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7.8 National Insurance Public Awareness Day | The total insurance amount exceeds 300 billion!China Pacific Insurance: Insurance forces escort the Asian Games

7.8 National Insurance Public Awareness Day | The total insurance amount exceeds 300 billion!China Pacific Insurance: Insurance forces escort the Asian Games

  July 8, 2023 is the 11th “National Insurance Publicity Day”, and there are 77 days before the Hangzhou Asian Games. As the official partner of the Hangzhou Asian Games, China Pacific Insurance will hold an insurance release for the Hangzhou Asian Games at the Tonglu Equestrian Center in Hangzhou. The meeting and air emergency rescue drill, with “exclusive, exclusive and professional” CPIC services, demonstrated “insurance power, escorting the Asian Games” to all walks of life.

  Relevant leaders from Insurance Association of China, Zhejiang Emergency Management Department, Zhejiang Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau, and Hangzhou Asian Organizing Committee attended the event.

  Total sum insured exceeds300 billion, gathering strength to add luster to the Asian Games

  Accompanied by the jumping countdown on the big screen, the insurance service plan of China Pacific Insurance Airlines Hangzhou Asian Games was released.Benchmarking international rules, China Pacific Insurance will customize a total insurance coverage exceeding the Hangzhou Asian Games.The 300 billion yuan package of “Asian Games Insurance” risk solutions, with a newly constructed smart service system, provides a complete set of risk management “combined punches” covering emergency plans, emergency drills, system training, risk monitoring, and event operations. Periodically escort the Hangzhou Asian Games.

  Mao Genhong, deputy secretary-general of the Hangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee and deputy secretary-general of the Hangzhou Municipal Government, said at the press conference that China Pacific Insurance, as the official partner of the Hangzhou Asian Games, has given full play to Asian Games risk management, comprehensive service guarantee, and urban energy level improvement. It has played an important role as the main force of state-owned insurance companies, and has given vital importance to the Hangzhou Asian Games.“Safe” base color. It is hoped that China Pacific Insurance will continue to inject “insurance power” into the Hangzhou Asian Games, and fully escort the success of the Hangzhou Asian Games with the most professional level, the best service, and the fullest enthusiasm.

  Fu Fan, President of China Pacific Insurance, said that since China Pacific Insurance signed the contract to become the official partner of the Hangzhou Asian Games, it has always insisted on escorting the Asian Games with high standards, high standards, and high standards, and has taken concrete actions to play a role as an insurance service provider and a risk management service provider. double role. Escorting the Asian Games into the sprint stage, China Pacific Insurance will add luster to the Asian Games with a higher position, greater responsibility, and better services.

  It is reported that the China Pacific Insurance packageIn the “Asian Games Insurance” insurance solution, a total of 14 types of insurance are involved in the four major categories of property, financial loss, liability and personal insurance. These include personal insurance covering nearly 110,000 people including members of the OCA family, athletes, technical officials, and staff. In addition, a number of special insurances such as torch relay, horses, e-sports competitions, and network security have been innovated.

  The Hangzhou Asian Games is the first time in China that an insurance company fully participates in the risk management of a large-scale international comprehensive event. China Pacific Insurance plays the dual roles of insurance service provider and risk management service provider.China Pacific Insurance established a professional risk management team to provide full-cycle risk management“Combined boxing”. At present, 56 competition venues and 6 sub-villages of the Asian Games have been surveyed, covering an area of ​​more than 5.5 million square meters, 62 wind survey reports have been issued, and more than 400 suggestions for rectification have been put forward. At the same time, assist venues to carry out emergency simulation drills, and provide special services such as helicopter rescue for the Asian Games.

  Fully escort the Asian Games and exclusively provide helicopter rescue services during the games

  At the event site, China Pacific Insurance also successfully signed a contract to become the No.The official insurance partner of the 4th Asian Paralympic Games, signed a cooperation agreement with Shanghai Xinkong Helicopters on the aviation medical security project of the Asian Games, and established and integrated multiple professional forces to fully escort the Asian Games.

  In a roar, a plane carryingThe helicopter of a “falling horse injured” athlete flew from the Tonglu Equestrian Center to the designated hospital – the rooftop helipad of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine. The medical staff who had already been ready responded quickly, and sent the “injured” to the emergency center from the special direct elevator, and started the treatment immediately. This is an all-element medical emergency rescue drill for venues in Tonglu competition area jointly carried out by Hangzhou Tonglu Equestrian Center, China Pacific Insurance, Xinkong Helicopters, Zhejiang Second Hospital and other units.

  It is reported that China Pacific Insurance provided the exclusive helicopter rescue service for the competition, which shortened the original land transfer time for the injured by more than half, ensured the transfer efficiency of critically ill patients during the competition, opened up the air life channel during the competition, and formed the Hangzhou Asian Games“Aqua, land and air amphibious rescue linkage” has strongly supported the medical security system for the event.

  converge“Blue” power, product industry collaboration to create CPIC sample

  On the same day, China Pacific Insurance joined hands with the China National Women’s Volleyball Team, swimmers Zhang Yufei and Qin Haiyang, and track and field athlete Xie Zhenye.The “CPIC Blue Team” officially released the 7.8 National Insurance Publicity Day video, gathering “blue” forces to welcome the Asian Games, and work together for you who are struggling! At the same time, China Pacific Insurance also launched the KOL Stars Program to gather the power of the Pacific Insurance to speak out for insurance and cheer for the Asian Games.

  Since becoming the official partner of the Hangzhou Asian Games, China Pacific Insurance has stepped into a new field of sports marketing, innovated and customized insurance solutions for large-scale international events, actively exported event risk management services, widely publicized the Asian Games culture, and createdA new model of “sports + insurance + health + service”.

  Cooperate with Shanghai Symphony Orchestra to hold CPIC Asian Games special performance“Happy to the World” concert; joined hands with hope primary school teachers to carry out on-site teaching and live broadcast activities of “responsibility illuminates the future, volleyball helps dreams of the Asian Games”, planting colorful Asian Games dreams for more than 3,000 children; and CPIC Sanjiangyuan Public Welfare Forest Join hands to set up Pacific Insurance Asian Games Forest in Sanjiangyuan Public Welfare Forest; jointly hold the “Meet Women’s Volleyball Team Dream Asian Games” event with the Asian Organizing Committee, Chinese women’s volleyball players help customers realize their dreams…

  During a series of escort operations for the Asian Games, China Pacific Insurance has further demonstrated its strength in serving the national strategy, its ability to explore new areas of insurance, and its vitality in stimulating brand health and momentum, and will go all out with a higher position, greater responsibility, and better services. Create a large-scale international comprehensive sports event insurance service“Taibao model”.

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