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【Doctors talk freely.Between the Ears]Death of a Doctor

【Doctors talk freely.Between the Ears]Death of a Doctor

A few days ago, I heard a very depressing report on the World News broadcast on the British Radio. A Ukrainian hospital was destroyed by a missile attack launched by the Russian army. As a result, a young doctor unfortunately died in the attack. Lose your life.

No war can be justified

According to news reports, the doctor had just graduated from medical school and came to work at the hospital on his first day. After five years of medical training, he was about to start serving the people with great ambitions. Unexpectedly, his first day of work turned out to be his last day of work and the last day of his life on earth.

After hearing this news, my heart became very heavy. It is so sad that a hero dies before his ambition is fulfilled. It makes a hero burst into tears!

A doctor needs to go through a lot of hard work and strict training before he can start to help the world and benefit the people. However, he lost his precious life for no reason because of a ruthless (and senseless) war. The disappearance of this life is not just the life of that doctor. Many lives that could have been saved by this doctor may also disappear. Therefore, his death is a great loss for society and even the country.

Maybe you are a doctor! So I feel particularly sorry for his innocent death.

The innocent death of this doctor reminds me of the horror of war. The civilization that humans have evolved over the years is still unable to withstand the stupidity of the primitive inner beast. We humans have been living on the earth for so many centuries but we still have to resort to war to resolve disputes. I think this is a very stupid and cruel thing. I cannot tolerate any reason for war to solve problems, so we must not rationalize any war.

Fire cannot be extinguished with fire

Recently I watched a movie: “Oppenheimer”. The movie tells the story of how a group of scientists developed the atomic bomb to end World War II. Dr. Oppenheimer, who led the scientific team, overcame many difficulties and successfully developed the atomic bomb; his success brought him fame and fortune but not It brought him happiness, and he blamed himself for a long time because of the huge harm and loss of life caused by the atomic bomb to mankind. He also realized that weapons with greater destructive power could not prevent war, but would only push mankind into the great destruction of cannibalism and an abyss of no return.

The biggest insight this play gave me is that we cannot use fire to extinguish flames, we cannot use violence to restrain violence, and we cannot use darkness to destroy darkness. When can we learn that darkness must be resolved with light? Human greed and ignorance will eventually swallow up the only trace of light like a black hole in the universe!

I didn’t want that piece of news to disturb my peace of mind for too long. I prayed silently in my heart that this doctor’s death would be like the death of a seed. The seed would disappear but grow into a tree of peace, so that the ruthless war would cease. The seeds disappear but blossom into flowers of laughter, wiping away the tears of those who suffered in the flames of war. The seeds disappear but bear the fruits of wisdom, allowing mankind to learn not to use war to solve problems.

(Guangming Daily/Doctor Column‧Author: Wu Rongliang)

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