3.15 Consumer Rights Protection Education Publicity Week | PICC Life in action


This week, the branches of PICC Life actively carried out the “3.15” Insurance Consumer Rights Protection Education and Publicity Week with the theme of “Building an Honest Consumption Environment and Boosting Confidence in Financial Consumption”. Many institutions bring special care and care to the “one old, one young, and one new” group, popularize financial and insurance knowledge for them, and do a good job in protecting the rights and interests of financial consumers. Let’s take a look.

Caring for the “elderly” and raising the awareness of anti-fraud

Guangdong Yangjiang Branch entered Beishan Nursing Home to carry out “slow care” financial knowledge publicity for the elderly. Through “two watching, one listening, one talking, one moving”, it showed various cases of financial fraud, and more vividly made the elderly group vigilant against various types of financial fraud. Anti-fraud traps, telecommunications and network fraud and other risks.

Ningbo Branch went to Tianyi Community in Haishu District to carry out publicity and education activities for the elderly on illegal financial activities such as telecommunications fraud, pension scams, and illegal fund-raising, so as to enhance the awareness of fraud prevention among the elderly.

Jiangsu Wuxi Sub-branch went to Longgao Nursing Home to offer condolences, and reminded the elderly and disabled of financial consumption risks.

Caring for “one little” and enhancing self-protection ability

The Shaanxi Provincial Branch, together with the Shangluo Youth Center, went to Muhuguan Town Central Primary School to carry out the publicity campaign of “Lighting a lamp to warm a group of people” to care for left-behind children and send warm condolences.

Sichuan Dazhou Branch went to the Lianhu Campus of Sichuan University of Arts and Sciences to carry out 3.15 Consumer Rights Day publicity activities on campus, explaining “financial digital security”, “personal information or financial account security”, “eight basic rights and interests of financial consumers”, etc. Relevant content, guide young consumers to consume scientifically and rationally, and enhance consumers’ awareness and ability to protect their rights in accordance with the law.

Zhejiang Huzhou Sub-branch and Changxing Vocational Education Center’s automobile education major carried out financial knowledge into the campus activities, combined with a large number of real campus online loan cases to analyze the harm caused by online loans, and helped young students establish correct consumption concepts and stay away from “campus loans” and other illegal financial activities.

Focus on “new” and improve financial service satisfaction

Zhejiang Xinchang County Sub-branch entered the sanitation transfer station. Most of the sanitation workers were elderly. They popularized knowledge on prevention of illegal fundraising and protection of consumer rights and interests, and improved new citizens’ awareness of anti-fraud and self-protection ability.

The Qingdao branch came to the location of the morning meeting of Meituan Waimai, and explained the personal pension service policy to the food delivery guys, further explained the anti-fraud knowledge, anti-money laundering knowledge, and how to purchase financial products through formal channels, and learned about new developments through on-site Q&A. To meet the financial needs of citizens, and to expand precision services.

The Xiamen Branch went to Jimei Bus Group to publicize financial knowledge for bus drivers on the reform process of the national pension insurance, the construction of the third pillar pension system, and preferential tax policies for personal pensions.


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