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【Doctors talk freely.Painted Kindness]Studying the Department of Medicine after the Epidemic

【Doctors talk freely.Painted Kindness]Studying the Department of Medicine after the Epidemic

COVID-19, the disease of the century, has been ravaging our country for about three years (if counted from the beginning of 2020 to the beginning of 2023). It has had a huge impact on frontline medical staff, especially doctors and nurses. Most of these medical staff have been infected with COVID-19 at least once. Fortunately, most of them can get close to it. Fully recovered, only a small number of medical staff suffered some irreversible organ damage, or unfortunately died in the line of duty.

Grandfather passes away, granddaughter changes her mind

In mid-June of 2023, it was time for the release of the National Higher Education Diploma SPM results. One night at a clan festival dinner, I sat at the same table with a certain Dato Mr. Ding. During the chat, I accidentally talked about the education of my children. At this time Datuk Ting asked:

“Dr. Huang! I have a daughter who just graduated this year and took the SPM exam. Her grades look pretty good. She got 9 A’s. She is quite good at reading. I heard she said she wanted to study medicine. Where do you think she should study better? ?”

“I said Datuk Ding, are you sure this is your daughter’s own wish? Or is it something you want her to read?” I answered half-jokingly.

“Report to Dr. Huang, this is my own decision.” Unexpectedly, Miss Ding, the daughter sitting next to Dato Ding, answered at this time.

“Ms. Ding, is it your wish to be a doctor?” I asked curiously.

“To be honest, studying medicine and becoming a doctor is not my interest, nor has it been my long-term ambition.” Miss Ding replied.

“Miss Ding, what are you interested in reading?” I was even more curious about her answer.

“I’m actually more interested in computer programming, and I’ve always been good at math.” Miss Ding replied.

“Ms. Ding, I want to share some things with you here, hoping it can be used as a reference for your further studies. First of all, the first point is that it takes a lot of time to study medicine. Taking domestic medical schools as an example, it will take at least six or seven years to successfully complete the study. After graduation, you have to wait for nearly a year to obtain the qualification of a contract intern doctor (a two-year visa). If you want to obtain the qualification for specialist training in the future, you need to apply to become a long-term civil servant. However, because there is currently a surplus of graduated doctors, I am afraid that it will not be enough. 10% of contract doctors can become regular doctors. Therefore, even if the cost of studying is not considered, the cost of studying medicine is not small for girls.” I said sincerely.

“Dr. Huang, I know that being a girl studying medicine will be very hard and may delay your youth, but I will always remember that in 2020, when my grandfather who loved me the most was infected with COVID-19, I could not do anything at that time. , I could only watch helplessly as his old man was taken from his home to the hospital, then to the intensive care unit until he was intubated, and finally he was discharged after first aid failed. The whole process lasted 5 days. I, his most beloved granddaughter, actually I can’t be with him, let alone say goodbye to him.”

“This experience is so painful and unforgettable! From then on, I vowed to myself that I would study hard and get admitted to the Department of Medicine to become a doctor. I don’t want anyone to suffer the same pain of losing a loved one as me.” Ms. Ding used Said in a calm tone.

It is very valuable and should be encouraged more.

“That’s it. Miss Ding studied medicine for this reason. She regards the profession of doctor as her mission, in order to help more people avoid the pain of losing their loved ones in the future. It is a lofty ideal. Such a good concept , I believe that Miss Ding will fulfill this mission with her heart and benefit the people. I wish you can choose the ideal university as soon as possible.” I replied.

Indeed, in today’s medical environment, it is really rare that there are still people who can study medicine with such a positive attitude. I think such people should be encouraged more.

Guangming Daily/Doctor Column‧Author: Huang Xueqian)

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