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A good match for spring outings, the 6th generation of Yadi Guanneng is highly sought after

A good match for spring outings, the 6th generation of Yadi Guanneng is highly sought after

Living in the city, playing in the suburbs, and going on weekends for “light travel” and “micro vacation” around the city are many young people’s favorite way to relax. As spring approaches, self-driving spring outings can also be arranged. So, how to enjoy the first spring outing in spring? Yadi electric vehicles are here to be your “spring outing ride”!

Take the recently popular Yadi retro electric motorcycle “playing partner” – Yadi Guanneng 6th generation Q50 as an example. With its exquisite and fashionable appearance design and intelligent and flexible features, it has not only gained popularity among celebrity Jia Nailiang, but also the new generation. Highly recommended by actress Zhang Jingyi, it has also appeared many times in the planting videos of well-known Internet celebrities and other big Vs as well as foreign friends, making it their satisfactory and comfortable travel partner. Many netizens have expressed their willingness to go to local stores for a test drive. Praising “domestic brands understand young people better”.

This highly praised and popular 6th generation Yadi Guanneng Q50 is a member of the newly upgraded Yadi Guanneng flagship series. Recently, at the Yadi Guanneng 6th generation new product launch conference, it was officially unveiled! Through in-depth insights into user needs, the 6th generation of Yadi Crown Energy has achieved technological breakthroughs in battery life, safety, and intelligence, setting a new benchmark for electric two-wheeled vehicles.

This time, the Yadi Crown Energy series relies on the Yadi TTFAR 6.0 long-range system, the Yadi Ark intelligent security control system and the Yadi smart travel system to rethink the three new benchmarks of battery life, safety and intelligence. Now, electric cycling is no longer just a simple trip, but a way to live a better life! Moreover, “good riding” has also ushered in a new standard, and technological upgrades have fully improved the “matching” attributes of electric two-wheelers!

Tiezi is not only a new type of social relationship, but also a precise companionship focusing on a vertical segment. As a new international travel brand, Yadi has thoroughly studied the personality preferences and lifestyles of the young generation! Yadi Guanneng’s 6th generation series has launched three new flagship products: Q50, T60 and M85, each product has unique characteristics. The launch of this series of products has adapted to the needs of different interest groups, brought new choices to young users, achieved a breakthrough in having “matches” suitable for different interest groups, and properly harvested a wave of young users. Favorability.

In the current era where everything can be built, Yadi can find social links and unlock new ways for young people to travel. This is inseparable from the core values ​​of “user-centered” and the drive of technological innovation. As a leader in the electric vehicle industry, Yadea insists on optimizing its product structure through technological research and development, allowing hundreds of millions of people to enjoy beautiful travel. Yadi’s R&D investment in 2023 increased by 31% compared with the previous year, ranking at a leading level. In terms of user service, Yadi has deployed more than 40,000 service outlets around the world, and on October 20, 2023, it became a brand in the industry that received seven-star service system certification.

Spring is the preface, and everything is new. Yadi is not only committed to providing users with a safer, smarter and more pleasant travel experience, but more importantly, allowing users to slow down the pace of life and discover the poetry and beauty in life in their leisurely time.

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