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Academician Wu Yiling introduced new research results at the 2nd TCM Anti-aging Conference? Qiluo Theory Jingqishen theory guided Bazi Bushen Capsules to achieve a major breakthrough in anti-aging

“The most important indicator of modernization is people’s health, which is the foundation of people’s happy life.” On May 26, the second TCM anti-aging conference hosted by the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies was held in Shijiazhuang, the “Medicine Capital of North China”. Academicians, experts and scholars gathered online and offline to discuss the anti-aging plan of traditional Chinese medicine.

Traditional Chinese medicine contains the Chinese nation’s thousands of years of health preservation concept and practical experience. It is a great creation of the Chinese nation and a treasure of ancient Chinese science. Academicians Zhang Yun, Wang Hongyang, Yang Baofeng, Cong Bin, Tian Jinzhou, Gao Tianming and other academicians said that it is necessary to use the unique advantages of traditional Chinese medicine to find the code of aging and scientifically deal with aging, so that people will not age, live without disease, and actively intervene in the past. Early aging, improving the trend of early and high incidence of senile diseases, is an important way to help a healthy China.

Wu Yiling, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, gave a keynote report on “The Theory of Qiluo Theory, Essence, Qi and Spirit Theory Guidance on the Anti-aging Research of Bazi Bushen Capsule”, centering on the goal of health and longevity, how to take advantage of the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine and walk out of a healthy road with Chinese characteristics. A series of major breakthroughs made in anti-aging research of modern Chinese medicine are expounded in detail.

Academician Wu Yiling made a keynote report on “Research on Anti-aging of Bazi Bushen Capsules Guided by Qiluo Theory, Essence, Qishen Theory”

Everyone is the first person responsible for their own health! “The body needs management, and health needs management”

The World Health Organization predicts that the global population over 60 years old will reach 2 billion in 2050, doubling the current figure. The population over the age of 65 accounts for 15.6%, which will be more than twice the number of children under the age of 5; the seventh national census in 2020: the population aged 65 and over accounts for 13.5%, and it is estimated that by 2050, the population aged 65 and over will reach 400 million, accounting for about 26.9%, our country has entered the stage of deep aging. The “New Youth Anti-aging Survey Report” pointed out that 59.2% of people have anxiety about aging when they are 20 to 30 years old, and 95.3% of people have anxiety about aging before the age of 50, so aging involves everyone.

Academician Wu Yiling pointed out: “Aging has become the frontier and focus of attention in the field of life sciences in the world.” Premature aging and aging-related diseases seriously affect life expectancy and health. Premature aging is characterized by many diseases and short life. Diabetes and tumors have a high incidence, and the peak of this incidence has gradually moved forward. Now there are many people with cerebral infarction in their 30s.

The Global Burden of Disease Study 2017 pointed out that 92 out of 293 diseases were identified as age-related, the most important being heart disease, diabetes, COPD, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, chronic kidney disease and cancer, about Half of the deaths are attributed to diseases related to chronic aging. The top three causes of death for the elderly over 65 years old are cardiovascular disease, cerebrovascular disease and malignant tumors, accounting for more than 70% of the deaths of the elderly population. The International Code of Diseases (2018) officially declares that aging is a treatable disease.

Academician Wu Yiling emphasized that how to explore the prevention and treatment strategies of these geriatric diseases from the perspective of aging is an important part of our anti-aging research. The two words aging should be read separately. “Old” is a numerical age, and a person lives for more than 30,000 days; Age, also called biological age. “Enjoy life to the fullest, and live a hundred years” is the goal of human health and longevity. To achieve “rejuvenation of the old”, it is urgent to construct a new anti-aging theory of traditional Chinese medicine and seek effective intervention strategies and drugs.

Academician Wu Yiling therefore put forward the concept of “body needs management, health needs management”, aiming to awaken the public’s health awareness, spread health knowledge, and provide health services; and build a national key laboratory anti-aging center to actively promote traditional Chinese medicine anti-aging research and development. innovation.

