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A cup of coffee awakens a new international consumer city: an exclusive interview with Mr. Ye Xuming, Deputy Director of Hang Lung Properties – Mainland Business

A cup of coffee awakens a new international consumer city: an exclusive interview with Mr. Ye Xuming, Deputy Director of Hang Lung Properties – Mainland Business

Many people may not know that Tianjin’s fashion was at the forefront of the country with the rise of this century-old commercial port. The first city to have a dance club, the first city to be known as an architectural museum… Western style and fashion have always been the background of Tianjin, but over the long years, this point seems to have been gradually ignored. However, there are still such “caring people” to revive, protect, and lead this urban spirit and make it full of life again.

  A cup of coffee awakens a new international consumption city

Small incisions bring big shocks, small habits start big changes, and small scenes create big style. Tianjin is a peaceful and comfortable city with its own tranquil charm, which is in sharp contrast to the current “involution culture”. Mr. Ye Xuming, deputy director of Hang Lung Properties – Mainland Business, commented on this, “This kind of slow life is the foundation of Tianjin’s 600-year-old culture. No matter how busy you are, you still have time to drink a cup of coffee and take care of your mood. Slower is to get better!” “

During the interview, the reporter noticed that several international brand coffee shops in Tianjin Plaza 66 were full of customers. The aroma of coffee radiated to the surrounding business buildings, star hotels, and the Tianjin East Railway Station that stayed up all night. The square uses the slow life concept conveyed by the aroma of coffee to allow everyone to enjoy the luxurious “leisure” with a cup of coffee in the busy rhythm.

Ye Xuming told reporters that Tianjin Plaza 66 has always adhered to the concept of creating a superior living space for local consumers, and introduced 77 new brands in 2023 to strengthen the shopping mall content in various aspects from catering, entertainment, experience, retail and other formats, including 16 brands entered Tianjin for the first time. Through the siphon effect of the first store brand, it accelerates the upgrading of shopping mall formats, provides consumers with more fresh experiences, stimulates the vitality of Jinjie business district, promotes consumption expansion and quality improvement, and provides support for the implementation of Tianjin’s strategy of building a new international consumption center. support and protection.

When talking about Tianjin Hang Lung’s first store economy, Mr. Ye Xuming said, “Tianjin is one of the earliest port cities in China to open to the outside world. People living in this city are the first people to see international taste. With this As a result, coupled with the consumption upgrade in Tianjin, people’s demand for brands, products, and experiences has become more advanced and diverse. Our development of the first store economy is essentially based on innovative consumption as the starting point to promote structural changes on the business supply side. We also We hope to expand external consumption through the first store economy so that Tianjin Hang Lung’s influence is not limited to Tianjin, but also affects North China, achieving a win-win situation for Hang Lung, the brand and the region.”

  A migratory line connecting the world’s shows

Tianjin Plaza 66 is famous for its large scale. It has big advantages, but also big pain points. If the layout of the 380-meter moving line is slightly wrong, it is easy to suffer from aesthetic fatigue. In order to avoid this situation, Mr. Ye Xuming led the team to Tianjin The “business lines” of Plaza 66 have undergone several rounds of research, review, and transformation, and finally transformed the moving lines into T-stages, actively mobilizing core elements such as trendy fashion stores, century-old buildings, and brand first stores, and combined them around the moving lines. , adjustment, so that different business formats are scattered organically and well-organized, turning long lines of movement into long expectations. A migratory route is filled with leisure spots where you can eat and drink, century-old buildings that can be admired, interactive landscape installations, fashionable shops where you can “buy and buy”, etc. Consumers are always looking forward to the next surprise when they stroll along. In order to achieve the upgrade and renewal of the venue, Tianjin Hang Lung even increased its investment and brought customers the “Jewelry Garden” art landscape space in the jewelry area on the second floor of the mall, combining flowers and jewelry elements to show the spring, summer and autumn style and create a theme. The landscape brings consumers different experiences of checking in, sharing and shopping, forming a more complete neighborhood atmosphere and setting a new standard for urban immersive leisure shopping.

Mr. Ye Xuming said that in 2023, Tianjin Plaza 66 will adhere to the vision of “creating a premium space”, practice the core concept of “customer-oriented”, graft classical architecture with modern lifestyle, and create a third space for consumers to receive guests. Space allows them to escape from daily stress.

