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2023 Tianjin International Tea Industry Expo opens grandly on September 14

2023 Tianjin International Tea Industry Expo opens grandly on September 14

Southern tea sales to the north·The first high-quality development seminar of Tianjin tea industry


On September 14, the 2023 Tianjin International Tea Industry Expo and Phoenix Dancong Tea Cultural Festival opened grandly at the Tianjin Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center! The exhibition site was filled with the fragrance of tea, crowded with people, beautiful Jiamingya utensils, and lively negotiations between suppliers and buyers!

Various parties are working together to promote the development of tea industry in North China

At the foot of Jiuhe River is Tianjinwei, with three pontoon bridges and two passes! Tianjin is located in the economic center of the Bohai Rim region and has developed water and land transportation. This year is the first year that the Hua Juchen Tea Expo has entered Tianjin. The organizing committee has linked up with major famous tea producing areas to set up exhibitions, carry out brand promotion meetings, forum events, etc., to provide well-known brand tea companies and tea companies from all over the country. Tea buyers, build a high-standard, professional, resource-gathering exchange and trade platform to help expand the channels for tea sales from the south to the north, promote exchanges and mutual learning of tea culture between the north and the south, and promote the development of the tea industry and the prosperity of tea culture in North China.

As Hua Juchen’s key tea exhibition in the Bohai Rim region, this Tea Expo fully mobilizes the resources of Hua Juchen’s platform, intensifies its efforts to expand professional buyers from all regions across the country, and invites many professional organizations and tea distributors across the country. Businessmen, investors, teahouses and other large purchasing groups come to visit, exchange and discuss cooperation. At the same time, we will carry out in-depth cooperation with local teahouses and tea cities in Tianjin to accelerate the efficient docking of tea production and sales, igniting a consumption boom in the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day tea market!

It is reported that this year’s Tea Expo covers an area of ​​25,000 square meters, with 1,200 international standard booths, focusing on six major tea categories, recycled tea, tea food, tea clothes, fine tea utensils, purple clay, handicrafts and other selected products from the entire tea industry chain. , from booth construction, product display, business interaction and other aspects, create a diverse and integrated consumption scene for the audience, provide a creative and interesting exhibition experience, and promote the high-quality development of Tianjin’s tea industry and exhibition industry.

Various tea gatherings create an autumn feast in Tianjin

This tea expo combines the cultural characteristics of Tianjin and is organically linked with the “Phoenix Dancong Tea Culture Festival”. It sets up an experience area of ​​”Smell the Smell and Know the Tea·Hundred Congs Compete for Tea” and strives to create the “Phoenix Dancong Tea” Bamboo Realm Tea The cultural aesthetic space and carefully planned “Phoenix Dancong Tea” cup series of cultural activities allow the audience to immerse themselves in the elegance of tea, help increase the popularity of Phoenix Dancong Tea, and promote the creative development of traditional tea culture.

On the first day of the launch, activities such as the South-North Tea Sales·Tianjin Tea Industry High-Quality Development Seminar, the China Star Teahouse (Tianjin) Summit Forum and the 2023 China Teahouse Industry Conference Launching Ceremony, “Enter Dayi, Understand Dayi, Understand Dayi” and other activities Wonderful performances in the tea culture area; in the bamboo tea culture aesthetic space of “Phoenix Dancong Tea”, you can smell the fragrance and meditate, drink tea and read the scriptures, the ancient charm of the Tang Dynasty – making tea cakes and making tea according to the tea scriptures – old tea (Northern China) Warehouse) Tasting Party and other tea gatherings were all held, attracting many tea lovers and tea guests to actively participate. The scene was filled with a joyful and harmonious atmosphere, and the atmosphere was very warm!

In the next three days, exciting competitions such as the “Phoenix Dancong Tea” Cup Tea Master National Selection Competition·Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Division, the “2023 “Phoenix Dancong Tea” Cup Ding Chengpin Tea Master·Tinmen National Tea Fighting Competition will be staged in turn. , let you feast your eyes! In addition, you can also visit the tea culture aesthetic space, experience the elegance of drinking tea and reciting poetry in the mountains and streams, and taste the unique charm of Fenghuang Dancong tea, “the king of tea fragrance, the fragrance of the king”!

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