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【Doctors talk freely.Painted benevolence】New Year’s Gathering Narrative

【Doctors talk freely.Painted benevolence】New Year’s Gathering Narrative

Every Lunar New Year is a rare time for me to take a long vacation.

I still remember that when I first started working in a private medical center, I didn’t dare to take more vacations. But as I got older and my children grew up, I realized that I should put more thought into getting together with my family, so I reduced the number of annual vacation days to one week. , hoping that I can spend more time with family and friends, and also recuperate.

It’s a rare holiday to chat about everyday things

Taking advantage of this Chinese New Year holiday, a few friends happened to be coming home from afar to celebrate the New Year, so I contacted friends A, B, C and myself to come out to have tea and chat together.

“Dr. Huang, long time no see. Why do you still look so young? You are taking good care of yourself!” said friend A.

“It’s okay. We are both over 50 years old. I think you, the big boss, can take care of yourself better than me. Not only is your hair not missing, it is also black and shiny. Oh, by the way, has your child gone to college?” I Ask.

“Yes, my eldest daughter is currently studying in the second year of law at the University of London, and my younger son is preparing to study computer programming in Australia. Dr. Huang, are your two children going to study as doctors like you?” asked friend A .

“Speaking of this child’s education, I know and see that many professionals, such as doctors, lawyers or accountants, hope that their children will go their own way. Not only does it have the flavor of inheriting the family business, but it seems that it will also improve family communication in the future. It will be more convenient, after all, because everyone will have more common topics, interests and opinions. Therefore, many of my colleagues have planned this path for their children since childhood. They not only require good academic performance, but also instill some medical-related things from time to time. . But I didn’t do that myself. I let the children develop freely. Now it seems that my eldest daughter quite likes design and music, and she will develop in this direction in the future.” I replied.

“What makes you think so?” Yiyou asked.

“My personal opinion is: the best person will be the best. Strictly speaking, the doctor industry is labor-intensive and highly stressful. It does not mean that anyone can be a good person as long as he is willing to work hard. Besides, because my country’s doctor industry now has The oversupply phenomenon has caused the benefits and protections of being a doctor to become lower and lower. To put it simply, the ‘involution’ is becoming more and more serious, resulting in many doctors being unable to obtain specialists and having to open clinics as general practitioners.”

“There are also some people who simply stay abroad after finishing their studies and never come back. Instead, they become like nurturing talents for foreign countries and raising children into ‘god masters’. Although they seem to be proud of their ancestors, in fact, due to the distance between them in their later years, If it is too far away, the children will not be able to provide feedback, communicate and take care of them. No matter how I look at this family education and relationship model, I feel that it is inappropriate. For example, in recent years, I have seen many old doctors stay in China only by themselves and their families. They all live abroad for a long time and have no interest in life in their later years, so they have to work in the hospital until they get sick or are accused. I am deeply touched by this situation.” I replied.

Suitable for studying medicine

“Does Dr. Huang think there is a future for children to study medicine now?” Bingyou asked.

“I think studying this department can be divided into two factors: subjective and objective. The subjective factor is whether you have developed interest or a sense of accomplishment in this industry. This is one of the motivations to continue. If you have interest or sense of accomplishment, then even This industry is boring, and you can create the conditions to enjoy yourself.

Another objective factor is the price to pay, such as the tuition fee, how many years of study, future salary and employment promotion opportunities, etc. My current view is that if you are interested or capable, have excellent grades and can get a scholarship, and are able to withstand stress and endure hardships, I think it would be a waste of talent for such students not to study medicine. On the other hand, if you have to spend more than a million, have mediocre academic performance, lack stress resistance, and only want to study a field to make quick money, then the doctor who reads this kind of mentality may have problems in the future. In mild cases, they may easily complain about low return on investment, while in severe cases, they may suffer from physical and mental problems due to their inability to adapt to medical challenges. “I replied.

“So we’d better not make decisions for our children’s ambitions, because our children and grandchildren will have their own blessings!” Yiyou said.

(Guangming Daily/Doctor Column‧Author: Huang Xueqian)

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