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5 signs that indicate that there is moisture in the body and teach you how to get rid of it

5 signs that indicate that there is moisture in the body and teach you how to get rid of it

I always feel easily fatigued, sleepy and lazy, have no appetite, and can’t wake up all the time. The stool is sticky and greasy, and it’s easy to hang the toilet. Scraping the tongue coating every day is a thick and greasy layer… Half of the dog days, Many people suspect that they have “heavy humidity”. So how to judge whether there is moisture in your body, and what are the methods to remove it?

Liu Yang, deputy chief physician of the sub-health department of Dongfang Hospital of Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, told reporters that in hot summer, the weather is hot and humid, and if you don’t pay attention, it will bring too much moisture to the body, and if the moisture in the body is not timely If it is removed, it will bring a series of uncomfortable symptoms to the body.

Liu Yang reminded that if there are more than 2-3 of these 5 signals, it means that there is moisture in the body: first, the tongue coating is thick and greasy, or the tongue body is fat and there are tooth marks on the edge of the tongue; second, the body is heavy and lazy, waking up Still not recovering from fatigue, not refreshed all over, feeling dizzy, easily drowsy, and memory loss; third, loss of appetite, manifested as chest tightness, abdominal distension, poor appetite, sticky mouth, etc., “dampness gathers into phlegm”, daily After a long time, there will be phlegm in the throat, the throat is not clear, etc.; the fourth is that the face is prone to oil, the complexion is yellow and dark, and some are accompanied by oily hair, or the ears are always wet. , it feels oily; fifth, the stool is sticky and unshaped, and there is always a feeling of unclean excretion, sticking to the toilet and not easy to be washed away, which means that there is dampness in the body and abnormal digestion and absorption function.

So, how to get rid of the moisture in the body? Liu Yang suggested that food therapy can be used to help dehumidification. It is advisable to eat more foods that invigorate the spleen and dampness, such as millet, coix seed, corn, red bean, white radish, white lentil, kelp, papaya, yam, wax gourd, lotus seeds, and Gorgon. Eat less sweets and other fat, sweet, greasy, sour, cold products. You can also use herbal teas to invigorate the spleen and dampness, such as Huoxiang lotus leaf tea, take 10 grams of Huoxiang and 6 grams of lotus leaves, brew in boiling water for half an hour and drink it.

“Dampness evil hurts people, and it is most likely to hurt the lower part of the person. This is because the formation of dampness is often related to the upward evaporation of ground moisture, so it mostly hurts people from the lower part.” Liu Yang suggested that in summer, the living room must avoid humidity , as far as possible to achieve air circulation, fresh and dry. After work, you can exercise properly to invigorate and stimulate the yang energy in the body. After exercise, the yang energy in the human body can quickly eliminate the moisture in the body just like the summer sun eliminates the moisture on the ground.

Finally, Liu Yang also recommended a set of meridian maintenance. The specific operation method is to press the water and Fenglong acupoints with the thumb or middle finger, and do gentle and gentle circular movements. minute. The Shuishui point is on the front midline, 1 cun above the navel, and has the functions of resolving phlegm and dampness, and dredging water channels. Fenglong point is the meridian point of the Stomach Meridian of Foot Yangming. Massaging this point can enhance the ability of the spleen and stomach to transport and transform phlegm dampness. The point is selected by hanging down the foot, and a line is drawn between the front edge of the lateral malleolus and the outer knee eye. The midpoint of the line is the Fenglong point.

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