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“50-person Forum on China’s Income Distribution” was held at Nankai University

“50-person Forum on China’s Income Distribution” was held at Nankai University

  10moon28Japan, “China’s Income Distribution50people forum”2023Annual conference – “Improving the Distribution System to Help Rural Revitalization” seminar was held at the School of Economics of Nankai University. Experts and scholars from all over the country gathered together to study and discuss the income distribution system, explore new paths for future development, and help comprehensively promote rural revitalization. .

  The seminar was hosted by the School of Economics of Nankai University, China Wealth Economic Research Institute, and the editorial department of Nankai Economic Research, and co-organized by Economic Science Press and Phoenix Financial Research Institute. From the Development Research Center of the State Council, National Development and Reform Commission, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, National Information Center, as well as Tsinghua University, Fudan University, Tongji University, Renmin University, Beijing Normal University, Foreign Economic and Trade, Southwest Finance and Economics, Tianjin Finance and Economics, Nanjing Finance and Economics, Tianjin University of Technology, Hebei Normal University, Henan University of Finance, Economics and Law, experts and scholars from more than 20 research institutions such as China Institute of Labor Relations, Shandong Women’s University, Central Party School (National School of Administration), Tianjin Municipal Party Committee Party School, Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee Party School, Nankai University School of Economics, China Wealth Economic Research Institute A total of nearly 100 teachers and students participated in this seminar.

  Professor Yang Xinming, deputy director of the Institute of Information and Information Technology of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said that the reform of the income distribution system is an important factor affecting common prosperity. The issue of income distribution is related to the vital interests of the people and the stability of my country’s development. Efforts should be made to promote the modernization of income distribution governance. , improve the income distribution system, help rural revitalization, narrow the income distribution gap between urban and rural people, and give all people a greater sense of gain and happiness.

  Professor Chen Zongsheng, Chair Professor of Nankai University and Founding Dean of China Wealth Economics Research Institute,The keynote speech on “Five Main Characteristics of China’s Income Gap and Its Policy Implications” pointed out that China’s main task in the future is to narrow the gap between urban and rural areas. Narrowing the gap between urban and rural areas is an important symbol of China’s promotion of common prosperity. Priority should be given to promoting rural revitalization, promoting urban-rural integration, using industry to help agriculture, using cities and towns to help rural areas, and accelerating rural revitalization and development.

  Professor Lai Desheng, deputy director of the Social and Ecological Civilization Teaching and Research Department of the Central Party School (National School of Administration),The keynote speech on “High-Quality Income Distribution and Its Realization” believed that high-quality income distribution can be summarized from four dimensions: First, the distribution system is improved, the basic socialist distribution system is implemented, and a system for coordination and matching of three distributions is built. system; second, the income gap is moderate, and both the Gini coefficient and the income ratio of urban and rural residents are within a reasonable range; third, it is conducive to high-quality development, which can promote consumption, promote hard work, and promote human capital investment and innovation at the same time; fourth, it is conducive to high-quality development. It makes the sense of gain more fulfilling and sustainable. However, in reality, problems such as an imperfect distribution system, a large income gap, and a low share of labor remuneration have seriously restricted my country’s transition from lower-quality income distribution to high-quality income distribution. The first suggestion is to increase the proportion of labor remuneration in the primary distribution. The second is to increase the adjustment of taxation, social security, transfer payments, etc.; the third is to strengthen the role of human capital investment in improving income distribution; the fourth is to give full play to the income distribution of ecological civilization construction effect.

  Professor Ye Linxiang, Vice President of Nanjing University of Finance and Economics,The keynote speech on “Market Integration, County Economy and Common Prosperity” believed that my country’s low-income groups are mainly distributed in rural areas, and the key to their prosperity is rural employment and the growth of employment income. Therefore, we must vigorously promote rural employment and employment income growth, with county towns as an important carrier Urbanization. The essence of urbanization is the transfer of agricultural population to nearby areas. County construction plays an important role in carrying farmers to nearby areas. County towns and cities must have the same public services, convenient living conditions and employment opportunities. This requires vigorous development of county economies with unique characteristics. To develop the county economy, we cannot simply imitate the development model of big cities, nor engage in regional protection or regional division. Instead, we should make full use of the resource endowments of various places, such as history, culture, education, and natural resources, and cultivate a number of county brands to satisfy the people. The growing material and cultural needs of the masses.

  “Income Distribution and Poverty in Economic Development Series”Officially released at the seminar, the series includes6He has published several monographs, including “China’s Targeted Poverty Alleviation Practice and Overall Effect and Direction”, “Quantitative Research on the Impact of Internal Salary Distribution of Chinese Enterprises on Enterprise Efficiency”, “Research on the Multidimensional Poverty of Chinese Residents”, “Research on China’s Industry Income Gap during the Economic Transformation Period” and ” Eliminating Poverty in Development: Research on Multi-dimensional Poverty Reduction in Rural China”Research on the multi-dimensional development of feasible capabilities of Chinese migrant workers based on the perspective of common prosperity》. According to reports, this series of books focuses on the issue of income distribution for poverty alleviation. The main contents include industry income gaps, internal income distribution of enterprises, multi-dimensional poverty of different groups, etc. It is the result of years of polishing by the team of Professor Chen Zongsheng and Professor Zhou Yunbo, and brings together the economics disciplines of Nankai University. The latest research results on income distribution and poverty, with a high position and broad vision, respond to the questions of the times; they focus on the hot, key and difficult issues in the current economic and social development, and are highly applicable, theoretical, academic and Reality, providing important reference for government decision-making and economic development.

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