12306 official detailed explanation of “free high-speed rail ride”

12306 official detailed explanation of “free high-speed rail ride”

Recently, “free high-speed rail ride” has aroused heated discussions among netizens, and related topics topped the Weibo hot search list.

However, there are still many people who have not figured out how to operate it.So how can you take the high-speed rail for free? A nanny-level tutorial is here!

Taking the railway 12306APP as an example, the user first needs to register as a frequent flyer member of “Railway Express”, open the railway 12306APP, and then click “Railway Membership” at the bottom right.

After entering the new interface, click “Log In Now” to activate as a “Railway Express” member.

Then the user needs to apply for membership activation online through face recognition. After the points account is successfully activated, we will officially become members of “Railway Travel”. It should be noted that you must first register and activate the membership, and then purchase tickets to enjoy the points service.

So how to score? How to accumulate and redeem points?

First of all, when redeeming points, use them according to the principle of first accumulating points and first consumption. The points for taking a bus are calculated by multiplying the face price by 5, and the points are calculated in units of “points” and rounded off. For example, if the ticket price is 10 yuan, the user can get 50 ride points after purchasing the ticket.

When the points accumulated for the first time reach 10,000 points, the user is qualified for the first redemption, and 100 points are equivalent to 1 yuan.

In addition, not all trains can be exchanged with points, only the trains with the word “redee” can be paid with points when querying the train information. In addition, tickets redeemed by points can be rebooked, but refunds and arrival changes are not available.

If you find that there are omissions in the travel points, you need to submit an application for point replacement through the website, station member service window, and railway customer service center within 90 days (including the day) after the driving date stated on the ticket.

Not only that, the points can also be used by others, and each member can set up to 8 assignees (excluding the member himself). The transferee needs to pass the verification of identity information to take effect. The assignee will take effect 60 days (including the day) after the successful addition.

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