3?15 | China Life Releases Consumer Rights Protection Culture

3?15 | China Life Releases Consumer Rights Protection Culture

On March 15, 2023, China Life took the lead in releasing the cultural slogan of consumer rights protection and the main vision of communication. This release is to implement the Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission’s “Administrative Measures for the Protection of Consumer Rights and Interests of Banking and Insurance Institutions“The important measure that banking and insurance institutions should incorporate the protection of consumers’ rights and interests into the relevant requirements of corporate culture construction is a key link for China Life to accelerate the upgrade of consumer protection work 2.0, and it is the first initiative to carry out the publicity and education of China Life’s characteristic consumers To lay a good foundation for further deepening consumer protection work.

  Cultural slogan

Guard with care and rest assured“It is the practice of consumer rights protection work”be yourself, become an adult, be yourself“The concentrated expression of the core concept of corporate culture is a vivid interpretation of the mutual trust and mutual achievement of the “double success” relationship between the company and customers.Knowing each other for many years is worth entrusting“The extension of the brand slogan in the field of consumer rights protection.

China Life has always adhered to the “Serve the overall development of the country and protect the people’s better life“The original mission is to insist on taking the people’s needs and dissatisfaction as the fundamental evaluation criteria for all work, and actively provide diversified products and honest services through a consumer rights protection work system with full participation, comprehensive coverage, and full process management. , safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of financial consumers, and win the trust and support of customers and the general public.

Protection creates security, entrustment builds trust. The protection of China Life is an important guarantee for the legitimate rights and interests of financial consumers not to be infringed, and the trust of consumers is an important cornerstone for the survival and development of China Life.

  Spread the key vision

  Chinese sushi emblem version

Based on the comprehensive financial color of China Life and the English words of CHINA LIFE, with the company emblem as the core element, the outer circle represents various consumer protection and customer service staff of China Life, and the inner circle carries different consumer groups, reflecting the consumers of China Life The meaning of protecting rights and interests to support and protect the people’s better life.

  “Shuangcheng” Cultural Edition

Divided into two main visuals, the salesman side and the client side, with the work/life scene projected by the protective shield as the main screen, the salesman side shows the work scenes of different business personnel around the consumer, and the client side shows the consumer’s life There is a guardian figure of China Life in every aspect, reflecting the “double success” relationship between customers and China Life.

  Eight major rights and interests of financial consumers series posters

In order to further disseminate the eight major rights and interests of financial consumers and express China Life’s attitude and determination to protect the legitimate rights and interests of financial consumers, China Life designed and formed a series of posters on the eight major rights and interests to explain the specific meaning of the eight major rights and interests to consumers in an easy-to-understand and popular form.

Financial institutions shall disclose to financial consumers in a timely, truthful, accurate and comprehensive manner information that may affect their decision-making in plain language, fully remind them of risks, and shall not publish fraudulent information such as exaggerating product returns or covering up product risks, and shall not make false statements. or misleading propaganda.

Financial institutions shall, within the scope permitted by laws, regulations and regulatory provisions, fully respect the wishes of financial consumers, and allow consumers to make their own choices and decide whether to purchase financial products or receive financial services. No other unreasonable conditions shall be attached to the sale of products and services, and misleading means shall not be used to induce financial consumers to buy other products.

Financial institutions shall not set transaction conditions that violate the principle of fairness, shall not aggravate financial consumers’ responsibilities, restrict or exclude financial consumers’ legal rights in standard contracts, shall not restrict financial consumers from seeking legal remedies, and shall not mitigate or exempt their institutions from harming financial consumption. The civil liability that should be borne by the legal rights and interests of the owner.

Financial institutions shall protect the property safety of financial consumers in the process of purchasing financial products and receiving financial services in accordance with the law. Financial institutions should operate prudently, adopt strict internal control measures and scientific technical monitoring methods, strictly distinguish between the institution’s own assets and client assets, and must not misappropriate or occupy client funds.

Financial institutions should earnestly fulfill their responsibilities as the main body for handling financial consumer complaints, establish a multi-level complaint handling mechanism within the institution, improve complaint handling procedures, establish a complaint handling status inquiry system, improve the quality and efficiency of financial consumer complaint handling, and accept social supervision.

Financial institutions should further strengthen financial consumer education, actively organize or participate in financial knowledge popularization activities, carry out extensive and continuous daily financial consumer education, and help financial consumers improve their awareness of financial products and services and their ability to protect themselves. Improve the financial literacy and honesty and trustworthiness awareness of financial consumers.

Financial institutions shall respect the personal dignity and ethnic customs of financial consumers, and shall not discriminate and treat financial consumers differently because of their gender, age, race, ethnicity or nationality.

Financial institutions should take effective measures to strengthen the management of third-party cooperative institutions, clarify the relationship between the rights and obligations of both parties, strictly prevent and control the risk of financial consumer information leakage, and ensure the security of financial consumer information.

In the future, China Life will continue to adhere to the “people-centered” development philosophy, and will “Guard with care and rest assured“Consumer rights protection culture is integrated into all aspects of consumer protection work, speeding up the construction of a consumer rights protection work pattern that “everyone pays attention to and everyone participates in”, stimulates the endogenous motivation of consumer protection work, and effectively protects the legitimate rights and interests of financial consumers from infringement .

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