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2 billion in the first phase!China Life Helps 100,000+ Small and Micro Enterprises Realize Their Dreams

2 billion in the first phase!China Life Helps 100,000+ Small and Micro Enterprises Realize Their Dreams

  Small and micro businesses are active, employment is stable, and the economy is thriving. Small and micro enterprises are not only the “job-absorbing”main force“, and it is the “” that drives investment and promotes consumptionnew forceGeneral Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that we must do everything possible to protect market players and accumulate basic strength for economic development.Helping small and micro enterprises is related to the vitality of the market and the development of people’s livelihood.

  Recently, China Life Investment Company, a subsidiary of China Life Insurance Group, successfully initiated the establishment of “China Life Investment-Tuoshang Asset Support Plan” (hereinafter referred to as “the Plan”), and completed the first phase2 billion yuanSolicitation and issuance.The total shelf size of this plan10 billion yuanthe underlying assets are small and micro business owners and individual industrial and commercial households operating loans issued by trust companies and actively managed by banks, and banks provide asset transfer services.2 billion yuanwill benefitMore than 100,000 householdsSmall and micro business owners and individual industrial and commercial households fully highlight the coverage and availability of inclusive financial services and improve the quality and efficiency of serving the real economy.

  Since the “Plan for Promoting the Development of Inclusive Finance (2016-2020)” was issued, China Life has always regarded the development of inclusive finance as aServe the national strategy,Serving the real economy,Serving the people’s livelihoodimportant starting point. This plan is coordinated by China Life Investment Company and its affiliated China Life Gold and Stone Company, with China Life Gold and Stone Company serving as the financial consultant, in-depth cooperation with leading institutions in the inclusive finance industry, relying on asset-backed plans and other product forms, to give full play to the professional capabilities in the field of inclusive finance, actively serve the real economy, and support the development of small and micro enterprises.

This plan is another innovative practice of China Life Investment Company to actively serve the national strategy and continue to develop inclusive finance after the successful registration and issuance of the Tuoxing and Tuoxin asset-backed plans in 2022. At present, China Life Investment Company has established an inclusive finance business team to coordinate and promote the implementation of inclusive finance business and post-loan management. With the promotion of the business team, this plan efficiently completes product filing, which enriches the company’s inclusive financial asset securitization business types.

  In the future, China Life Investment will continue to actively serve the development of inclusive finance,Business Innovation,structural design,market expansionWe will continue to promote the registration and issuance of inclusive financial assets, support the real economy with practical actions, and fulfill the mission of central enterprises.

  China Life Investment Company is a professional alternative investment platform under China Life Insurance Group, and it is also the first large-scale insurance asset management company in China that focuses on alternative investments.By the end of 2022, the company’s cumulative contract sizeOver 680 billion yuanassets under managementOver 430 billion yuanIn 2022, the total new registration scale of equity investment plans, debt investment plans, asset-backed plans, and private equity fundsover 110 billion yuan, occupying the leading position in the industry. The company adheres to the “Serve the national strategy,Serving the real economy,Serving the people’s livelihood“As its own responsibility, give full play to the core advantages of alternative investment in long-term investment, value investment, and stable investment, reflect the political and people-oriented nature of state-owned financial enterprises through investment projects, and continuously improve professionalism. Through professional division of labor and integrated development, each business line fully participates in investment in various fields such as infrastructure, real estate, equity, inclusive finance, and special opportunities, and actively contributes to the comprehensive construction of a socialist modern country.

  China Life Goldstone Company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Life Investment Company, which holds the qualification of insurance private equity fund manager of China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission and the qualification of private equity fund manager of China Fund Industry Association.Nearly 50 billion yuan.China Life Goldstone Company will always supportServing the real economy,Develop Inclusive Finance,Support financial supply-side reformAs its own responsibility and mission, it is committed to building a domestic first-class and industry-leading insurance private equity management platform.

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