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2023 China Integrated Oncology Popularization Conference was successfully held in Tianjin

2023 China Integrated Oncology Popularization Conference was successfully held in Tianjin

  In cancer prevention and treatment, popular science comes first.On November 17, as the prelude to the 2023 China Conference on Integrated Oncology (CCHIO), the 2023 China General Conference on Integrated Oncology was successfully held in Tianjin.The conference adheres to the concept of “paying equal attention to academics and science popularization”, and aims to“Tracing back to the origin and seeking the source of medicine”As the theme, we trace the origin of the China Anti-Cancer Association and popularize science on cancer prevention and treatment.This conference is the first“Four Completes, Three Radiations, Seven Advances and One Guide”Global science popularization activity model for cancer prevention and treatment, gather together“Doctors, patients, and the public” brings a feast of science popularization of cancer prevention and treatment with “equal emphasis on academics and science popularization”.

  The meeting was chaired by Lu Wei, Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice Chairman of the Chinese Anti-Cancer Association and Secretary of the Party Committee of Tianjin Medical University Cancer Hospital.Academician Fan Daiming, Chairman of the Chinese Anti-Cancer Association,Honorary Chairman of China Anti-Cancer AssociationDirector of the National Clinical Medical Research Center for Malignant TumorsAcademician Hao Xishan, Director of the Science Popularization Department of the China Association for Science and Technology Gu Bin, Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of the Tianjin Municipal Health Commission Wang Xudong, Member of the Party Committee and First-level Inspector of the Tianjin Association of Science and Technology Lu Shuangying, Tianjin Medical UniversityDeputy Secretary of the Party Committee,headmaster,Tianjin Medical University Cancer HospitalDeputy Secretary of the Party Committee,Dean Hao Jihui,Pu Haozhe and Wu Yongzhong, vice-chairmen of the China Anti-Cancer Association, and Zhao Yong, secretary-general of the China Anti-Cancer Association,Zhi Xiuyi, Minister of Science Popularization Department,Tian Yantao, Chairman of the Science Popularization Committee,Rehabilitation Branch Chairman Shi Jianguo, Tianjin Science and Technology Press Editor-in-Chief Fang Yan and other experts, as well as patients from national rehabilitation organizations, totalMore than 1,200 peopleAttend meetings.

  Fan DaimingacademicianHe said that patients with different tumors have different symptoms and have various treatment methods. It is difficult to achieve optimal results by treating all cancer patients with a single method; applying all treatment methods to the same patient may lead to over-treatment.Therefore, every cancer patient needs to betailor-made“Let the common people and doctors work together to achieve the best treatment results. This is the direction of the development of oncology. By carrying out popular science education, publicity lectures and other activities, we can reach more people, arouse people’s awareness of cancer prevention and anti-cancer, and integrate academic knowledge into Combining science popularization, mutual help between doctors and patients, and using science to defeat cancer are also the original intention and significance of this conference.

  During the conference, “Feng Sheng (Sixth Edition)” edited by Academician Fan Daiming was released at this science popularization conference. With beautiful words and sincere feelings, the book tells sincere and vital anti-cancer stories, promotes positive anti-cancer energy, and delivers new power in the fight against cancer.

book donation ceremony

  Closing Ceremony of Comprehensive Science Popularization on Cancer Prevention and Treatment

  The event was carried out2023 Global Science Popularization Action on Cancer Prevention and TreatmentClosing ceremony.The eventThe concept of popular science knowledge is disseminated through various forms such as spring flowers and autumn fruits, good news conveyed by pigeons, expert free clinics, cross-sector publicity, media programs, Sinan transfers, charity book donations, national lecture tours, knowledge competitions, science popularization lectures, etc.

  Branches, professional committees and member units of the Chinese Anti-Cancer Association143 institutions participated in more than 1,000 offline and online activities such as science popularization, free clinics, and patient education, and national and local mediaMore than 500 platformsParticipate in live broadcasts, reports, and offline attendees110,000the total media reading amount reached1.5 billion passengers.Depend onChinese Anti-Cancer Associationorganized by Tianjin Medical University Cancer HospitalThe “Tracing to the Origin and Focusing on Precision Medicine” Cancer Prevention and Treatment Popular Science Knowledge Competition lasted for two months, with a total of 1,000 participants.More than 86,000 times,cover85 cities and counties.

Popular Science Knowledge Competition (Professional Group) Award Ceremony

Award Ceremony of Popular Science Knowledge Competition (Public Category)

  Popular science lectures

  Popular science lectureslinkIt was hosted by Professor Liu Hong, deputy director of the Academic Department of the Chinese Anti-Cancer Association and an expert in breast surgery at Tianjin Medical University Cancer Hospital.Chairman of the Cancer Rehabilitation Branch of the Chinese Anti-Cancer Association,Professor Jianguo Shi from the Institute of Cancer Research of Air Force Medical University shared “Teach You“Three Steps” to Prevent Cancer”. Professor Wei Xi from the Ultrasound Diagnosis and Treatment Department of Tianjin Medical University Cancer Hospital shared “It is not necessary to talk about the “knot” getting bigger”. Li Zhizhong (pseudonym: Pineapple), member of the Standing Committee of the Cancer Prevention and Treatment Science Popularization Committee of the Chinese Anti-Cancer Association, co-founder and secretary-general of the Shiyu Children’s Charity Foundation, combined the CACA guidelines’ cross-cut guidelines of “Prevention-Screening-Diagnosis-Treatment-Health, Evaluation-Support- “Control – Care – Health” shared 8 major misunderstandings about cancer.

  Academicians and patients face to face

  In the face-to-face salon of academicians, Academician Fan Daiming and Academician Hao Xishan interacted with three cancer rehabilitation patients.The three directions of “prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation” interacted with each other to create an extraordinary anti-cancer journey.

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