A new way of outdoor marketing, Adolf Shampoo takes you to experience the “13 kilometers long heartbeat”

A new way of outdoor marketing, Adolf Shampoo takes you to experience the “13 kilometers long heartbeat”

A tourist line, 20 stops, 132 bus shelter signs, and a sentence that touches people’s heart, start a wonderful journey of encountering “heartbeat”. In June 2022, Adolf, a high-end fragrance care brand, innovated and created the “13-kilometer-long heartbeat” project. By telling a story of innocence and love, it awakens everyone’s heartbeat and sets off an upsurge of online and offline check-ins. It adds a romantic atmosphere to Guangzhou.

This phenomenon-level creative marketing case of Adolf has attracted great attention inside and outside the industry, and won the “Goldsmith Award” B2C Annual Outdoor Marketing Gold Award at the 6th CMO Marketing Value Summit and “Goldsmith Award” Award Ceremony in 2022.

It is understood that the Goldsmiths Award is one of the most influential and authoritative marketing awards in China, and it is also a rare marketing selection that uses actual cases as the main basis for declaration and evaluation. It enjoys the reputation of “Oscar in the marketing industry” in the industry Jintou in the advertising industry is as famous as North Goldsmith and South Jintou, which are deeply recognized and respected by the marketing industry.

In the Chinese washing and care market, Adolf is an extremely innovative brand. As early as the beginning of its establishment in 2013, Adolf opened up a new track for high-end fragrance washing and care by virtue of “essential oil 5-sense fragrance” and 48-hour fragrance retention technology, and achieved differentiated development. It has grown into a domestic product in just a few years Hair care brand.

In recent years, Adolf has been constantly looking for new ways of playing, innovating communication methods, breaking through circle barriers, touching public emotions, inspiring beautiful memories that can arouse collective resonance, and occupying the minds of consumers. In this marketing innovation, Adolf also boldly launched a new way of interacting with consumers.

With a 13-kilometer drive, 20 stations, and a heart-warming story, as the touching copywriting unfolds, it quickly mobilizes the public’s beautiful memories and yearning for heart-beating. At the same time, it also stimulated the desire of young people to express themselves. They went to the scene to check in and record videos, turning themselves into narrators, creators and sharers of exciting events, creating more valuable content for the brand.

This is not only an innovative marketing of the brand, but also a bold attempt by Adolf in fulfilling social responsibility. With a pure and beautiful story, it reawakens everyone’s instincts and the power to actively create a better life in the face of the unknown and pressure. Winning the “Goldsmith Award” B2C Annual Outdoor Marketing Gold Award this time is an authoritative certification of Adolf brand’s innovative marketing strength and a demonstration of brand influence.

Adolf said that in the future, he will continue to innovate in cleaning technology, explore and refine cleaning wisdom, develop and produce more high-quality products, bring more beautiful cleaning experience to consumers, and feel the “taste of heartbeat” and “taste of love for a lifetime” “Unforgettable” to help consumers achieve a better quality of life.

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