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【Doctors talk freely.Between the Ears】The world we change

【Doctors talk freely.Between the Ears】The world we change

The impact of the COVID-19 epidemic in the past three years has given me many insights, one of which is the interactive relationship between us humans and the entire earth and universe.

This world is full of infinite mysteries, but we humans have only been able to reveal them very rarely until now. When I was studying physics in middle school, I was often amazed by the infinite invisible forces in the universe.

Similarly, when I study biology tirelessly, I am often amazed and awed by the mysteries of the human body and living things. When I entered medical school to study medicine, I discovered that the deeper I study, the more knowledge I acquire, but the more I know, the more I don’t know!

The anatomy and physiology I studied in college not only allowed me to understand more about the mysteries of the human body, but also gave me more doubts; but in my heart, I have always believed that everything in the universe can be controlled by a kind of The endless reproduction operation based on the laws of nature.

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The foolishness of thinking oneself smart

Although our limited wisdom as human beings cannot fully understand these mysteries and natural laws, we have always interfered with these natural laws and the survival of living creatures as the spirits of all things. Because of our “self-consciousness” ignorance, humans have become the biggest destroyers of the universe. We think we are building but in fact we are destroying.

The earth we live on has been changed beyond recognition. Not only are we making the earth more and more uninhabitable, but all living things on the earth are also suffering the same innocent consequences!

We have destroyed the principles and laws of nature’s physical movement, leading to out-of-control climate change and environmental pollution. Therefore, we have to endure various disasters (climate warming, typhoons and rains, forest wildfires, severe droughts, floods, etc.). This is the counterattack of nature’s lesson to us, and it is the result of our own self-inflicted consequences. However, we seem to be indifferent and have not taken urgent and positive actions to remedy the situation. Therefore, we and the entire world are sinking step by step towards the abyss of self-destruction.

Our body is also a small universe. If we disrupt the physiological operation, we will hinder the normal work of the natural doctor (immune system) in the body and lead to all kinds of diseases. Therefore, as large as the entire earth and universe as small as the cells of the body, interfering with the natural operating laws will It will destroy its function and cause disasters and diseases.

Wild animals are on the verge of extinction

Last month, when I traveled to Sandakan, Sabah, I saw that the local government and relevant agencies were actively protecting several endangered wild animals, such as turtles, apes and sun bears. Their actions are commendable. But when I think about it more deeply, we humans are also the initiators of their endangered situation!

We unscrupulously destroy the natural environment, causing these animals to lose their natural food and shelter, forcing them to go extinct. If we did not interfere with their living space and environment, there would be no need to take unnecessary actions to protect them from extinction.

According to a report, during the COVID-19 movement control period, various economic and development activities around the world suddenly slowed down. In just a few months, researchers suddenly noticed a lot of damage and pollution in nature, and nature was returning to normal. Nature is revealing to us an obvious truth: as long as we humans are merciless and do not interfere, nature has the instinct to repair itself and continue to survive.

But when will we have the wisdom to restrain ourselves so that our children, grandchildren and other living things can continue to survive on this beautiful earth? God has left all things in the universe to be taken care of by humans, the spirits of all things. We are really incompetent servants! When God asks us to communicate, we have no shame!

(Guangming Daily/Doctor Column‧Author: Wu Rongliang)

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