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【Dragon Bank??Start a New Journey】Shanghai Bank New Year Welfare View here

【Dragon Bank??Start a New Journey】Shanghai Bank New Year Welfare View here

The New Year is approaching, and the joyful “New Year” atmosphere is getting stronger. This is the time when demand for financial services peaks. Bank of Shanghai’s “Auspicious Dragon” zodiac card, debit card and credit card full discount discounts, year-end bonus product plan… Bank of Shanghai’s financial services are very popular in the New Year, conveying deep warmth everywhere, and protecting our customers to spend a happy and peaceful year.

  “Auspicious Dragon” brings “zodiac blessing”

The Year of the Dragon is coming soon. If you have collected the Year of the Dragon Lunar New Year banknotes, coins, and the Year of the Dragon Zodiac Dragon Tickets, you must not miss the Bank of Shanghai “Auspicious Dragon” Zodiac Debit Card.

In 2024, the “Auspicious Dragon” is coming, the New Year is approaching, everything is renewed, and the “dragon” of Shanghai Bank’s “Auspicious Dragon” zodiac card is back on stage. “Auspicious Dragon” is inspired by the “Auspicious Dragon Soaring”, using ring bead processing technology and using exquisite and elegant lines to outline a strong and elegant soaring auspicious dragon. Paired with the auspicious clouds made with white shell craftsmanship, it forms an oriental New Year picture of “auspicious dragons soaring and good luck in the head”, conveying the beautiful meaning of good fortune and good fortune in the new year.

Recently, Bank of Shanghai has launched a series of consumption promotion activities with the theme of 2024 “New Year’s Eve Shopping Season”. Focusing on the theme of “Dragon Dance in Shanghai’s Spring Business District” and highlighting the cross-border linkage of “commerce + experience”, more than 400 special activities will cover before and after the Spring Festival.

In order to further promote consumption, around the Spring Festival, Bank of Shanghai has launched a series of mobile banking debit card payment full discount activities during the Spring Festival with the theme of “undertaking your sense of Spring Festival rituals”.

During the Spring Festival, the Bank of Shanghai focuses on the needs of citizens for large purchases, showing off delicious food, watching movies, and going home for reunions. It cooperates with major brands such as RT-Mart, Qingmei, Dingdong Maicai, and McDonald’s to reward customers through attractive preferential activities. , Promote consumption growth.

As a megacity with a continuous influx of immigrants, Shanghai has many new citizens, young people, and frontline workers. In order to better meet the needs of the above-mentioned people to go home to visit relatives during the Spring Festival, choose China UnionPay-Shanghai Bank/Shanghai Bank Good Life on 12306 APP and Ctrip Travel APP, use Shanghai Bank UnionPay debit card account starting with 62 to pay, and enjoy a random amount of 100 yuan each. Instant discount of 8-88 yuan, instant discount of 20 yuan for purchases over 200 yuan.

“Enjoy the Five Blessings” in terms of food, clothing, housing, transportation and travel

Since winter, Harbin’s cultural tourism has exploded, and national enthusiasm for ice and snow sports has continued to rise. Data shows that from November last year to January 23 this year, the number of ski resort ticket bookings across the country increased 1.5 times compared with the same period in 2019. Shanghai is one of the main source destinations for ice and snow tourism.

In order to experience the charm of ice and snow sports, Ms. Deng’s family from Shanghai recently went to Changbai Mountain to ski. When paying with a Shanghai Bank credit card bound to WeChat, they unexpectedly enjoyed a full discount of 2000-200 for the first payment. “What a little surprise!” Ms. Deng said happily that two more dishes can be added to dinner.

In line with the characteristics of the winter season and focusing on skiing, a sport loved by young customers, recently, Bank of Shanghai and Fuyu Club jointly launched clubmed’s full discounts on eight major domestic and overseas ski resorts. During the event, place an order on Clubmed Beidahu, Yabuli, Changbaishan, Taicang, Tomamu, Xilele Qijing, Xilele Yunqi, and Sahoro Resort on the Fuyouhui APP or mini-program and pay with a Shanghai Bank credit card linked to WeChat. The amount of a single order For purchases over 2,000 yuan, enjoy a discount of 200 yuan for the first transaction and a random discount of 5-20 yuan for the second transaction.

With the goal of building an “urban living circle”, Bank of Shanghai Credit Card has successively created consumer activities themed on food, clothing, housing, transportation and travel such as “Wednesday Drinks” and “Fridays Good Life”. During the Spring Festival, the bank combined various consumer needs such as shopping, travel, tourism, and catering, and launched a number of consumption-promoting activities focusing on major sectors such as beautiful homes, beautiful travels, and beautiful dining. Cooperate with the leading hot pot brand “Haidilao” to launch full discounts, continue the tradition of annual theme activities, and promote catering consumption in conjunction with the winter hot pot consumption peak season; cooperate with China Duty Free Japan and Shanghai to launch discounts in Hainan, Hong Kong, Macau, Shanghai Pudong International Airport and other places Offline duty-free shops offer full discounts to cater to the Spring Festival travel shopping peak and drive large purchases; they also cooperate with the Didi travel platform to launch full discounts to provide citizens with all-round convenience in travel scenarios.

Start “new” shopping in the new year. During the Spring Festival, major business districts and companies across the city launch new year-limited trendy products and welcome promotions. In order to cope with the shopping boom during the Spring Festival, Bank of Shanghai has launched full discounts in cooperation with many popular landmark business districts such as New World, Central Bailian, and Lujiazui Center, as well as well-known high-end member stores and supermarkets such as Metro and Aldi.

Year-end award “Wealth Blessing”

  The more “reasonable” you are, the more “salary” you pay

It’s another year to bid farewell to the old and welcome the new, and every household has made a New Year’s wealth wish. The Bank of Shanghai has always kept in mind the original intention of “wealth for the people and finance for the people”. While selecting high-quality products in the market and enriching customer choices, it also launched a series of heart-warming customer activities to combine the “wealth creation for the people and common prosperity”. “Blessings” are sent to thousands of households.

Rich product selection is the cornerstone of customer wealth management. Bank of Shanghai focuses on the investment characteristics and needs of different customer groups, and has launched a variety of customized strategic combinations in conjunction with nine wealth management subsidiaries, mainly Bank of Shanghai Wealth Management. For example, the company has customized “Safe Wealth” products for seniors and Bank of China Financial Management, and customized “stable and low-volatility” products for customers with large maturities.

As the Year of the Dragon approaches, Bank of Shanghai selects high-quality financial products from all over the market and launches a variety of portfolio configuration packages covering different periods especially for working people with year-end bonuses. At the same time, it takes into account customers’ financial needs for “flexible redemption” during the Spring Festival. , and even added 4 T+0 current financial products. Currently, there are 20 quick redemption financial products on the product shelves that can be credited in real time. By continuously polishing the shelves of financial products that meet customer needs, more than 200,000 customers have been benefited in a single month.

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