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7.8|New China Insurance Tianjin Branch launched extensive publicity early

7.8|New China Insurance Tianjin Branch launched extensive publicity early

  2023 is the first year to fully implement the spirit of the party, and it is the key year for the implementation of the “14th Five-Year Plan” to link the past and the future,The insurance industry will beJuly 8 ushered in the eleventh “7.8 National Insurance Publicity Day”.

  In order to further popularize insurance knowledge, listen to the voices of the public, improve service quality, and improve the industry image, New China Insurance Tianjin Branch actively responded to the call of Tianjin Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau, Tianjin Insurance Industry Association and the head office,Closely surroundThe annual theme of “Insurance Power Works Harder for You” has been officially launched since June2023yearThe “7.8 National Insurance Public Awareness Day” campaign internally mobilizes the whole system and all employees to participate; externally, it demonstrates the original intention and mission of the insurance industry to the society, popularizes insurance concepts and insurance knowledge to the public, and highlights the warmth and passion of insurance. strength.

  During the preparatory stage of the event,Branch Headquarters and Subordinate AgenciesThe video has started playing on the electronic screen,to postposter,display standand other forms to actively create a strong activity atmosphere and deepenThe vast number of internal and external staffThe awareness of the Insurance Public Awareness Day will bring everyoneNew ChineseThey have all been trained as voluntary propagandists.Insurance Consumers and Social Public AdvocacyInsurance and financial education content,byGuide customers and the public to pay attention to the theme and concept of the event, and enhance consumers’ awareness of using insurance to manage risks.

  In order to further expand the publicity of the event,branch officesinceFrom June 12thpassBranch official WeChat account, video accountContinue to share, forward and developInformation about the 7.8 Insurance Public Awareness Day, andPopularize financial knowledge such as insurance anti-fraud, clean culture, and prevention of illegal fund-raising, and publicize the concept of insurance in an all-round and multi-angle manner.In addition, the branch willCombining the 7.8 promotion with this year’s “Hello, Tianjin” theme calendar, a 7.8 theme calendar was specially designed and produced. Since July 2, it has been shared daily through the circle of friends of the internal and external staff of the branch office, which is effectiveEnhance interaction with the public and help7.8 insurance publicity, so that the general public can understand the insurance industry more directly and objectivelyEssence, value and function.

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