market will reach 4.78 trillion yuan in 2021, a year-on-year increase of nearly 20%.

The creation of the “Accompany you as a mother” IP project eliminates cognitive barriers, eliminates social fertility anxiety, and promotes the popularization of scientific fertility concepts through experts’ professional scientific knowledge. At the same time, continuous multi-platform and multi-dimensional consumer awareness education across the network can also empower the development of the mother and baby industry and enhance consumer awareness of high-quality mother and baby brands.

  Empowering the maternal and child industry and boosting brand recognition: strategic cooperation with Vitari, supported by well-known brands such as Pigeon and Guanzhan

This 3.8 Goddess Festival, VITA Grow, a professional infant and child immune nutrition brand from the United States, acts as a strategic partner, and an expert in maternal and child products – Pigeon, and a new Chinese nourishing brand – Guanzhan, as industry support Partners, join hands with the “Accompany you to be a mother” parenting science IP project to provide pregnant mothers and novice mothers with selected mothers & infant nutrition. At the same time, the joint expert group jointly popularizes the knowledge of pregnancy + breastfeeding nutrition, and conveys the views and propositions of scientific nurturing and easy childbearing. Solve various confusions and common misunderstandings of mothers on topics such as baby nutrition, mother supplies, and pregnancy nourishment. For example, “What should be paid attention to in different stages of growth of infants and young children aged 0-3?” “What is Brain Gold DHA?” “How does a baby become long-legged?” wait. Search for “Accompany you as a mother” on the Taobao app on your mobile phone, and you can reach the venue with one click.

Focusing on the mother-baby scene, it is positioned as an “expert support group for the mother group”. The “Accompany you as a mother” parenting science IP will join hands with the expert group and more excellent brands to help everyone solve problems in life with professional science knowledge and discuss together Hot topics such as pregnancy + feeding + education show the changes in Chinese-style parenting concepts and scientific guidance, and work together to help popularize parenting science and uncover the truth about childbearing anxiety behind being a mother. It is bound to bring a “cognitive storm”, which is worth looking forward to.

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