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2023 Greater China Effie Awards Celebrity Marketing 2.0 Launched and Special Committee Successfully Held

2023 Greater China Effie Awards Celebrity Marketing 2.0 Launched and Special Committee Successfully Held

On March 7, the 2023 Greater China Effie Awards Celebrity Marketing Special Committee meeting was held at Tianxia Digital Technology Group and announced the new launch of Track 2.0. As the first special committee of the new season of the Greater China Effie Awards, the successful holding of this meeting also officially opened the prelude to this year’s competition.

This special committee adopts the combination of “video + on-site”, and invites 15 senior practitioners from brands, platforms, MCN institutions and agents to participate in the meeting, focusing on the definition and category division of the celebrity marketing track 2.0 Discussion, the actual effect helps the celebrity marketing track to be renewed and upgraded. At the same time, based on their own industry practice, discuss new trends in the development of celebrity marketing, fully communicate on hot spots, difficulties, and pain points in the industry, and contribute insights to empower the innovative development of the celebrity marketing ecology.

Three years of continuous strategic cooperation to dig deep into the marketing value of influencers

Celebrity marketing is extended and developed from social media. Compared with traditional marketing models, it has outstanding advantages such as low cost, high conversion, wide spread, and decentralization. And it has played a very important role in promoting the transformation of traditional consumer brands and the rise of new consumer brands.

With the improvement of the new economic system of celebrities, the advent of the Internet 3.0 era, and the development of emerging technologies such as blockchain and AI, the celebrity economy has also ushered in new opportunities for gold digging, but at the same time market competition has become more intense. Intensified, it has given birth to higher requirements for advertising effects and expansion needs in multiple fields, prompting influencer marketing to move towards a new stage where opportunities and challenges coexist.

Xu Haoyu, Managing Director, Greater China, Effie

Xu Haoyu, Managing Director of Effie Greater China, shared his expectations for the influencer marketing track 2.0: “Weiq is an old friend of Effie in Greater China. The two parties have reached a cooperation for three consecutive years and continue to focus on the influencer marketing field. 2022 In 2019, the Greater China Effie Awards newly upgraded the celebrity marketing track, and the number of cases exceeded 100. The number of MCN companies tripled compared with last year. The virtual spokesperson participated for the first time and became one of the most sustained and successful special tracks for the Effie Awards in Greater China.In 2023, Effie in Greater China will continue its strategic cooperation with WEIQ, and focus deeply on the innovative development trend in the field of celebrity marketing.Insight into industry changes, embrace market changes, and through continuous optimization of the influencer marketing track 2.0, empower the progress of the influencer marketing ecology,Discover more excellent marketing cases and create value for industry growth.

Shao Lei, General Manager of WEIQ Celebrity Marketing Platform

Shao Lei, general manager of Tianxiaxiu WEIQ celebrity marketing platform, shared: “This year is the third year we have cooperated with Effie, and it is also the second year that the two sides have jointly built a special track for celebrity marketing. In the track review last year , we are delighted to see many cases reported by companies, and have also discovered many new ideas and new strategies. Whether it is from the establishment of grass-planting minds or the transformation of effects, a complete closed loop can be formed in influencer marketing. Celebrity After experiencing rapid development, the personal marketing track will become an important channel for advertisers in the future.This year, we hope that through our cooperation with Effie again, we can truly help more companies use the new influencer marketing model to expand more room for brand value growth, bring more inspiration to everyone, and help the industry develop healthily.

After fully sharing and exchanging their outlook on the future of the celebrity new economy and their expectations for the Effie Awards celebrity marketing track 2.0, Effie in Greater China and WEIQ officially announced their strategic cooperation and jointly launched the 2023 Greater China Region The Effie Awards celebrity marketing track uses awards to empower the development of the industry and help the celebrity new economic industry upgrade.

The special committee worked together to discuss the optimization and upgrading of the track 2.0

At the special committee meeting, members from various fields proceeded from their own practical experience to discuss the definition and subdivision of this year’s track, and offered advice and suggestions for the celebrity marketing track 2.0. At the same time, the committee members conducted full exchanges on hot topics such as the current development trend of the celebrity marketing industry and new marketing methods, and shared new possibilities for the development of celebrity marketing from multiple perspectives. Finally, the 2023 Greater China Effie Award Celebrity Marketing Special Committee meeting was successfully concluded in the heated discussions of the guests.

After the meeting, the committee members who participated in the meeting visited the Tianxia Digital Technology Group together, more intuitively and truly experienced the cutting-edge technology of Tianxia WEIQ, which focuses on digital innovation, and understood that the innovative form of celebrity marketing empowers the industry and empowers the brand. The whole process of making a sound has deepened the sense of recognition that the establishment of the celebrity marketing track is at the right time.

The entry manual for the 2023 Greater China Effie Awards will be released on April 10, and the entry system will open on the same day. The preliminary review will be carried out from mid-June to the end of July, and the final review will be carried out at the end of August. Industry partners who are interested in the celebrity marketing track can focus on Effie in Greater China to follow the event dynamics.

The 2023 Greater China Effie Awards Influencer Marketing Track will continue to explore the actual effects of the influencer marketing field in the era of digital economy, deeply excavate high-quality cases in the industry and inspire practitioners to continue to innovate and try, and to accumulate more for the industry. Effective and referential practice standards and practical experience provide more basis and reference for the development of “breaking the circle” in celebrity marketing.

List of Members of 2023 Effie Awards Celebrity Marketing Committee

※The list of members of the special committee is in order of the initials of the surnames

Xu HaoyuManaging Director, Effie Greater China

Shao LeiGeneral Manager of Tianxiaxiu WEIQ Celebrity Marketing Platform

AlitaDeputy General Manager of Business Center of Bilibili Main Station

Chen LiGeneral Manager of SOUL Commercialization

Chen MoVice President of Market Public Relations and Artist Brokerage Management of Tencent Music Entertainment Group (TME)

Deng XiaojinCo-founder and COO of Jasmine Digital Technology Group

Hou YanGeneral Manager of Weibo Business Market

Huang LiangshuiWang Laoji Media Director, Deputy Brand Director and Deputy General Manager of E-commerce Company

Li JingGeneral Manager, Communications and PR, Procter & Gamble Greater China

Liu QianNational Commercial Marketing Director, Meitu Brand Marketing Business Center

Su XinCo-founder of Erka Media

Wang DongChaoyun Group Chief Operating Officer

Wang QianTisu VP

little demonBY-HEALTH Digital Marketing Director, Head of Growth Business Middle Office

Aoi NoharaHead of Dandelion Operations, Little Red Book

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