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【Homeopathy Topic】Repair damaged genes to stimulate the body’s self-healing power

【Homeopathy Topic】Repair damaged genes to stimulate the body’s self-healing power

(Ipoh News) People who suffer from gallstones or kidney stones often say that once the onset occurs, they are in excruciating pain. Some even describe the pain as worse than a woman giving birth!

Some stones accumulate for too long and cause the organ to become inflamed. If the bacteria infect or enter the blood, it will form sepsis and even pose a fatal risk!

Western medicine believes that in order to completely resolve gallstones or kidney stones, in addition to surgery to remove the stones or surgery to shatter them, a huge amount of medical expenses will also be spent. However, some people have to face sequelae after surgery to remove the gallbladder.

In fact, can liver gallbladder and kidney stones be prevented?

It is reported that as long as it does not deteriorate, there are ways to let it out naturally, one of which is to use “homeopathic natural therapy”.

Chen Yusi, a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine and homeopathy.

Once there are stones in the gallbladder and kidney, what kind of impact will it have on the body?

Chen Yusi, a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine and homeopathic medicine, pointed out: “If the stone stays quietly, the patient will not feel any abnormality, but if the stone moves, the patient will feel restless and even roll on the ground in pain. Some will vomit, and some will eat it. After eating greasy food, I kept hiccupping. In the early stage, many people didn’t know that it was caused by stones, and most of them thought it was a bad stomach, because they would have stomach pain, bloating, and irregular bowel movements.”

Chen Yusi used the energy meridian instrument to detect the current condition of the case.

Pain-free discharge in just 8 hours

“In severe cases, the gallbladder will become inflamed, and some people will feel pain and discomfort in the right shoulder, because the reaction point of the gallbladder is in the right shoulder. If the stone is blocked and the bile leaks into the blood, the body will also turn yellow. Severe inflammation of the bile ducts or gallbladder can be life threatening if it causes peritoneal infection or sepsis.”

“If there is a kidney stone and it falls out, whether it is in the ureter or the bladder, it will cause pain when it presses on the nerve line, and it will also cause difficulty in urination and hematuria, that is, the color of the urine is pink and has a fishy smell, and the back and waist area It hurts. If you have a bacterial infection or develop sepsis, it can also be life-threatening.”

She said that when gallstones or kidney stones occur, modern medical methods include taking medicines to relieve pain and injecting injections to dilate the ureter and let the stones pass out. If the stone is too large, surgery or minimally invasive surgery can be used to remove the stone or crush the kidney stone.

The more common gallstone deterioration is to inflame the gallbladder and need to be removed. She reminded that if it is not too serious, homeopathy can actually help to reduce inflammation and detoxify, and remove waste to restore function. After all, if the gallbladder is cut off, it will affect the body to some extent.

She pointed out that if the gallbladder is removed, many foods cannot be eaten, such as oily food, which will cause diarrhea, because there is not enough bile to digest greasy food. Some people also have constipation problems, and at the same time lack of bile to help the large intestine detoxify, so it will increase the toxins in the large intestine, and may also increase the risk of colorectal cancer; if the kidney stone causes inflammation or damage to the kidney, it may also be forced to remove one side, and I am afraid in the future It can also cause reduced kidney function or even the risk of kidney dialysis.

“The advantage of homeopathy is that there is no need for surgery, and it only takes 8 hours to start excreting stones and waste from the body naturally, and there is no pain.”

After homeopathic hepatobiliary detoxification, most people will expel stones and waste after 8 hours.

If these stones do not move, the patient will be unconscious, but once they attack and move, it will be painful. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent the occurrence of these stones and do deep detoxification regularly.
Cholesterol stones: white-yellow, gray-yellow, yellow.
Pigment stones: dark green, brown, black; bilirubin calcium salt mixed type is also different, due to the accumulation of time, long-term diet, taking drugs to form different colors and shapes.

Detoxification can be started after the age of 40

“Traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes on the prevention of disease through work, so the best way is to prevent it before it happens.” She suggested that people over 40 years old, whether they have stones or not, might as well go for liver and gallbladder detoxification in advance, so as to reduce the accumulated amount in the body. Ten years of waste discharged to maintain health.