Academician Wu Yiling has his own unique understanding of the traditional Chinese characters for “shou”: a person can live longer if he has a house to live in, a job to do, food to eat, a sense of proportion, and don’t be greedy.

Systematic construction of Qiluo theory, Jingqishen theory to guide anti-aging research

“Old people often say that this person is very energetic, and this person is very energetic. This is the core theory of anti-aging in traditional Chinese medicine. The theory of essence, energy, and spirit is clear. In fact, the theory of anti-aging is in the common saying of the people. Among them.” Academician Wu Yiling systematically constructed the Qiluo theory, Jingqishen theory to guide anti-aging research, emphasizing that essence is the origin of life, Qi is the power of life, and God is the embodiment of life, and proposed the core pathogenesis of aging: kidney essence deficiency is the Aging is fundamental, the key to aging is the deficiency of vitality, and the loss of body and spirit is the manifestation of aging. Anti-aging focuses on invigorating the kidneys and essence, warming and supporting vitality, and nourishing the body and spirit.

Academician Wu Yiling led a team of experts to conduct systematic research on the kidney-tonifying prescriptions in 2000 under the guidance of the theory of qi-luo theory, essence, energy, and spirit. Bazi kidney-tonifying capsules were developed by inheriting and innovating. The essence of the seed medicine is the core of the prescription. “A single seed put in the soil can germinate and grow into a towering tree. The seed medicine has the strongest vitality, and the ingredients it contains are also related to anti-aging.” On this basis, add Shengdi Yellow nourishes kidney yin, deer antler and hippocampus help kidney yang, ginseng supports vitality. The whole prescription invigorates the kidney and replenishes the essence, regulates yin and yang, warms and supports vitality, and nourishes the body and spirit, which is completely in line with the theory of essence, energy and spirit.

The overall anti-aging research of Bazi Bushen Capsules has made a major breakthrough. Experiments have confirmed that it reverses the life clock, which is equivalent to making humans 15 years younger.

The overall aging is the aging of the whole body, the external movement, thinking, and skin aging, and the internal system organs are aging simultaneously, and the heart, brain, kidney, liver, lungs, gastrointestinal tract, etc. are all aging.

Academician Wu Yiling shared a series of major advances in the anti-aging research of the traditional Chinese medicine Bazi Bushen Capsule, which delays aging and prevents aging-related diseases by improving intercellular communication, regulating epigenetics, reducing telomere loss, and maintaining mitochondrial homeostasis.

Bazi tonifying the kidney can significantly increase the length of telomeres and increase the activity of telomerase, which inhibits the aging process from this mechanism. Mitochondria are the energy factory of human beings, maintain the homeostasis of mitochondria, reduce damage to mitochondria, and improve the function of mitochondria. The smallest unit of the human body is the cell, and the aging of the cell is slowed down, and the life span of the person is extended.

Methylation age is a recognized method used in the world to predict biological age and evaluate aging and diseases of organ systems. Recently, the research paper “Bazi Tonifying Kidney Delays Epigenetic Aging of Natural Aging Mice and Prolongs Their Healthy Lifespan” was published in the international pharmaceutical SCI journal “Biomedicine and Drug Therapy”. In this paper, the researchers revealed for the first time the mechanism of action of the innovative Chinese medicine Bazi Bushen Capsule to delay overall aging by reversing DNA methylation aging, suggesting the great potential of the drug in clinical application in extending healthy lifespan. Studies have shown that Bazi Bushen Capsules can improve the memory and muscle endurance of naturally aging mice, reverse the age-related methylation changes of naturally aging mice, significantly reduce their DNA methylation age and prolong their healthy lifespan. Aging mice took the drug for 11 weeks, effectively reversing the age of DNA methylation for 21 weeks, which is equivalent to about 15 years younger than humans.