  A century-old wall dominates the list of urban hotspots

In 2023, Tianjin Plaza 66 can be called a “hot-selling manufacturing center”, with the exposure of topics throughout the year exceeding 100 million: Disney’s 100 smile-themed exhibitions, Tianjin’s first outdoor ice rink, and the century-old snowman wall jointly create a new winter social gathering place, frequently It was on the hot search list in the same city; during the National Day, the pop-up music tribute to the motherland was promoted by Xinhua News Agency and other mainstream official media, and the entire network spread over 1500W+; the New Year’s Eve event in cooperation with government departments set a new record for the highest passenger flow since the opening of Tianjin Hang Lung; There are also Macau Week, Hong Kong Exhibition, Guided Tour of Centennial Architectural Heritage, and Internet Celebrity Check-in Wall… The activities are out of the circle, the passenger flow is excellent, and the influence is outstanding. This year, Tianjin Hang Lung has “integrated” with young people and even extended its exposure to other places. Visitors “open their arms” and “set a benchmark” for the Centenary Golden Street.

Mr. Chen Qizong, Chairman of Hang Lung Properties, once said: The restoration of cultural relics is evidence of national prosperity. As early as the beginning of construction, Tianjin Plaza 66 carried out restoration and conservation work on the former Zhejiang Industrial Bank based on the principle of “not changing the original state of cultural relics.” The restored original Zhejiang Industrial Bank building is cleverly integrated into Tianjin Plaza 66. The corridor connects the shopping mall with ancient buildings, creating a sense of time travel between history, culture and modern fashion. The use of century-old buildings for city-level event marketing makes the century-old building even more The building takes on a new lease of life.

From using century-old buildings to develop diversified experiences to introducing outdoor ice rinks; from launching large-scale pet community activities to delaying store closings during the Double Festival, behind every “first” and every “breakthrough” is Tianjin Henglong The Plaza’s insistence on community building, through in-depth cooperation with government departments, continues to promote innovative attempts to deepen the integration of urban commerce, culture and tourism. As Mr. Ye Xuming said: We create unique commercial IP, export four-season activities, optimize consumer supply, and create ” The ultimate goal of the “commercial + cultural tourism” complex place is to “attract tourists to Tianjin”, increase “value” with “business” and gather “power” with “travel”, so as to further release consumption potential and help Jinjie and Tianjin become “long-term” “Red” shopping and travel destination, because we always believe that if Tianjin is good and Golden Street is good, Tianjin 66 Plaza will be better.

  An original concept, a new experience of upgrading the dimension

Today, Tianjin Plaza 66 has gone through ten years. Ten years ago, consumers entered the mall to “buy things.” Ten years later, people are more willing to pay for “experience” and optimize consumer supply and create a consumer atmosphere. It is a process of “slow work results in careful work”. Just like the running water does not rush to be first, but the competition is endless, Tianjin 66 Plaza demonstrates the skill of “slow water flowing long”.

Mr. Ye Xuming told reporters that Tianjin Plaza 66 has fully upgraded the “soft environment” such as parking spaces and bathrooms, and at the same time vigorously developed the “pet economy” and added pet-friendly facilities to adapt to the contemporary family’s view of pets as family members. A new trend, interpreting “customer first” from every detail.

In the new development cycle, Tianjin Plaza 66 is also paying more and more attention to external benefits: First of all, Tianjin Plaza 66 attaches great importance to energy saving and consumption reduction. The mall uses BA technology to control the operation of lighting and air conditioning equipment, uses variable frequency pumps for water supply, and uses thermal runner for the fresh air system. Heat recovery technology saves energy, and lighting uses a large number of LED energy-saving lamps. While focusing on environmental benefits, Hang Lung also actively assumes social responsibilities and participates in dozens of volunteer activities to fully demonstrate its sustainable development concept.

In the context of Tianjin building a new international consumption center, Tianjin Plaza 66 plays a radiating and leading role, promotes the integration of commerce, culture and tourism, empowers the development of Jinjie, sets a “Tianjin model” for building a new international consumption center, and gradually builds a peripheral There are topics every week, activities every month, results every quarter, and peaks every year. In terms of innovative marketing, brand introduction, space optimization and business district promotion, Tianjin Plaza 66 has submitted excellent answers in 2023. When it comes to the outlook for 2024, Mr. Ye Xuming behaved in a low-key and rational manner, “Tianjin is a century-old commercial port. , we hope to be able to tell new leisure consumption experience stories in this century-old city in the future. In 2024, Tianjin Plaza 66 will continue to create new scenes, with more excitement and worth looking forward to.”

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