She pointed out that if a person’s body has not undergone detoxification, when there is a problem, even taking too much medicine or health care products will not be able to achieve the effect, because the spleen and stomach are not well absorbed, blocked by waste, and the Qi and blood are not smooth. kick in? In the end, it will only form more and more drugs. If you have carried out deep detoxification, after the body has been cleaned and adjusted, taking medicine will take effect faster when something happens, and you don’t need to take too many nutritional supplements at ordinary times.

Chen Yusi pointed out that “homeopathy” is one of the more systematic and modern natural treatments, and has a history of more than 200 years. It was founded in the 18th century by a German doctor, Samuel Hahnemann.

Homeopathy, also known as homeopathy, is also an alternative therapy. At that time, Dr Samuel was very disgusted with bloodletting, leeches, pumping cans, laxatives and arsenic, etc., which were used as the main therapeutic medium. It happened that he found that after taking a small amount of cinchona bark to treat malaria in a healthy condition, his body appeared Malaria-like symptoms.

After a course of treatment for the patient, his health has greatly improved after 3 months of treatment.

Framing the theory of like rule over like

So he let healthy friends take Cinchona Cream, and these people soon developed the same symptoms as malaria patients, such as fever, rapid pulse, and cold limbs. This made him think that the reason why these medicines can have therapeutic effects is because they can produce the same symptoms to “fight poison with fire”, so he constructed the treatment theory of “like cures like”, after continuous research and development, finally formed Homeopathy.

“Homeopathy is a holistic treatment. By repairing damaged genes, balancing the weak magnetic field of cell quantum, and stimulating the body’s self-healing system and body’s self-repair function, it can quickly, safely and naturally heal diseases.”

The medicament of this therapy uses various natural plant, mineral or animal ingredients, after highly diluted and oscillating, its energy is used to make a micro-medicine to stimulate the patient’s own resistance to achieve the effect of rehabilitation. At the same time of treatment, medical records must be matched. Therefore, homeopathic physicians will also inquire about the patient in great detail, including understanding all the physical, emotional and spiritual symptoms of the patient, as well as past health experiences.

Chen Yusi, who was originally qualified as a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, met Dr. Daniel Wong, who returned to Malaysia from Australia by chance more than 20 years ago, and taught her homeopathy. She felt that the theory of homeopathy and traditional Chinese medicine were very Like, so I decided to pass it on to serve the public.

The Indian lady was taken care of by Chen Yusi for 10 years.

The 81-year-old aunt from Alor Setar came for gallstone treatment for the second time, 11 years apart, no gallbladder surgery was necessary.

Credibility must be established between doctors and patients

She said that there are more than 6,000 kinds of formulas used in homeopathy, and there are countless materials. Due to the meticulous manufacturing process, the actual raw material cannot be seen or even detected. Its finished products come in many shapes, including granules, powders, tablets and water, and are quickly absorbed by the body and matched with the energy of the body.

“Some medicines are placed under the tongue and spread from the veins to the whole body system through the promotion of energy, just like the principle of acupuncture and moxibustion.”

She pointed out that if homeopathy is to achieve better results, the most important thing is to establish a trusting attitude between doctors and patients. During the treatment process, the doctor must accompany and guide, and the patient must also obey, so as to achieve the goal faster. recover. She emphasized that the main service is to prevent or incipient disease, and if serious illness occurs, she will be helpless.

gallstones in stool

Kidney stones in urine

The human body is constantly detoxifying naturally, including defecation, sweating, menstruation, eye and earwax, etc. However, the toxins in the body cannot be easily discharged, and external methods must be used to deeply detoxify.

Chen Yusi pointed out that if you want to prevent and maintain health care, you should first focus on liver and gallbladder detoxification, because the bile produced by the liver must pass through the bile duct and then flow to the gallbladder. Or waste, these things must be discharged through deep detoxification, so as not to cause blockage or stones; as for those who already have gallstones or kidney stones, stones can also be removed through homeopathy. Gallstones pass through the stool, while kidney stones pass through the urine.

