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A hairy crab transforms into a “financial correspondent” of Fumin Crab Industrial Bank to help write “crab articles”

A hairy crab transforms into a “financial correspondent” of Fumin Crab Industrial Bank to help write “crab articles”

Farming is not easy! The Chinese New Year has not yet arrived, and crab farmers and fishing boats are dotted on Yangcheng Lake. “It’s like this every year. A new year’s stocking starts after the Spring Festival, and a new year’s harvest begins in autumn!” said Lao Li, a Yangcheng Lake hairy crab farmer.

Under the policy of “returning ponds to lakes” for standardized pond farming, crab farmers need to reserve a large amount of funds at the beginning of the year for water surface leasing, crab feed purchase, equipment purchase, etc. However, crab farmers generally lack suitable collateral, resulting in “financing difficulties” . “If the initial investment is lacking, it will affect the annual income. The hairy crab market has been in short supply in the past two years. We have always wanted to expand the scale of breeding, but capital turnover is a big problem.” Lao Li was a little worried.

At this time, the financial correspondent of Industrial Bank is conducting in-depth research, visiting large-scale enterprises, visiting small farmers, viewing breeding sites, listening to expert opinions, starting from product design, service models, guarantee methods, professional teams, risk control, etc., to innovate We have created exclusive loan products for crab companies and farmers in Suzhou.

“Industrial Bank’s good products have helped us solve our urgent need. The Yangcheng Lake hairy crab market is booming, so we can have a good harvest!” Lao Li said happily.

In order to allow more crab farmers and crab companies to enjoy high-quality inclusive financial services, Industrial Bank Suzhou Branch also signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement with the Suzhou Yangcheng Lake Hairy Crab Industry Association to focus on the upstream and downstream needs of the hairy crab industry with “technology + industry + finance” “Enabling healthy development of industries.

In August 2023, Industrial Bank established a financial commissioner work system, allowing financial commissioners to serve as financial consultants to the government and to enterprises, building bridges between financial institutions and the government, enterprises, villages and the masses, and is committed to Open up the “last mile” of financial support for high-quality economic development.

Today, the “iron feet” of the Industrial Bank’s financial correspondents have traveled to all member units of the Yangcheng Lake Hairy Crab Industry Association. “We must not only meet customers’ financial needs, but also solve customers’ non-financial needs, and leverage the bank’s ability to connect various industries. Through our diligent running, diligent speaking, and diligent publicity, Industrial Bank’s financial services can enter every corner of the hairy crab industry chain. link.” said the relevant person in charge of the Rural Revitalization Department of Industrial Bank.

In early January this year, Zhang Jiawei, the financial commissioner of Suzhou Branch of Industrial Bank, went to Suzhou Yangcheng Lake Modern Agricultural Industrial Park Special Aquaculture Co., Ltd. several times to investigate the company’s financing needs and aquaculture conditions, and provided the company with 50 million yuan in credit support to help the company develop well. financial backing. “With the financial support of Industrial Bank, we can introduce advanced breeding technology and equipment to further improve the level and efficiency of breeding, so that the quantity of hairy crabs can be larger, better, and more efficient,” said a relevant person in charge of the company.

In the process of serving the hairy crab industry, Industrial Bank has explored the establishment of “party building + finance” and “banking + The “Association” service mechanism allows financial commissioners to better play the role of “think tank” and “bridge link” to serve the high-quality development of hairy crabs. At the same time, it extended its service areas to provide effective financial support for village-level development and enterprises in towns and villages, and received praise and support from local governments.

As of the end of January 2024, Industrial Bank has provided financial services to more than 400 crab companies, crab farmers, and distributors in Suzhou, issued 160 million yuan in loans related to the hairy crab industry, and provided acquiring services to 120 merchants in the hairy crab market. High-quality inclusive financial services have promoted hairy crabs to become a major industry that enriches the people.

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