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14 tips: Make your iPhone 15 battery last longer

14 tips: Make your iPhone 15 battery last longer

  Every time Apple releases a new iPhone or operating system, many people complain about battery life issues, and this year is no exception.. Although some are caused by background synchronization and other operations after updating the system, there are still some mobile phone batteries that are indeed not as durable as before.

In any case, there are still some ways to make the iPhone 15 battery last longer. Let’s take a look at them below.

  1. Turn off live activity

Live Activities allow apps to update notifications in real time on the lock screen or on an animated island, and especially in iOS 17, Live Activities are being used more frequently than before. Coupled with the always-on screen function of iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro models, power consumption increases significantly.

  Open Settings – Face ID & Passcode, enter the lock screen password and then scroll down. Under the Allow access while locked column, turn off the switch next to Live Activity..

  2. Delete lock screen and home screen widgets

Apple has introduced interactivity in iOS 17, allowing you to perform some operations directly on the lock screen without opening the software. Therefore, it is recommended to delete unnecessary widgets to save power.

  3. Turn off live voicemail

Live Voicemail can transcribe the caller’s voice message in near real-time. Since this feature is displayed directly on the lock screen, it is best to turn this feature off if you want to preserve battery life.only need toOpen Settings-Phone-Live Voicemail and then turn off the switch..

  4. Turn off AirDrop at close range

When two iOS 17 system iPhones are relatively close, the AirDrop transfer protocol based on close proximity will be activated. If this function is continuously triggered, the battery power will soon be exhausted.It is best to go to Settings-General-AirDrop and then turn off the function..

  5. Disable tactile feedback

This feature provides vibration feedback when using the keyboard and also increases battery consumption.This functionYou can turn it off in Settings – Sound & Touch – Keyboard Feedback.

  6. Turn off the always-on display (applicable to iPhone 15 Pro)

As the name suggests, the always-on display can display information such as time and notifications on the screen after the screen is locked. Although the refresh rate is only 1Hz, it will still increase power consumption.The method to turn it off is Settings-Display & Brightness-Always Display and then turn it off..

  7. Use static wallpapers

  There is no doubt that animated wallpapers consume more battery than static wallpapersso if you want your phone to last longer, it’s best to choose a static wallpaper.

  8. Use focus mode

The iPhone’s focus mode can significantly reduce the number of notifications received. Fewer notifications mean fewer times the screen is lit. At the same time, the focus mode can also set which applications can send notifications and when, thus avoiding unnecessary notifications and not missing important messages.Open Settings-Focus Mode and customize your own settings..

  9. Limit when and how often apps can access location information

Restricting an app’s background location permissions can also extend battery life.You can customize the application permissions through Settings-Privacy and Security-Location Services.

  10. Restrict apps from using Bluetooth

In addition to location information, limiting the Bluetooth permissions of applications can also extend iPhone battery life.Open Settings-Privacy and Security-Bluetooth to customize Bluetooth permissions.

  11. Turn on low power mode

  It doesn’t require too many manual settings. Low power mode is the most obvious way to improve battery life.. This feature can be turned on in the Control Center, Settings – Battery, or directly through Siri. You can also set the battery to automatically turn on at a specific power level.

  12. Manage power-hungry applications

  Open Settings-Battery to see battery usage statistics. Here you can see which software consumes more power.. You can uninstall the ones you don’t need very much, and you can limit background activities if you really need them.

  13. Limit background activity

Even if there are not many apps open, they will be refreshed in the background, so limiting background activities is also very useful to improve battery life.Can be managed in Settings-General-Background App Refresh.

  14. Turn down screen brightness

This is a very useful method, but it may reduce the user experience, so it is recommended not to play with the phone in the sun.

These settings are not only applicable to iPhone 15 and iOS 17, but other iPhones as well.Not all of these methods need to be used. You can choose what you need and what you don’t need. After all, what suits you is the best..

Do you have any battery saving tips for iPhone? You can leave a message in the comment area to discuss together.

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