Generally, it can be cleared after 3 rows

In terms of treatment, patients generally communicate with her on the phone and make an appointment. During the meeting, there will be half an hour to one hour of consultation and testing. As for the whole course of treatment, it will take two hours, including explanations, understanding the patient’s life and previous experience with traditional Chinese medicine, testing the patient with the energy meridian instrument, and understanding the functions of the patient’s liver, gallbladder, heart and lungs, etc. Afterwards, medication ( Give energy medicated oil or other formulas to help soften the stones so that they can be easily discharged), and the doctor will accompany and guide you throughout the process.

During the process, the doctor will also instruct the patient on how to eat and drink next, and also ask the patient to cooperate with her schedule and method within a few days after returning home, and report to her at any time, so as to closely track the progress of the treatment progress.

Usually after 8 hours, the patient will start to excrete the waste or stones in the body. Generally, the removal can be completed after 3 excretions, which can be completed within 3 to 10 days. Physicians will also ask patients to bring back some energy formula (pills or mineral powder) to boost vitality and rejuvenate the liver and gallbladder.

“If there are stones in the body, it can be discharged, but if it is a raw polyp, it cannot be discharged and needs to be treated separately. After one detoxification, it can be maintained for at least three to five years without major problems. Some people come more frequently because of needs. Find me to detoxify again, because the stones will come back repeatedly.”

58-year-old Physician Chen Yusi has been practicing homeopathy for 20 years, and she has treated more than 3,000 patients. He once published a book, “Live Joyfully, Live Healthily”, which collected more than 80 health-related sketches.

She said that at the beginning, she went to study Chinese medicine just to increase her knowledge. After graduation, she never thought of engaging in Chinese medicine services until she met her mentor, Dr. Wang Yerong, who not only taught her homeopathy, but also advised her to apply what she had learned. use it to help people.

Seek medical attention if condition worsens

At the same time, when her mother was only in her 60s, she was obese and suffered from joint problems for more than ten years. Physician Wang Yerong used homeopathy to detoxify her mother. As a result, a small gallstone full of gallstones was discharged, and her mother also regained health. This effect brought her great shock and encouragement, so she decided to carry forward this medical skill. The liver and gallbladder detoxification, gallstone and kidney stone treatments she is serving the public are all inherited from her mentor.

At present, her mentor has passed away, and she continues to pass on the “New Generation Homeopathic Natural Care Center” named by him. In addition to homeopathy, she also uses Chinese medicine to serve the people.

She said that treatment is about fate rather than force. Only when patients have fate with her and have confidence in her methods can they have this opportunity. But if the other party’s condition has deteriorated, she will not ask the other party to take risks, but will persuade the other party to seek medical treatment from a specialist. After all, she focuses on preventive health care.

Kidney stones no longer recur after 10 years of treatment ※Ouyang Jianqiao (over 50 years old)

Ouyang Jianqiao is a famous clown. He has always suffered from kidney stones. Due to his work, he rarely drinks water to avoid going to the toilet. He also likes strong food, which has resulted in a lot of kidney stones over time.

If the stone stays in the kidney obediently, he will not feel it. Once it falls out of the kidney, it will make him miserable. He had an attack 10 years ago, and he described the pain as harder than giving birth to a child.

back pain bloodshot urine

“It didn’t have a warning, and it hurt so much that I couldn’t sit still when it came. The back and waist were especially painful and hot, and there were bloodshots when I urinated. I just went to Johor for a show. I couldn’t bear it. No, I finally got an injection to make the dilation of the urethra under control.”

After a scan, he found that there were many stones in his kidneys. The doctor originally asked him to operate, but he was worried about the sequelae and delayed the operation. Moreover, the technology at that time was not as advanced as it is today. Someone just recommended him to see Dr. Chen Yusi, and the doctor treated him. After a few months, the attack finally stopped, and it has lasted for 10 years.

He said that the kidney stones are recurring now. After all, it has been 10 years since the last time he passed the stones. Recently, he also had a seizure in the middle of his work. Because of the lessons learned, he went to the hospital for an injection to let the stones pass with urine, and the result was passed out. A stone with a size of 3 to 4mm was scanned, and there was a stone more than 10 mm inside.

