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2023 China Integrated Oncology Conference held in Tianjin

2023 China Integrated Oncology Conference held in Tianjin

Malignant tumors are important diseases that endanger people’s lives and health. Effective tumor prevention and control is related to the realization of national health in our country. On November 18, the 2023 China Integrated Oncology Conference, hosted by the China Anti-Cancer Association and hosted by Tianjin Medical University Cancer Hospital, Tianjin Anti-Cancer Association and China Institute of Integrated Medicine Development Strategy, officially opened in Tianjin. Experts and scholars from the global oncology community gathered in Tianjin to participate in the colorful “Tianjin” of oncology medicine through a combination of online and offline methods.

Hao Xishan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, director of the National Clinical Medical Research Center for Malignant Tumors, and director of the Tianjin Cancer Institute, was the honorary chairman of the conference. Fan Daiming, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and chairman of the Chinese Anti-Cancer Association, was the chairman of the conference. Lu Wei, Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice Chairman of the Chinese Anti-Cancer Association and Secretary of the Party Committee of Tianjin Medical University Cancer Hospital, is the executive chairman of the conference. Hao Jihui, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and President of Tianjin Medical University, and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and President of Tianjin Medical University Cancer Hospital, are the executive chairs of the conference.

This conference returned to Tianjin, the birthplace of Chinese oncology and the hometown of the Chinese Anti-Cancer Association. For the first time, it adopted the “1+N” format and was co-organized with more than 30 provinces and cities. Tianjin was the main venue and 1 main venue was set up. There are 18 theme venues, more than 100 sub-venues, and sub-venues are jointly held in more than 30 provinces and cities. Adhering to the theme of “Oncology prevention and treatment, winning through integration”, the integrated medical concept and service system will be brought to all parts of the country. At the opening ceremony of the conference, an award ceremony was held for the selected winners of the 2023 China Anti-Cancer Association Science and Technology Award and the Chinese Anti-Cancer Association Young Scientists. At the same time, a new book release ceremony for the “Chinese Anti-Cancer Association Integrated Diagnosis and Treatment Guidelines (CACA)” was held. It is reported that the China Anti-Cancer Association has launched the “Healthy China in Action and CACA Guidelines China Tour” event to focus on primary medical needs and invite authoritative experts to visit primary hospitals, communities and villages to give popular science lectures and free clinics to promote the implementation of CACA Guidelines at the grassroots level. , improve the chronic disease management and serious disease prevention and control capabilities of grassroots doctors, and help people’s health with practical actions.

This conference launched multiple rounds of international special sessions and Chinese and foreign academician forums to address global health challenges and convey the voice of China to the world. It also set up an industry-university-research summit forum to discuss strategies for transforming scientific research results and promote clinical research and innovative R&D resources in Tianjin and even the country. It has been put into practice in Tianjin, contributing wisdom and strength to the transformation of China’s innovative oncology achievements; convening science popularization conferences and science popularization training camps, where academicians answer patients’ confusions “face to face”, carry out all-round knowledge popularization of cancer prevention and treatment, and promote the concept of standardized diagnosis and treatment of tumors… from all over the world Academicians and oncology experts and scholars from many countries gathered in Tianjin to respond to the “Tianjin Initiative” of establishing the World Society for Integrated Oncology and the International Cancer Organization to share anti-cancer strategies and the latest progress in cancer prevention and treatment research, and further enhance the international reputation of China’s oncology field. have the right to speak and influence in the world, and contribute Chinese wisdom to the world’s anti-cancer cause.

Compared with previous conferences, this conference has achieved academic results with the largest number of participants, the widest coverage area, the greatest academic influence, the most comprehensive subject coverage, and the latest topic selection. The conference focused on hot topics in the field of cancer diagnosis and treatment such as the top ten cutting-edge developments in malignant tumors in my country, interdisciplinary research on the integration of medicine and engineering, and the frontiers of minimally invasive tumor surgery. Through exchanges and cooperation with international colleagues, the conference learned and absorbed advanced international scientific research results and experience. Integrate global scientific research resources and continue to promote the progress and development of scientific research and clinical practice in the field of oncology in my country. In the future, Tianjin Medical University Cancer Hospital will continue to face the world’s technological frontiers, major national needs, and people’s lives and health, effectively play the leading and leading role of high-level leaders, vigorously promote the connotative development of disciplines, and form a hospital with clear priorities, clear levels, and coordinated structures. , mutually supporting subject systems, create a new pattern of subject construction with peak leadership, layout optimization, and cross-integration, promote the construction and coordinated development of subject clusters, better serve the national strategic needs, and protect people’s lives and health.

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