Relevant studies have also shown that in addition to delaying overall aging, Bazi Bushen Capsules have systemic intervention and comprehensive anti-aging effects on the decline in function of multiple systems such as nerves, skin, bones, muscles, circulation, respiration, digestion, immunity, and reproduction.

Academician Zhang Yun pointed out that there is a saying in the medical field that “people and blood vessels live the same life”. How to “let a 60-year-old person have a 30-year-old heart” not only requires us to do a good job in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, but also to start with the research on the mechanism of human aging and vascular aging, and finally find ways to delay and resist the aging of the cardiovascular system The way to realize the good wish of people who are old and not old. Experiments have confirmed that eight seeds tonify the kidney can inhibit atherosclerosis, reduce myocardial fibrosis, and improve heart function.

The immune function is also aging, and now we pay attention to the immune age. People who are 80 years old are 60 years old, and they will not have tumors. Human cells “rebel” every day, leading to the occurrence of tumors. The immune system is like a “police” to catch it Kill, but as soon as the immune function is reduced, inflammatory tumors will come. Bazi Bushen Capsules can increase the spleen index, improve pathological damage, reduce the proportion of aging cells in the spleen, and promote the proliferation of spleen lymphocytes, especially the improvement of the proportion of T lymphocytes .

Clinical evidence-based research has confirmed that Bazi Bushen Capsules can significantly improve the symptoms of aging population

In 2022, Academician Wu Yiling promoted the establishment of the Anti-aging Professional Committee of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies to form an international research team on anti-aging in traditional Chinese medicine. At the same time, the “Bazi Bushen Capsule Anti-aging Randomized, Double-blind, Placebo-controlled, Multi-center Clinical Study” was carried out, and subjects who met the TCM syndrome of kidney essence deficiency and related symptom scoring requirements were selected, and the core symptoms of kidney essence deficiency were passed. Table, related frailty assessment scale and other aging markers, comprehensively and objectively evaluate the clinical value of Bazi Bushen Capsules in anti-aging. Clinical evidence-based research has confirmed that Bazi Bushen Capsules can significantly improve the aging symptoms of the aging population, improve the physical and mental aging state, improve the quality of life, and enhance the exercise ability and endurance of the elderly, showing the unique advantages of traditional Chinese medicine in the field of anti-aging.

World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies: This study has laid a solid foundation for future in-depth research

We must adhere to the supremacy of the people and the supremacy of life, develop and produce more “Chinese medicines” that are suitable for the inheritance of Chinese people’s life genes and physical fitness characteristics, and especially strengthen the inheritance and innovation of traditional Chinese medicine.

Academician Wu Yiling pointed out, “We have established the world’s advanced anti-aging laboratory and expert group, and the current research results have proved that Chinese medicine does have its unique advantages in anti-aging. Compared with the research level in the world, our research should be Still ahead.”

Experts of the “Qiluo Theory Guiding Bazi Bushen Capsules Anti-aging Research” organized by the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies argued that “the preliminary research of this project first established the Jingqishen theory based on the Qiluo theory, forming a new anti-aging research. Thoughts; the patented traditional Chinese medicine Bazi Bushen Capsules has been developed, which has the anti-aging effects of nourishing the kidney and replenishing essence, regulating yin and yang, warming vitality, nourishing the body and spirit, and is expected to become a representative Chinese patent medicine for anti-aging in traditional Chinese medicine. Combined with modern science and technology, significant progress has been made in anti-aging research of traditional Chinese medicine, important original results have been produced, and a solid foundation has been laid for future in-depth research.”

Wang Hongyang, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, pointed out: “I believe that in the near future, the experts of the Anti-Aging Professional Committee of the World Federation of Chinese Federations will be able to make greater progress and breakthroughs!”

Professor Evelyne Bischof, President of the International Society of Health and Longevity Medicine: China has the most abundant knowledge system and expert resources of traditional Chinese medicine, so I think this organization is important to the world, to the field of longevity medicine, and to all scientific research in this field. All a great opportunity.

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