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7or9 Comfortable Basic Style丨With a comfortable pace, please dance a dance of life

7or9 Comfortable Basic Style丨With a comfortable pace, please dance a dance of life

Every year, the marketing strategies of major brands emerge in endlessly during the March 8th Festival, and the excitement is also different. In the era of rising female consumerism, how to win the favor of female users is still a challenging battle.

At the moment when women’s issues are being discussed, the predicament of appearance, marriage, and the workplace is still the main theme of women’s issues being discussed, and the marketing methods that are good at using such “traffic codes” to gain popularity may be tricky in terms of means, but is it really for the public? It may not be necessary for female users to bring a positive sense of value.

In this state of “emotional tension”, the brand 7or9, which has always advocated paying attention to women’s own feelings, chose to provide female users with more positive power in a more relaxed way, untying the tension of the past three years, and providing The nervousness of the girls is released. On March 8th, a short film with the theme of “Please Dance” is specially created. It is a short film dedicated to everyone who can dance in life. The short film invites all girls to dance a dance of life with relaxed prose images.

7or9 uses the creative form of “dance” to describe women’s comfortable and comfortable living conditions. In the context of 7or9, dance is different from those professional dances that pay great attention to the beauty of movement, but brings people the freedom and comfort in life. , Spontaneously swinging with the rhythm is called “dance”. It does not pay attention to the professionalism of the movement, but more is the natural dancing from the heart in daily life, and the unconscious dancing. It is a beautiful moment to enjoy life dance of life. Just like the song 7or9 specially composed for girls (that is, the background music of the short film) – “The blue ballroom” (blue ballroom), blue represents joyful and comfortable romance, and there are ballrooms under the blue sky, joy, cheerfulness and romance are all It is the emotions and emotions that support everyone to face the cumbersome and must be maintained at all times.

The characters in the short film are a group of ordinary people in life–mothers who accompany their children with love, girlfriends who are happy together, men and women in love, older women who live smartly despite their age… the music sounds , in their respective relationships and stories, they can’t help twisting their limbs at will. The short film is an introduction to life. In ordinary life, in ordinary relationships, in everyone’s “life theater”, what 7or9 wants to express to girls is to pay attention to their own feelings, express joy and share happiness, and know how to dance at any time A person who knows how to deal with life more lightly.

  Invite the girls to dance a “dance of life”

  express freedom with pure joy

Only when you are comfortable under your feet can you dance freely. An imaginative insight, an interesting idea, connects the value resonance between the brand and users, and encourages users to enjoy every step of their feet in a dancing way; in terms of products, 7or9 presents classic shoes of different product series, Connect comfortable product functions with “dancing” to give users enough room for imagination.

“This is a short film that makes me feel very comfortable”, “My body shakes when I hear the music, this is the moment to be healed”, “I need to get back that involuntary happiness”… The short film gives different The girls in the company have brought resonance, encouragement and healing power, triggering tens of millions of interactions and discussions, which also makes us believe that when facing female consumers, perhaps quality and sincerity can truly grasp the “traffic code”.

On the 7th or 9th of the 38th node, “Please dance a dance” opened people’s expectations for the new year of 2023, and for the brand, it is also the beginning of the new year. “7or9 comfortable basic style, for every comfortable dancing day, create a pair of basic style”, the title sentence in the short film conveys the new pattern of the brand, in the hearts of many users, 7or9 started as “high heels that can run “Famous, it has established the brand positioning of “creating comfort”, and through continuous research and development and iteration, the brand has now extended a full range of comfortable shoes, and has been continuously accumulating “comfortable basic” products and brand assets.

  Connect users with “dance”

  Realize the three-dimensional communication of content co-creation

In this March 8 campaign, the brand launched #7or9Please dance a dance# solicitation activity on Weibo, Xiaohongshu, Douyin and other private domain traffic platforms, using high-quality PGC as the basis of communication, triggering rich and interesting UCG campaigns Co-creation, users connect more users through their own participation, bringing stronger appeal and effective communication.