At present, he has not decided whether to undergo surgery or accept homeopathy, but he does not deny that Dr. Chen’s method is natural and will not have adverse effects on the body. Recently, a foreigner friend who works in a circus also had a kidney stone attack. He introduced him to Dr. Chen, and it is known that the attack has not occurred again.

Drink plenty of water and don’t hold back your urine

“I am a person who has seen ghosts and is afraid of the dark. I would like to advise everyone that no matter what industry you are in, you must drink plenty of water, go to the toilet more, and don’t hold back your urine. You should also get enough sleep and try not to eat too sweet or too salty to be able to eat. stay healthy.”

Ouyang Jianqiao was dying of pain from kidney stones. Between surgery and homeopathy, he chose to be treated by Dr. Chen Yusi. As a result, he passed through 10 years safely.

Painkillers for recurrence during pregnancy

Successful discharge of 2 large capsules before delivery ※Ms. Ye (41 years old)

When Ms. Ye had a kidney stone attack 2 years ago, she was just 5 months pregnant and during the epidemic, she didn’t want to take the risk of going to the hospital to solve it. Later, she saw Dr. Chen Yusi’s natural stone removal method on Facebook, so she went to Dr. Chen. And successfully discharged 4 to 5 stones before delivery, and now the child is 1 and a half years old.

She said that she knew about life stones when she was more than 10 years old. At that time, she drank a lot of water or jumped rope to expel the stones.

“These stones made me suffer a lot, especially when the urethra got stuck again. The pain was so severe that I couldn’t even sleep. I had to go to the doctor and take painkillers to catch my breath.”

The drug grinds the stones down

She was pregnant with her first child at the age of 33, and the seizure occurred when the fetus was 3 months old. She had to go to the hospital for injections and drink a lot of water to let the stones out.

Two years ago, at the age of 39, she was pregnant with her second child and faced the same problem. But this time, there were many and large stones, which were not easy to discharge by drinking water. The doctor suggested that she use a laser to break them up after giving birth, but she was worried that it would worsen during pregnancy. The doctor used a natural method, and the medicine was just some energy pills, so she decided to ask Dr. Chen to help her.

“The doctor gave me small balls like energy sugar, and told me to drink a lot of water. I believe that the energy medicine can help to grind and soften the stones. I saw some powder during urination, and the stones were ground or crushed. Pass it out, and it won’t cause any more pain.”

pebbles in urine

She said that earlier, two mung bean-like pebbles were excreted along with the urine. When she was about to give birth, two large pebbles were excreted back and forth, one of which was 1cm in size, and the sharp edge was still bleeding!

“Because it was too painful, I asked my husband to crush it to vent my anger. After giving birth, the stones have not recurred.”

Ms. Ye was also tortured by stones when she was pregnant. After seeing Dr. Chen for treatment, several stones were passed out, two of which were 1 to 1.5cm in size.

Improve cholesterol problems

no surgery

Save the surgery fee

※Mr. Liu (56 years old)

Mr. Liu is a car paint technician. He has high cholesterol. He has taken medicine for four or five years, but his condition has not improved. He will continue to sweat when he is working.

He also occasionally rides a bike. A year and a half ago, he suddenly felt weak while riding and had angina pectoris, so he went to a private hospital for examination. Later, he was referred to a government hospital. After a more detailed examination, the doctor said that he had three blood vessels blocked, two of which were blocked by 40 to 50%, and the other was blocked by 80%. Surgery was required to place a stent, and an appointment was made for half a year. later.

Receive treatment to expel gallstones

During this period, Mr. Liu searched all kinds of prescriptions, and asked Dr. Chen to perform internal organ deep cell energy detoxification treatment for him one month before the operation. Later, some gallstone particles, stool, and a lot of waste and dirty water were excreted. His cholesterol has also improved since then.

One month later, he was supposed to go to the hospital for an operation, but the doctor diagnosed that he didn’t need it! Because 80% of the heart vessels were blocked half a year ago, only 50% of them were blocked on the same day, so there is no need for surgery for the time being, and I just told him to go home and take a good rest, which surprised him and saved a lot of surgery fees.

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