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3.12 Arbor Day | “Green Tree City Silver” carbon road warriors, it is the right time to fulfill their “planting” responsibilities? Shanghai Bank employees jointly build the Great Green Wall of Northern Xinjiang in the public welfare forest

3.12 Arbor Day | “Green Tree City Silver” carbon road warriors, it is the right time to fulfill their “planting” responsibilities? Shanghai Bank employees jointly build the Great Green Wall of Northern Xinjiang in the public welfare forest

What can you do with 30 yuan? A cup of coffee, a light meal, a movie…or perhaps participating in a charity donation? The employees of the Bank of Shanghai actively responded to the call to build a beautiful China, starting from donating a Scotch pine tree to “plant” and build “green”.

Green is the background color of beautiful China and the quality of high-quality development. On March 12, on the occasion of the 46th Arbor Day, at the Hunshanda Forest Farm in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, the Scotch pine trees donated and planted by employees of the Bank of Shanghai were working hard to sprout new shoots, building a Great Green Wall and ecological security in Northern Xinjiang. barrier.

  “Plant” this green

  It’s the right time to fulfill our responsibilities as a “plant”

Inner Mongolia is an important ecological security barrier for North China, Northeast China, and Northwest China (referred to as the “Three Norths”) and even the whole country. A symposium on strengthening comprehensive desertification control and promoting the construction of key ecological projects such as the “Three Norths” was held in Inner Mongolia in 2023. It put forward clear requirements for highlighting the key points of governance and making every effort to fight the two major sand annihilation battles of Horqin and Hunshandake. Since 2018, the Hunshandake Large-scale Forest Farm has been a pilot large-scale forest farm of the National Forestry and Grassland Administration. It has afforestation of 1.76 million acres in five years and built a “sand retaining wall” for the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region.

In order to help Hunshandake win the battle to annihilate the sand, the Bank of Shanghai actively implements the concept of green development. Starting from 2023, it will donate funds within 5 years to plant 1,600 acres of Scotch pine at the Hunshandake Forest Farm, naming it the “Green Tree City” of the Bank of Shanghai. Silver” employee charity forest. This is also the first financial institution to actively participate in the battle to annihilate the Hunshandake Sand Land to help tackle the “Three North” project.

In June last year, after the call to “plant greenery and jointly build a green tree city” was issued, Bank of Shanghai employees actively donated planting and the public welfare forest project was officially launched. In August, the first year of planting was successfully completed. In September, Bank of Shanghai launched the public welfare forest function of the Carbon Points APP. Each employee can dynamically track the growth of Scotch pine through photos and videos on the APP. In October, Hunshandake large-scale forest farm in Duolun County, Inner Mongolia issued a project acceptance report. The survival rate of Shanghai Bank’s “Green Tree City Bank” employees’ public welfare forests was as high as 90%, which is higher than the national standard.

Today, after the ice and snow in Hunshandake in March melted, it is about to usher in vitality.Shanghai Bank"Green Tree City Silver"The employee public welfare forest has also begun to show its scale, further enhancing the grass vegetation coverage and soil and water protection, wind and sand fixation capabilities in the project area, and jointly building an important ecological security barrier in the north.

  “Tree” the future together

  “Green Tree City Silver” Carbon Roadrunner

The Shanghai Bank’s public welfare afforestation project was implemented in large-scale forest farms. It is another new form of public welfare afforestation model, that is, corporate employees voluntarily reduce emissions and individuals donate funds to participate in afforestation and greening. By organizing planting donations and launching the public welfare forest function of the Carbon Points APP, it also provides convenience for employees to “perform their responsibilities year-round, diversify their responsibilities, and perform their responsibilities conveniently.” At the same time, the implementation of the project will further enhance the green and low-carbon awareness of enterprises and the public, increase the asset income and labor income of farmers and herdsmen, and will lead more enterprises to participate in the ecological construction of the “Three North” project, which is an important step in promoting land greening. , a vivid practice of building a beautiful China.

The 2024 government work report lists “strengthening the construction of ecological civilization and promoting green and low-carbon development” as one of the ten major annual tasks, focusing on promoting comprehensive management of the ecological environment, vigorously developing a green and low-carbon economy, and actively and steadily promoting carbon peaking and carbon neutrality. and.

The Bank of Shanghai will thoroughly implement Xi Jinping’s thoughts on ecological civilization. On the road to fully achieving the “double carbon” goal, the Bank of Shanghai will make simultaneous efforts in green finance and green operations to continuously enrich the connotation of the green finance brand of “Green Tree City Bank” and jointly draw people’s hearts. A renewed picture of beautiful China living in harmony with nature.

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