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315 Series Manuscript No. 6 China Pacific Property & Casualty Insurance creates a new “online + offline” integrated operation model

315 Series Manuscript No. 6 China Pacific Property & Casualty Insurance creates a new “online + offline” integrated operation model

Under the requirements of the national digital financial strategy and the online development of property insurance business, China Pacific Insurance, a subsidiary of China Pacific Insurance, is actively creating a new “online + offline” integrated operation model. Under the intensive transformation of its operations, China Pacific Insurance has accelerated the transformation from small-team decentralized operations to multi-element operations in large factories, breaking through the restrictions on the geographical attributes of personnel and service space attributes, and has successively established branches in Suzhou, Suqian, Hangzhou, Foshan, Chengdu, Online claims factories have been established in seven places in Xi’an and Zibo to create an online claims operation model with digital interaction, industrial management, and large-scale operations.

Develop disaster response capabilities quickly based on disaster conditions

From a traditional perspective, disaster reserve teams are the main way to solve disaster response manpower. However, “online professional teams” have incomparable advantages over “offline temporary teams” in terms of speed of deployment, flexibility of deployment, and tacit cooperation. For example, in Fujian, China Pacific Insurance’s “Du Surui” online operation team has a total of 58 people, 36 of whom are remote workers at the Foshan claims factory. Such a model allows online support forces to join in at any time, cover all major disaster overflow cases, provide 100% customer contact, information collection, rescue dispatch, and even damage assessment support after reporting the case, and can quickly make up for the losses caused by significant fluctuations in case volume. Staffing gaps.

In the daily claims settlement process, the online operation mode has also greatly reduced the workload of offline workers and freed up effective space for offline processing of serious and important cases. For example, after the Fujian Quanzhou Branch of China Pacific Insurance Company went online in 2022, the proportion of online personnel in its surveyor team increased to 25%, and the average workload of the team increased to twice the previous production capacity. This allows the survey personnel in the middle and branch lines to better concentrate on major and important cases, provide good service, improve quality, and improve reputation.

Flexibly mobilize and rationally deploy support forces

The path of typhoons is often an uncertain factor. During the course of “Dusuri”, the meteorological department initially expected it to have a greater impact on Xiamen and Zhangzhou, but “Dusuri” finally made landfall in Jinjiang, Quanzhou. This uncertainty has led to the offline personnel layout that was done according to the expected route in the past, which often did not match the actual demand, and it was too late to transfer. The online claims factory can break through space constraints, “remain unchanged” to respond to changes in demand, quickly adjust to respond to changes in demand, and ensure the reliability, stability and flexibility of disaster recovery operations.

Respond quickly and make accurate decisions to find the optimal solution

The disaster situation is changing in real time, ranging from the accident location, disaster situation, rescue methods, and repair destinations of a car to the disaster distribution, rescue resource distribution, survey resource distribution, loss estimate, and countless information points in an area. Changing all the time. After completing the first customer contact, China Pacific Property & Casualty Insurance Claims Factory can keep the information of each case updated at any time, and establish an information retrospective connection with the disaster command platform to maintain real-time symmetry of disaster information, provide effective basis for scientific decision-making, and change This has eliminated the embarrassment of “too late to contact the customer, too late to arrange and inspect the vehicle, too late to carry out precise rescue, and too late to conduct damage assessment” in the first place. Taking the rescue link as an example, relying on the rapid capture of the disaster situation of factory customers, China Pacific Property & Casualty Insurance Fujian Branch actively carried out hierarchical rescue, and reasonably matched rescue resources according to the accident area, disaster type, loss status, and criticality to avoid misallocation. Empty run, wrong run.

In 2022, China Pacific Insurance Property & Casualty Insurance Claims Factory made its debut in the response to Typhoon “Meihua” and major holiday services. In the response to Typhoon “Dusuri” in 2023, it played an important “air” force and effectively supported the ” “Online + offline” integrated and large-scale disaster response will make positive contributions to ensuring the reliability, stability and timeliness of operational services during major disasters.

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