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24 claims in 4 years “butler service” to support customers’ life “umbrella”

24 claims in 4 years “butler service” to support customers’ life “umbrella”

“We are grateful to Sunshine from the bottom of our hearts. Without this insurance, we might not even have the idea of ​​going to Tianjin for inspection. It is the insurance that saved my mother’s life and our family.” Inner Mongolia Branch of Life Insurance sent a pennant to express its sincere gratitude to Sunshine Life for its warm service.

Ms. Li’s family, a customer from Hangjinhou Banner, Bayannur City, Inner Mongolia, is a simple and down-to-earth local farmer. In 2020, Ms. Li became acquainted with Sunshine Life through a friend’s introduction, and purchased a “Sunshine Life Filial Piety Insurance for Malignant Tumor Disease Insurance” with an insured amount of 100,000 yuan through the Inner Mongolia Bameng Zhongzhi of Sunshine Life Insurance, and combined “Sunshine Life Ronghe (Family Insurance)” Version) Medical Insurance” (hereinafter referred to as “Convergence (Family Version) Medical Insurance”). At first, Ms. Li thought that buying insurance was just for peace of mind. Unexpectedly, since 2020, there have been 24 claims in four years. This insurance is Ms. Li’s greatest confidence in fighting against serious diseases, and has become the “umbrella” of her life and health.

Medical insurance + critical illness compensation first to secure the bottom line of medical care

Shortly after taking out the insurance, Ms. Li suffered a lumbar spine fracture due to an accident, which cost more than 30,000 yuan. After the medical insurance reimbursement, Ronghe (Family Edition) Medical Insurance will settle all the remaining part of the claim, and the total payment will be about 22,000 yuan.

In May 2021, Ms. Li felt unbearable pain in her waist. Accompanied by her family, she went to Tianjin Blood Disease Hospital for an examination. The bone marrow puncture report confirmed the diagnosis of “multiple myeloma”. , Contact the company’s claim staff as soon as possible to open the “Serious Illness Compensation First” service. The next day, 100,000 yuan in critical illness compensation was transferred to Ms. Li’s account, and she had not yet been discharged from the hospital. When receiving the payment text message, Ms. Li’s family was very excited and expressed their great recognition of Sunshine Life’s claim settlement speed and proactive service.

During the long process of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, the service personnel followed up in real time, assisted in sorting out materials, and applied for reporting and claim settlement. Customers did not need to go to the company to handle business in person. Ronghe (Family Edition) medical insurance reimburses the customer in full for outpatient expenses during and before and after hospitalization. In addition, the daily hospitalization also pays a critical illness allowance of 100 yuan. Up to now, the customer has applied for a total of 24 claims, and the claim amount is about 350,000 yuan.

Expense advance payment insurance service in a timely manner

During the treatment process, medical insurance can reimburse the expenses in the hospital in proportion, but the expenses outside the hospital cannot be estimated. According to Ms. Li’s son’s recollection: the mother went to Tianjin for medical treatment during her illness, and the hospital was unable to handle the hospitalization, so she had to stay in the nearest hotel outside the hospital. After being hospitalized, some medicines need to be purchased at the pharmacy at their own expense, and the mother’s body also needs to eat more high-protein foods to improve immunity. In this way, after more than a year of treatment, a series of expenses such as accommodation, self-paid medicine, nutrition, transportation, etc., the 100,000 yuan in critical illness compensation has been depleted.

In April 2023, Ms. Li was preparing for stem cell extraction before bone marrow transplantation. All the drugs used were imported at her own expense. Knowing this situation, the service staff of Sunshine Life Inner Mongolia Bameng Zhongzhi extended a helping hand again and applied to the company for advance payment service. Within 3 days, the company representative went to the hospital with cash to help pay the deposit. Like sending charcoal in the snow, Sunshine’s service once again impressed customers.

High-quality medical resources bring the dawn of life

Unfortunately, the client, Ms. Li, failed to extract stem cells due to physical reasons. The doctor said that she can only use the latest therapy-1.2 million one-shot CAR-T therapy. Currently, CAR-T drugs for the treatment of myeloma are being prepared for marketing, and she can be used as the first batch of patients. When the service staff learned about the situation, they immediately thought of Sunshine Life’s CAR-T service, helped customers to register in detail again, and assisted them to apply for drug services as soon as they were launched. Sunshine Insurance’s thoughtful service made the customer Ms. Li’s family see the dawn of saving lives.

The ultimate insurance protection and the sincere service of the staff made customers deeply feel the warmth of the sun. Ms. Li’s family sent a pennant to express their gratitude and said: “We are grateful to the sun from the bottom of our hearts. If there is no insurance, we may not even go to I didn’t even think about the inspection in Tianjin, it was the insurance that saved my mother’s life and our family.”

Because of Ms. Li’s personal experience, the client and the people around her have a deep understanding of insurance. In the follow-up service process, Ms. Li’s family members and relatives successively purchased Sunshine Life’s products. A relative of Ms. Li said: “Without insurance, we are like children without umbrellas. We are better off on sunny days, but if it rains, we can only rely on our scalps to withstand it. People often say that you bring an umbrella when you are sunny and food when you are full.” The reason is to plan for a rainy day, especially after hearing about Sister Li, I chose Sunshine without hesitation, because its warmth makes me feel at ease.”

As this customer said, insurance helps when times are difficult and adds to the blessings when times are good. Sunshine Life will continue to adhere to the core value pursuit of “everything for customers”, take customers as the center, provide customers with high-quality heart-warming services, and let people have more sunshine.

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