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7.8 National Insurance Publicity Day: Ping An Annuity will work harder for you who are struggling

7.8 National Insurance Publicity Day: Ping An Annuity will work harder for you who are struggling

  2023 is the first year to fully implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. It is also a crucial year for the implementation of the “14th Five-Year Plan”. Under the requirements and guidance of the Insurance Association of China,Ping An Annuity’s “7.8 National Insurance Publicity Day” officially kicked off.

  This event revolves around“Insurance power, work harder for you who are struggling”Ping An Annuity carried out a variety of publicity and public welfare activities across the country, actively demonstrating the good image of the insurance industry fulfilling social responsibilities and serving people’s livelihood.

Insurance public welfare, conveying love

  During the “7.8 National Insurance Publicity Day” campaign,Ping An Annuity focuses on insurance public welfare activities, conveying the warmth of insurance.

  Ping An Annuity Anhui Branch developed with the help of China Insurance Association“Healthy life every day” WeChat Mini Program, Organize all employees of the company and drive the public to participate in health testing activities such as heart rate, respiration, blood oxygen, etc., and be the first person responsible for their own health. By uploading monitoring data, learning and publicizing insurance knowledge, donating love to the Anhui region, helping to generate insurance public welfare projects, and providing insurance protection and public welfare services for people in need of help.

Be grateful for your original intention and move forward with courage

Ping An Annuity carried out the activity of “Singing New Journey, Running Green” during the “7.8 National Insurance Public Awareness Day”, aiming to stay true to the original intention of service and continue to move forward with insurance responsibilities.

Ping An Annuity Beijing Branch organized branch members to visit the Red House of Peking University, the representative building of the former sites of the Communist Party of China’s early revolutionary activities in Beijing. The party members of the branch company took the red route again by walking briskly, organically combined green travel with party building activities, and used practical actions to show the spirit of the branch employees’ high-spirited struggle on the new journey.

Ping An Annuity Shenzhen Branch organized the walking activity “Singing for the New Journey, Running Green” and went to Shenzhen Central Park to become an environmental protection volunteer, pick up the park garbage along the way, practice the concept of green and low carbon, and conduct activities for the park visitors Insurance anti-fraud publicity, implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress, carry forward the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation and the spirit of safe volunteers with practical actions, and contribute positively to building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society.

Ping An Annuity Insurance Heilongjiang Branch carried out a series of public welfare publicity activities of “Singing for the New Journey, Running for the Green Environment”. The employees of the branch gathered in the beautiful Xiangjiang Park in Harbin, bathed in the warm sunshine, and enjoyed the happy moments brought by the environmental protection run.

On the eve of July 1st, the Party Branch of Ping An Annuity Hunan Branch visited and studied at the Changsha History Museum of the Communist Party of China, and carried out the activity of lectures by the Secretary of the Disciplinary Committee. By reviewing the history of the revolution, inheriting the spirit of the revolutionary culture, and emphasizing the construction of a clean and honest government, the awareness of compliance, discipline, integrity and self-discipline of insurance practitioners has been continuously improved.

Ping An Annuity Jiangmen Branch actively participated in the “7.8 National Insurance Public Awareness Day” activity. At the opening ceremony of the event, the insurance team sang “My Motherland and Me” and “Singing the Motherland”, expressing their determination to be grateful to the party, listen to the party, and follow the party with their singing, showing that the insurers implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, ” Forge ahead on a new journey, build a new era of meritorious demeanor”. There were booths at the event site, and volunteers from the Jiangmen Central Branch of Ping An Annuity Insurance disseminated insurance knowledge to the public and carried out business consultation.

Popularize the concept of insurance and listen to your needs

Ping An Annuity carried out the “five entry” activities of insurance technology such as entering communities, entering schools, entering rural areas, entering enterprises, and entering institutions. Focusing on insurance knowledge, it carried out high-quality education and interactive activities to the general public, and comprehensively popularized insurance concepts.

Ping An Annuity Insurance Guangxi Branch organized publicity and education activities in nursing homes and campuses. Focus on the elderly group, publicize financial fraud prevention knowledge, and help the elderly with love; at the same time, organize campuses to carry out insurance knowledge fun garden activities, through the interactive experience of “financial knowledge quizzes + garden games”, in the way of immersive learning, entertaining Yu happily popularized financial and insurance knowledge to children, enhanced students’ financial knowledge memory, and effectively improved the financial literacy of young people.

Ping An Annuity Insurance Beijing Branch organized the “Entering the Community” publicity campaign to communicate face-to-face with insurance consumers and the general public, listen to public needs, carry out public welfare services, and popularize insurance concepts.

  The “7.8 National Insurance Public Awareness Day” has various and wonderful activities.Ping An Annuity will adhere to the original intention of insurance protection, adhere to the business philosophy of “technology leads finance, and finance serves life”, effectively enhances the public’s awareness and ability to prevent financial risks, continues to optimize the service guarantee system, and provides customers with “worry-free, time-saving and economical” Money” professional services to help the high-quality development of the industry.

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