A 3.8-day gift for straight men who don’t step on thunder, give her Shokz Shaoyin sports headphones

A 3.8-day gift for straight men who don’t step on thunder, give her Shokz Shaoyin sports headphones

You know the hottest topic this week, or as early as last week, men’s objects, teammates, and enemies (bu shi) have all mentioned section 3.8 explicitly and implicitly. Open the search engine, there are 47 million search results for “Girls’ Day”, and 100 million for “Goddess’ Day”. Even the hot topic recommendation of Xiaohongshu has already posted grass-planting posts of various popular women’s items. So here comes the question, what kind of 3.8 gift can be given to her (of course, like me, the main heroine herself) so that it can appear out of the ordinary and highly consistent with the positive theme of 3.8 Woolen cloth? So, after get off work, I took my girlfriends and went straight to Sanlitun village, which can be called the vane of Beijing’s trend, trying to find the answer.

As soon as I walked into the village, well, I saw a 3.8-section flash mob event for girls organized by the well-known magazine “Fashion and Health”: “LESS IS MORE Light Life Week”. My best friend and I looked at each other and smiled, and entered the exhibition without hesitation. It is said that the mind-reading ability of the topic selected by the top issue is really fast and accurate. Several themes in this exhibition cover the topics that urban women are most passionate about, such as light diet, light exercise, and light sleep, especially light exercise. For the upcoming summer And tough fat, it is tailor-made for fairies!

“This sports earphone looks so good!” My best friend greeted me as if I had found a baby, “Isn’t this Shaoyin! The colleagues in the company who run marathons are all using it!” My best friend said while putting this grapefruit Wearing the pink Shaoyin sports earphones on her head, she seemed to be going for a half-marathon in the next second. Watching my best friend put on the earphones and the “sports” filter blessing instantly, I also have the answer: this section 3.8, the gift from the heroine to myself is just this!

After all, she is a woman of engineering, and the spirit of research is still there. After returning home, I did a lot of homework to prove why the exhibition of “Fashion and Health” gave up the representative throne of sports equipment to Shokz Shaoyin, and why Kipchoge, the world record holder of the human marathon, also He publicly stated that he is using Shokz Shaoyin sports headphones.

Let’s talk about the OpenRun Pro sports earphones, the popular Shaoyin explosive machine exhibited at this “LESS IS MORE Light Life Week”. This headset, which is positioned in professional sports scenes, is made of high-resilience titanium alloy and skin-friendly silicone material. It is light and comfortable, and can be worn stably under strenuous exercise, and it can be worn without pinching the ears. Moreover, OpenRun Pro’s unique design of not in-ear and open ears can take into account the ambient sound while listening to music, without blocking the earholes, and is more comfortable.

Put it in a sports scene: OpenRun Pro sports earphones have an ultra-long battery life of 10 hours and a long standby time of 10 days. The fast charging function can be used for 90 minutes after charging for 5 minutes. Finally, I want to talk about the OpenRun Pro sports earphones, which have reached the IP55 waterproof standard for all-weather sports. , “boyfriend power” is quite MAX! In terms of color matching that little fairies care about, OpenRun Pro provides four colors: desert yellow, grapefruit pink, denim blue, and knight black, which can be adapted to both cute girls and royal girls.

However, if each brand does not have an official endorsement, all kinds of rhetoric will only seem like embarrassment. Obviously, Shokz Shaoyin will not face such doubts. Up to now, the China Triathlon Association, the British Athletic Federation, the American Triathlon Association, and the French Athletic Federation have all officially announced Shokz Shaoyin as the only officially designated sports headphone brand—maybe With so many official certifications in the world, there is no other headphone brand? !

Bring the topic back to yourself, and face the dilemma of “If you don’t lose weight in spring, you will be sad in summer”, just now, starting from this section 3.8, let yourself move, maybe this is the meaning of holiday gifts?

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