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3-15 is coming!Preview of Ping An Bank’s exciting credit card consumer protection activities

3-15 is coming!Preview of Ping An Bank’s exciting credit card consumer protection activities

“March 15 Financial Consumer Rights Day” is approaching. Ping An Bank Credit Card Center closely focuses on the theme of “Financial consumer protection is around to protect rights and prevent risks” and actively prepares a series of exciting and special activities, aiming to popularize financial knowledge and enhance awareness of consumer rights protection, and jointly create a harmonious and healthy financial consumption environment.

It is reported that the series of activities will be based on “Ping An Credit Card Consumer Protection, always accompanied by precise propaganda and education”, focusing on new citizens, college students, elderly people, and young groups, going hand in hand online and offline, and comprehensively organizing and carrying out consumer protection education in various forms and with rich content. activities to help consumers establish correct consumption concepts and improve awareness of financial risk prevention.

The consumer rights protection education and publicity activities of Ping An Bank Credit Card Center have affected the hearts of many consumers. What exciting activities are worth paying attention to?

  Focus 1: Implement senior management’s consumer protection activities to let the concept of consumer protection enter your mind and heart

During the “3·15” event, leading cadres of Ping An Bank’s Credit Card Center took the lead in focusing on consumer protection and jointly launched the “Executives Speak on Consumer Protection” event with Shenzhen Commercial Daily to bring the concept of consumer protection into their minds and hearts. It is embedded in the entire operation process to create a financial consumer protection working atmosphere in which everyone in the bank participates and fulfills their responsibilities.

  Focus 2: Targeting new citizen groups, popularizing financial knowledge in a fun way

With the diversified development of the financial market, problems arising from the consumption process are also increasing. Ping An Credit Card specially invites professional financial knowledge sharing officers to focus on hot topics such as financial management and consumption, share correct knowledge and concepts in an easy and interesting way, and guide everyone to invest rationally, safeguard rights in accordance with the law, and cherish personal credit value. This is not only a transfer of knowledge, but also an in-depth interpretation of consumer rights.

Ping An Credit Card is more in line with consumers. It integrates the knowledge of financial consumers’ rights and interests and launches an educational column with interesting stories called “cases to tell risks”, which can effectively help financial consumers enhance their own risk prevention and sense of responsibility, curb blind investment impulses and excessive consumption, and stay away from Illegal financial activities.

  Focus three: Create a financial anti-fraud script-killing live broadcast for the majority of young people

Under the guidance of the Shenzhen Supervision Bureau of the State Administration of Financial Supervision and Administration, the Shenzhen Banking Association, the Shenzhen Association of Foreign Financial Institutions, the Shenzhen Insurance Association, the Shenzhen Banking Consumer Rights Protection Promotion Association and the Shenzhen Insurance Consumer Rights Service Center Co-sponsored by Ping An Bank, the 10th “New Era of Financial Anti-Fraud” live broadcast will be hosted by Ping An Bank Credit Card Center. Innovate the interactive gameplay of propaganda and education, create a live broadcast model of script killing in the industry, combine the protection of consumer rights with the currently popular form of entertainment – script killing, and launch a live broadcast education activity with the theme of “Financial Anti-Fraud Script Killing”. Real-person interactive interpretation will help you understand consumer protection knowledge, further strengthen your awareness of consumer rights protection, and help you improve your ability to identify and prevent risks. Effectively help consumers understand risks and increase vigilance.

This unique live broadcast event will be officially launched on the official video account of Financial Insights at 18:00 on March 15, so stay tuned.

  Focus four: Targeting college students, launch the “Protect Campus, Youth Free from Fraud” campaign

Under the guidance of the Shenzhen Bank Consumer Rights Protection Promotion Association and other departments, Ping An Bank Credit Card Center and the Shenzhen Radio and Television Group Financial Life Channel jointly held the “3.15 Financial Consumer Protection on Campus” event in Shenzhen University Park on March 15. , aims to popularize financial knowledge among college students, help students enhance their self-protection capabilities, and build a solid financial defense for youth.

Various exciting interactive sessions will also be set up at the event. Participants will not only have the opportunity to receive generous gifts, but also learn practical financial knowledge in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

  Focus 5: Hold a grand “Declaration of Integrity” activity for the elderly in the community

In order to further consolidate the construction of a culture of integrity, care for the elderly in the community, and create a safe and stable financial environment, Ping An Credit Card Consumer Protection gathered financial strength to create the “Declaration of Integrity” activity.

The site will also provide financial knowledge services to consumers from a professional perspective through expert interaction, consumer rights protection knowledge consultation, etc., guide the healthy and orderly development of the financial industry, and enhance consumers’ sense of happiness. This event will be held grandly at Lianhuashan Park in Futian District, Shenzhen. Everyone is welcome to participate.

The person in charge of Ping An Credit Card Center said that this series of educational activities is a further deepening and implementation of the work of Ping An Bank Credit Card Center in protecting consumer rights and interests. In the future, Ping An Bank Credit Card Center will continue to innovate in the form of education and activity content, increase the protection of consumer rights and interests, and make Ping An everywhere. Let us look forward to this series of exciting activities together!

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