“36 Strategies for Marriage and Love” Law Popularization Session: Xinyu App and Hangzhou Marriage Association to popularize common sense of marriage and love laws


On March 3, Xinyu App and Hangzhou Marriage Association jointly held the second lecture “36 Strategies for Marriage and Love”, inviting legal experts to share common knowledge on marriage and love laws. As a professional marriage and love organization, Hangzhou Marriage and Family Association provides psychological counseling, legal and other public welfare services related to marriage and love.

On the issue of love and cohabitation, two lawyers said that both partiesThere are no legal rights and obligations among them.In a cohabitation relationship, the properties of both parties are owned separately. Unless there is a special agreement, the properties of both parties belong to each other. Only when the properties are mixed and cannot be distinguished will the issue of joint ownership be involved. At the same time, the cohabiting parties are independent individuals and have no legal duty of loyalty. The two cohabiting parties, the cohabiting party and others cohabiting again, even marriage will not be sanctioned by law, and the cohabiting relationship has no legal obligation to take care of it. Therefore, lawyers remind netizens to convert the cohabitation relationship into a reasonable and legal marriage relationship as soon as possible.

As for the question of “whether the items given as gifts in the relationship between lovers need to be returned”, it needs to be determined according to the situation.The consumption activities in which a man and a woman give each other gifts or spend money in order to cultivate their feelings during their relationship are generally gift-giving and should not be required to be returned. If you encounter the following three situations, you can request to return the “beauty gift”: 1. Both parties have not registered for marriage. 2. Although the two parties have gone through marriage registration, they do not live together. 3. The betrothal gift paid before marriage makes life difficult for the payer.

If there is a loan during the relationship between the couple, if there is an IOU, it should be returned according to the loan amount; if the loan relationship is not clear, the true wishes of both parties should be carefully considered. The main manifestation of this willingness is chat records. Therefore, after the boyfriend and girlfriend break up, if money exchanges are involved, the corresponding chat records should be kept carefully in case the reasons are unclear.

Finally, the lawyers explained from a legal point of viewThe difference between dating and marriage, and why dating needs to translate into marriage.There are no legal rights and obligations between male and female friends, but there are legal rights and responsibilities between husband and wife. These statutory rights and responsibilities include the duty of loyalty of husband and wife, the duty of mutual support between husband and wife, the equal right to dispose of common property between husband and wife, the equal parenting duty of both husband and wife to their children, and so on.

The reason why love needs to be transformed into marriage can be summarized into four points from small to large: 1. From an emotional point of view, there is no statutory duty of loyalty between male and female friends, and they can break up at any time, while marriage is recognized and protected by the state. It can make the relationship between each other last longer and sublimate the relationship between each other. 2. From the perspective of life, the mutual support obligation between husband and wife can enable the husband and wife to help each other, support each other, comfort each other, and better survive the ups and downs in life. 3. From the point of view of value, mutual devotion between male and female friends in love cannot be recognized by law, while devotion between husband and wife can be recognized and protected by law. 4. From a social point of view, the family is the basic cell of the society, there would be no society without the family, and the family comes from marriage, which comes from love. Therefore, the transformation of love into marriage can promote the better development of society, and every marriage is a great contribution to society.

Xinyu App has long been committed to helping young people in small towns who are sinking to get out of singles. At present, Xinyu has helped a large number of young people in small towns find true love, and there are not a few of them who have obtained certificates and posted their babies. At the same time, Xinyu also pays attention to the protection of users’ personal information and property security for a long time. Recently, Xinyu has further optimized the user’s contact method plan. Under the premise of meeting the intimacy standard and other guarantees, users can further contact and understand, which is convenient for marriage and love users. To the development of real love.

At the same time, the Xinyu platform has always advocated making friends with integrity and is committed to creating a good environment for making friends. The platform severely cracks down on user violations, and “user violations"Adhere to a zero-tolerance attitude, strictly and continuously carry out “user violations” rectification actions, and maintain a green and healthy social ecological environment.


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