2022 China Banking and Insurance Industry Annual Service Innovation Selected Cases? ICBC-AXA Life Insurance: Protecting New Citizens and Guaranteeing New Lives

2022 China Banking and Insurance Industry Annual Service Innovation Selected Cases? ICBC-AXA Life Insurance: Protecting New Citizens and Guaranteeing New Lives

  case background

At the beginning of March 2022, the “Notice on Strengthening Financial Services for New Citizens” (hereinafter referred to as the “Notice”) was issued, requiring banking and insurance institutions to pay attention to the needs of new citizens in key areas such as entrepreneurship, employment, housing, education, medical care, and pensions. Financial needs, strengthen product and service innovation. The state emphasizes the realization of common prosperity for all people, which is the essential requirement of Chinese-style modernization and socialism with Chinese characteristics.

Doing a good job in financial services for new citizen groups is of great significance for smoothing the national economic cycle, building a new development pattern, achieving high-quality development, and promoting new urbanization centered on people. , A necessary measure to promote the common prosperity of all people.

Based on this, ICBC-AXA Life Insurance Co., Ltd. has made active explorations around increasing the risk protection of new citizen groups, focusing on the needs and pain points of different new citizen groups in life, travel, employment and medical treatment. Starting from November 2022, The “Health Fund Donation Plan for New Citizens” and “Accident Insurance Protection Plan for New Citizens Struggle Without Worry” have been launched successively. At the same time, it has actively entered the community and enterprises, and carried out a number of special financial knowledge popularization lectures for new citizens. Through continuous innovation of products and services, ICBC-AXA Life is committed to providing comprehensive insurance protection, health consultation, popular science education and other warm financial services for new citizens to live and work in peace and contentment, so as to effectively help new citizens “get a foothold” in the city “Stay rooted” and pay tribute to the laborers.

  Case Features

(1) New Citizen Health Fund: Free Critical Illness Protection

“New Citizen Health Fund Insurance Plan” is a free critical illness protection product plan with an insurance amount of 8,000 yuan and a coverage period of 3 months. The product terms are easy to understand, and the insurance application process is simple and fast. It focuses on newly employed college students and migrant workers. Personnel and other new citizen groups who have a shortage of medical insurance for serious diseases, low economic income, and certain pressure on insurance premium investment. While providing critical illness protection, the Health Fund Donation Insurance Plan also provides new citizens with a thoughtful family health value-added service package, which includes a video consultation card for family doctors and a 50% discount card for family medicines. The whole-process online health service of online consultation and drug purchase after visiting a doctor allows new citizens to solve their minor health problems online without leaving home.

(2) Struggle without worry accident insurance: multi-scenario risk prevention

Considering the pain points of new citizens who are highly mobile and have flexible employment, such as takeaway riders, couriers, and housekeepers, who “did not dare to get hurt or seek medical treatment”, ICBC-AXA Life launched the “New Citizen Struggles No Worry Accident Insurance Protection” “Plan”, focusing on the high-frequency scenarios in the above-mentioned people’s work and daily life, providing them with insurance coverage covering bicycle, electric vehicle and motorcycle accidents, elevator accidents, and accidents on statutory holidays. The protection plan has a flexible term, low premiums, and an insured amount of up to 200,000. It is more worry-free and warmer, allowing new citizens to work hard in the city with peace of mind.

(3) Popular science publicity: convey warm financial sentiment

In order to let the public have a deeper and clearer understanding of the new citizen services, several branches of ICBC-Axa took the initiative to enter the community and enter the enterprise, and actively carried out financial knowledge popularization public welfare publicity activities, supported by warm financial services, Help new citizens better integrate into urban life emotionally and cognitively. Branches in Guangxi and Chongqing actively connect with companies with a relatively high proportion of new citizens such as Changan Ford and JD Logistics, and go deep into the front line of enterprises to promote and popularize insurance knowledge, financial anti-fraud knowledge, consumer rights protection knowledge, etc. for employees; Anhui Branch cooperates with local In the community, carry out targeted publicity for the new group of citizens who are migrants in the community, distribute anti-money laundering and anti-fraud financial knowledge publicity leaflets, and remind them to pay attention to the protection of personal financial information and financial assets through real case explanations.

  Typical results of the case

Case 1: In November 2022, 55-year-old Mr. Wang learned about ICBC-AXA Life’s “New Citizen Health Fund Insurance Plan” at the community financial knowledge publicity event at the gate of the community. Under his guidance, it took less than a minute to get a health insurance of 8,000 yuan for himself through ICBC mobile banking. In mid-January 2023, Mr. Wang went to the hospital for an examination due to abdominal pain and was diagnosed with a malignant liver tumor. In the process of accepting the doctor’s suggestion to carry out cancer treatment, Mr. Wang suddenly remembered the free health insurance critical illness insurance he received more than a month ago, and dialed the customer service hotline 95359 of ICBC-AXA Life Insurance with the mood of trying it out. The customer service staff listened carefully to Wang. After discussing Mr. Wang’s situation and claims, he will guide Mr. Wang in detail to upload the claims information through ICBC-AXA Life’s official WeChat account. After uploading simple claims information through the official Weibo, Mr. Wang soon received 8,000 yuan in critical illness insurance compensation. “I didn’t take it seriously when I listened to the publicity. I always felt that the insurance was a lie. I didn’t expect that the free insurance that I got at hand would actually settle the claim at a critical moment. The big company is reliable, and it also relieved me a lot of burden. “Mr. Wang said, “Those who follow their children to the city are afraid of adding burden to them, and hope to have more affordable insurance that suits us, so that we can spend our old age with ease and peace of mind.”

Case 2: After graduating, Xiao Zhang entered a local bank to work. He worked hard as a teller, and gradually became a customer manager. At the end of 2022, when recommending insurance products for customers, I noticed the new citizen health bonus insurance activity on mobile banking. After learning about the insurance plan in detail, I took one for myself after get off work that day. “I recommend insurance to clients every day, so I also have a certain awareness of insurance protection. I bought a lot of insurance before, but I just started working and my income is not high. Therefore, seeing that it is free critical illness insurance, I made a decision without saying a word. Got it.” Xiao Zhang recalled afterwards. At the end of January 2023, Xiao Zhang found abnormalities in the physical examination at the unit, and was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s diffuse large B-cell lymphoma after a follow-up visit at the hospital. Then Xiao Zhang’s family called the customer service hotline of ICBC-AXA Life Insurance 95359 to report a claim. “This free insurance is equivalent to nearly 10,000 more insurance coverage for me, which is equivalent to more than one month’s salary. Fortunately, I have equipped myself with critical illness insurance. Otherwise, for a new worker like me, The pressure on medical expenses is too great.”

Since the plan was launched in November 2022, ICBC-AXA Life Insurance has provided free health insurance and critical illness protection for more than 20,000 new citizen customers, with a total insured amount exceeding 100 million yuan, escorting new citizens to integrate into new cities and new lives.

  Experts recommend

New citizens are honorable laborers of urban construction. ICBC-AXA Life pays close attention to the various difficulties and security needs of new citizens in their employment and life. Through continuous improvement and innovation of products and services, it helps new citizens realize their dreams of new cities and enjoy a new life, which fully demonstrates the “people-centered “Value is also a concrete manifestation of serving laborers.

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