A Goddess’ Day gift sent to the heart, original elements are necessary to warm up the relationship!

A Goddess’ Day gift sent to the heart, original elements are necessary to warm up the relationship!

3.8 Goddess’ Day is approaching, are you still troubled by not knowing what gift to give? Flowers are too boring, skin care and cosmetics are too common, and I don’t know how to choose clothes. If you want to coexist with beauty, creativity and practicality, and be with you every day, you have to have good household items!

Solid wood furniture brand Primitive Elements specially compiled a list of Goddess Day gifts for everyone. It is very suitable for daughters, girlfriends, wives, mothers or yourself. It meets three different functional scenarios of dressing up, studying and working, and reading. Practicality super strong! Come and see if there is something you like.

  Primitive Elements Drawer + Single Chair – Dressing Combination

If you want to say that the first choice for a practical Goddess’ Day gift is the dressing table, the Miao Ke drawer + L-shaped table of the original element has multiple functions, which can be used as a dressing table, a desk, or even a dining table; the six-drawer cabinet has sufficient storage space, giving All her treasures are a home; the shape is flexible and changeable, and can be placed according to the corner of the apartment; the appearance is eye-catching, with milky white lacquer surface, round drawer doors, curved drawer handles and transparent table legs. These design details, Believe that she can be moved at a glance! After all, no one can resist the creamy wind!

The matching original element Wende single chair is also a cute and lovely cream style. It is shaped like a small round cake and a small cake, giving people a feeling of waxy and milky. I believe the children at home will also like it very much.

  Primitive Elements Desks and Chairs – Study and Work Combination

In addition to the dressing table, desks and chairs are also very practical furniture for students and office workers. The original element set of study and work combination just comes in handy. Take advantage of this festival to rescue her who is working hard at her desk!

This original element Hemu adjustable desk can be used for office and study at any height anytime, anywhere, and the table can be flipped flexibly, which can be used by adults and children. The U-shaped bottom plate increases the grip area, and the carbon steel lifting column is thicker, which brings a stable “happiness”. You don’t have to worry about shaking your computer and writing crookedly.

The matching white oak book chair is a product of the original health series. The materials and craftsmanship are safe and environmentally friendly. The wood wax oil coating is friendly to children and pregnant women. The organic leather soft bag is comfortable and durable. The elegant appearance is absolutely versatile at home. good things.

  Primitive elements side table + single sofa – reading combination with a sense of relaxation

Is there a girl beside you who loves to drink afternoon tea and read? The relaxing reading combination of the original elements is very suitable for her. The Hemu rattan sofa is matched with the flower-shaped side table, and it can be placed on the balcony or courtyard for her to enjoy a comfortable afternoon.

The original raw rattan single sofa is a “z” shape with a strong sense of design, bringing architectural aesthetics to a corner of the home. The temperament of oak and rattan is blended, the rustic rattan neutralizes the dullness of solid wood, and the hollowing adds a sense of breathing to the whole seat. She brings comfortable sitting.

The matching original flower-shaped side table is absolutely responsible for the beauty of the home. It can neutralize the simplicity of the seat and give the whole afternoon tea reading space more beauty. I believe it will be astonishing as a gift. Goddess!

Of course, as a Tmall TOP brand that has been focusing on the field of solid wood furniture for 13 years, in addition to the above recommended furniture, Yuanyuan also has many other products suitable for gift giving, such as coat racks, mobile phone holders, small round tables, etc., waiting for you to explore~

The products recommended this time are all good household items. They are inexpensive but highly practical. Gifts should not only include bags, jewelry and cosmetics. Gifts with a sense of life are sometimes more attractive to her, helping you quickly warm up your relationship.


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