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A 96-year-old man was almost “blind” due to cataracts. Aier Ophthalmology helped him regain his sight

A 96-year-old man was almost “blind” due to cataracts. Aier Ophthalmology helped him regain his sight

  Do many people think that there is no need for surgery when they are old? This is a misunderstanding that prevents many elderly cataract patients from recovering their eyesight. In fact, as long as the patient meets the surgical indications, cataract surgery can be performed. recently,96The elderly Grandma Jiao completed cataract surgery at Tianjin University Aier Eye Hospital.

  Grandma Jiao is already96old age,A harmonious family, full of children and grandchildren,On weekdays, to pass the time, she watches TV and occasionally plays poker with her family. However, in the past year, Grandma Jiao’s eyesight has gradually declined, seriously affecting her daily life.“The old lady liked embroidery when she was young, and her eyesight was very good. When she first found that her eyes could not see clearly a year ago, she had been using eye drops bought online, but it didn’t work. It feels like in the past week, the old lady My wife suddenly lost her eyesight,” said a family member of Grandma Jiao.

  8moon14Accompanied by her family members, Grandma Jiao came to the Cataract Center of Aier Eye Hospital of Tianjin University on October 1, 2019. Dean Huaxia received Grandma Jiao.Dean of HuaxiaEngaged in ophthalmology medical treatment, teaching, scientific research and blindness prevention for many years,With extensive clinical experience,Specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of various types of cataracts,After various detailed and rigorous examinations, Grandma Jiao was diagnosed with binocular senile cataract, and the condition was developing more seriously.“The vision of the patient’s right eye can only see shaking in front of the eyes, and the left eye can only feel the light perception. He is almost in a state of blindness, and it will be too late without surgery.” Dean Huaxia said.

  Because Grandma Jiao is relatively old, her hearing is not very good, and her cataract is more serious, in order to better perform cataract surgery for the patient and ensure the smooth completion of the operation, the director of Huaxia suggested that the patient be operated under general anesthesia.“We listened to Dean Hua!” It turned out that Grandma Jiao’s family had already known about Tianjin University Aier Eye Hospital. “My colleague has undergone cataract surgery in Aier Eye Hospital. He has been to this hospital before, and he is familiar with the environment and technology here. Moreover, there was a colleague’s father last year,95At the age of 10, I also had cataract surgery at Aier Eye Hospital of Tianjin University, and the effect is very good now. Therefore, our family members trust Huaxia Dean and Aier Ophthalmology very much! “

  8moon18On the 1st, Grandma Jiao was pushed into the operating room. Dean Huaxia performed phacoemulsification combined with intraocular lens implantation on the patient’s right eye. Director Meng Fanbing and Director Gao Baozhu of the Department of Anesthesiology gave general anesthesia during the operation. Director Meng Fanbing said, “Considering the age of the patient, general anesthesia surgery has certain risks. The anesthesia team and the surgeon team organized preoperative discussions many times, fully analyzed the patient’s condition and physical condition, communicated with family members, and tailored an anesthesia surgery plan. , in a general anesthesia laryngeal mask (3.0No.) implanted under the operation, which is conducive to maintaining the patient’s breathing and circulation stability.On the basis of routine monitoring such as basic electrocardiogram, heart rate, non-invasive blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation, end-tidal carbon dioxide, etc.BISThe depth of anesthesia is monitored, and the amount of fluid intake and output is strictly controlled during the operation to maintain hemodynamic stability.After surgery, the patient is20A few minutes later, he became clear and spoke clearly, and An returned to the recovery room. “With the close cooperation of Huaxia Dean and the anesthesia team, the operation was successfully completed.

  Taking off the gauze the next day, Grandma Jiao said excitedly“I can see! I can see!” Grandma Jiao’s family was overjoyed from being able to see the shaking in front of her eyes before the operation to seeing the faces of her family members after the operation! “We are really grateful to Aier Ophthalmology. From the director of Huaxia to the doctors, nurses and anesthesiologists, everyone has a patient-oriented service attitude and a doctor’s benevolence, and helped the old lady cure the cataract. As family members, we are deeply in the heart. I am very satisfied, the old lady can see clearly, and the quality of life will be improved, and we are more at ease as children!”

  In response to the surgical safety of elderly patients that everyone is concerned about,Dean Huaxia especially emphasized,“Cataract surgery does not depend on age, but on the physical condition of the patient.As long as the patient’s physical conditions meet, and the preoperative examination and operationDuring intensive care, cataract surgery can be successfully completed. and,cataract presentscienceEffectivetreatThe method is surgery,networkpopular eye drops,Acupuncture,Massage and other methods cannot cure cataracts.

  If there is vision loss, you should go to the hospital as soon as possiblesee a doctordon’t delay the treatment time,I also hope that everyone will pay more attention to their parents.Somecaring, muchSomeAccompany, find problems and solve them proactively. Parents have loved us all our lives, and we deserve to love them better, bid farewell to blurred vision, and pass on love and light to more cataract patients.

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