On the platform, through the exclusive background music “The blue ballroom”, with a highly recognizable and memorable rhythm, coupled with a specially designed curtain call action, it quickly mobilized a large number of netizens, especially women, to watch and participate. Such a creative and interactive mode not only creates a space for consumers to express their daily emotions, but also conveys pure happiness to more people, forming a more three-dimensional brand voice and perception.

  From Comfort to Comfort Basic

  Step by step, become the reason for users to dance comfortably

7or9 was founded by three women, so they understand the needs of female users very well. They have a deep insight into women’s critical vision for a pair of shoes-“It should be good-looking, easy to wear, and of course easy to match”, how to combine the beauty of lines, comfort and matching In the “limited shoe space” loaded with classic women’s shoes, 7or9’s subversive measures are reflected in the development of every new product.

From the beginning of the brand’s establishment, 7or9 has broken the traditional high-heeled shoes and only focused on the aesthetic feeling while ignoring the pain points of women’s feet. It creatively implanted the comfortable material in sports shoes into them, so that women can wear high-heeled shoes as comfortable as sports shoes, and such Comfortable and beautiful products have also attracted the attention of the market with the explosive growth of users.

Focusing on the user’s comfortable footsteps, 7or9 anchors more women’s shoes, such as sofa sandals series. Most of the sandals on the market have hard insoles. “Sofa footbed” creates sofa sandals, a hot summer category.

According to seasonal temperature changes, in order to solve the problem of cold feet of girls in winter, 7or9 pioneered the far-infrared self-heating technology implanted into boots, and developed quilt warm boots that can heat up 2.4°C after wearing them. As the name suggests, Let the user’s feet be as warm as being wrapped in a quilt in winter.

At the beginning of this year, under the expectation of thousands of female users, 7or9 finally launched the small mattress flat shoes after a long period of research and development and successful testing, continuing the comfortable experience of antibacterial air cotton, the first “triple cloud” surface and sole integration The technology and the heel sole are integrated to achieve 360° gentle wrapping and soft support of flat shoes.

Integrating comfortable technology products into women’s daily travel and meeting the comfort needs of girls in different scenarios is the “comfortable basic style” proposed by 7or9. In the category dimension, it subverts traditional cognition and creates air cotton high-heeled shoes to break the circle. Journey to gain insight into women’s daily needs in more scenes, expand quilt warm boots, sofa sandals, and small mattress flat shoes to create a full range of comfort needs, and insist on upgrading comfort every year; in the dimension of technology and technology, the The comfort experience has been achieved to the extreme, and cutting-edge technology in the sports industry, underwear industry, beauty industry and other industries has been implanted into the shoes, and the benchmarking position of the comfortable women’s shoes brand has been continuously consolidated in the industry, so that more people can see that 7or9 is always committed to It aims to solve the problem of category limitations brought about by almost only emphasizing “external aesthetics” in the current market, and to give women more comfortable and free choices.

  Multi-dimensional comfort, full category layout

  Start a new step in the future of 7or9

On the basis of multi-dimensional comfort, to realize the brand layout of all categories of women’s shoes, 7or9 is embarking on a new leap forward journey. On the track of creating comfortable women’s shoes, it has always played the role of leader and always with its own out of the slack pace.

From standing on tiptoes to moving forward freely, 7or9 has created a full range of comfortable shoes for girls step by step, so that girls can find a comfortable place for every dance of life. On the one hand, it satisfies girls with comfortable technology products Every aspect and every step of the show, on the one hand, it proposes to pay attention to “feelings of girls themselves and their feet” instead of external aesthetics, and encourages them to move towards themselves step by step, making comfort a basic style.

A pair of shoes has an external shining beauty and an inner soft support. A brand has hard-core products and a positive and unique brand core. It extends and develops from the inside out, which is what keeps the vitality alive. The way of branding, and 7or9 continues to cultivate in its own field in this way.

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